Please read Michael's answer first for time specific information!

Jaianniah This is for you.
I wanted to originally title this request "Let’s pray together for Jaianniah". But this approach may work better.

Here is my idea. We all know that Jaianniah is going through a difficult time now and is in hospital.

What if each one of us in our own way write down a prayer according to our faith, relationship with the creator, etc to move God's power to heal in her favour?

Then each time the prayer or the collection of prayers is read by someone more and more healing energy is added into the mix. This could translate into a round the clock prayer because of the various time zones around the world.

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The Traveller

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Such a good idea, Traveler!

(14 Feb '10, 01:15) LeeAnn 1

thank you.. i am overwhelmed!!! jai in hospital

(14 Feb '10, 05:22) Jaianniah

I see you surrounded by God's Loving White Light and you are well and I Am happy.Love and Light

(14 Feb '10, 05:44) Roy

Your are a great blessing to us Traveller. Our society needs more people like you around, keep up the good work, and may God continue to Bless you in your work!

(14 Feb '10, 08:23) Inactive User ♦♦

This was so great The Traveller to think of doing this for Jaianniah.

(14 Feb '10, 17:03) flowingwater

Blessings, Traveller, for your initiative.

(14 Feb '10, 18:20) Gleam

Thank you everyone for coming together, with such great passion & faith, for this incredible cause. This is a great opportunity for all of us to walk the walk and discover for ourselves, what collective consciousness & God's power can do! So as suggested by Vee, and with Michael's incredible idea, I am going to read through this post everyday and pray along at the same time of 11pm Central (12am Eastern time for me; thanks Wade for catching my mistake with the time zone). And thank you God for awakening us in this way.

(15 Feb '10, 17:23) The Traveller
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Dear God,

As these prayers go out for me, let them also heal anyone who reads this and needs healing themselves.

Let these prayers roll into a snowball of faith that all will be well along with me.

Bless these people for doing this for me. I have struggled a year with this leg, and it needs a miracle.

Blessings, Jai

Update! I have found out that I have staph. aureus in my leg...easily cured! Yay! Not that horrible strep thingie! Miracle #1! I have my pain well-controlled...Miracle # 2!!!

Thank you all, and I hope that those who also have needed healing have received it as well!

Many joyous blessings, Jai in hospital...

Update II: I am hoping to leave the hospital today, Mardi Gras leg has what they call a "wound vac" on it, and the wound is planned to be closed Friday after next. I have found out that I have a compromised immune system, which is a blessing in a way- I have blamed and have been blamed for this leg not healing on many things, but not that...Thank you to all who prayed for me and wished me well. I think it worked! Blessings, Jai

Update III : I go into the hospital tomorrow morning for surgery to close my wound- finally! Hooray! I thank you again for your prayers and concern, and for your continued support! In a few months, I will then get a new knee if this surgery goes well, and it should, considering all your prayers for me! A special message for one who has been very helpful to me- and patient, too! Oh! How patient you have been with me! Thank you so much for clearing the demons and being there for me.

I thought you all would like to know that I will be in surgery at 11:00 A.M. CST. March 9th. This is the final chapter in my illness- I hope and pray.

Update on my Leg IV As of this writing (June 14, 2010) my leg has finally stopped draining, and the many surgeries to re-build my leg are over! Praise God! An x-ray of my knee looks like it was put together by a kid with a vivid imagination and a lot of Play-Doh...when enough time passes, and if I remain MRSA-free (MRSA is a bad form of staph), I will be getting a knee replacement. I have some pain with it, especially when I first move around after being still for a while, but the bad, bad pain is gone. Again, I bless and thank all those who have prayed for me...

I would have to say that this experiment in praying as a group has worked beyond all reason! Not only did I live, but I did not lose my leg, and my thigh has been totally reconstructed. All that is left is a long scar from my upper calf to mid-thigh. My knee is the size of a 16" softball because it is always filled with fluid, but it is going to do that until it is replaced.

Your prayers did this. I cannot thank you all enough. Blessings to you all, Jai

FINAL UPDATE: FEBRUARY 20, 2011: This past year has been an amazing one! I have not just healed physically in many ways, but on all levels! Your prayers, all of them, are still reverberating into my life from last year!

My knee definitely needs replacing, but I can walk, albeit with some pain. I can drive also, as it is my right leg which was affected. I am very lucky. I nearly died last year, and God has cleared the shadows from my eyes, and let me see reality a whole new way. I have turned from being a very negative person into being a positive one, which is perhaps the greatest healing of all. I especially want to thank Wade, who has invested much time and teaching and prayer into my life. Wade, you are a very special person, and I am glad you are part of my life.

Actually, I am glad all of you are part of my life! You have taught me so much. Words create your reality, and I now speak words of happiness and freedom. My health may always be a little funky, but so what? When I have so much to be grateful for, so much to live for, why be worried about that? I now choose to be happy. I have plans to open a Retreat Center after I graduate this December from College! (Hooray! A degree! My lifelong dream!) I am hoping to have speakers come there- maybe one of you would like to do that! Wouldn't that be exciting? And even an "Inward Quest Reunion" could happen there!

I am well. Thanks be to God. AND THE END OF THE STORY...:

On May 23rd 2011, I received a new knee! Praise God! Wade has come down from PA to be with me, and I am actually in less pain now than I was before the operation! I am walking without aid. I thank you all so very much for your company and prayers on this long journey...I hope this "experiment" proves to you all that manifestation and prayer is a very good combination, indeed! Thanks so much.

Blessings, Jai


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Hi Everybody! I am sure that Jaianniah, in her humility, would not prefer her response to be at the top. But I wanted all of you notice her response towards our request from God.

(14 Feb '10, 14:03) The Traveller

Miracles are in the eyes of the beholder - See it happening, you will get through this.

(14 Feb '10, 14:59) Michaela

You are now heal Jaianniah and you will see it come into the physical on down the road in a little while. Hold on the healing of God is upon and in process and your faith will bring it to reality. You are now heal through the holy powers of Jesus Christ.

(14 Feb '10, 17:01) flowingwater

It will be so. Not because you know this for sure, but it is because this is what you want! Now you leave it up to God and thank him for delivering you good health. Some people might say, well aren't you afraid of a possible disappointment? And the answer to that is you have a far greater chance of a blessed life with a positive outlook as opposed to a negative one regardless of the outcome of any situation you are facing. Start making a list of the things you want to do after your recovery, because I know that you are going to come out of this with flying colours.

(09 Mar '10, 06:51) The Traveller

Hi Jai, just wondering how you're doing - we miss your interaction on the site. Thinking of you :-)

(27 Apr '10, 00:41) Michaela

Thank you for the Feb. 20th update, and I am so glad to hear you are doing well! May all your dreams come true.....

(21 Feb '11, 19:20) LeeAnn 1

Happy to hear you're doing so well :)

(28 May '11, 21:24) Michaela

Thank you so much, Michaela!>>>>>

(30 May '11, 05:57) Jaianniah

♥ Love you Jai!

(19 Oct '12, 22:22) Fairy Princess
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I'm not good at this because I do it in "vision" not words. But let me try and get this ball rolling.

Dear God

I ask at this moment that you reach down and touch our friend Jaianniah and heal her of this experience of suffering.

As I ask you of this, I see your power come down from the heavens in the form of a golden waterfall of light and unconditional love.

I see your power transforming our dear friend's body molecule by molecule and raising her energy level to incredible heights where no infection or disease can exist.

I see that your power has already begun to transform and her healing has begun.

Thank you, Thank you Lord for your incredible power and Unconditional Love.

Thank you for healing our friend Jaianniah

Thank you.


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The Traveller

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thank you so much, traveller, for doing, jai thank you for the prayer!

(15 Feb '10, 02:15) Jaianniah

Count me in- Great idea Traveller. Instead of writing my own little prayer right now I'll post a beautiful little prayer from Helen Steiner Rice that I think is appropriate, titled-"What more can you ask"

"God's love endureth forever- What a wonderful thing to know

When the tides of life run against you And you spirit is downcast and low...

God's kindness is ever around you, Always ready to freely impart

Strength to your faltering spirit, Cheer to your lonely heart...

God's presence is ever beside you, As near as the reach of your hand,

You have but to tell Him your troubles, There is nothing he won't understand...

And knowing God's love is unfailing, And His mercy unending and great,

You have but to trust in His promise- "God comes not too soon nor too late"...

So wait with a heart that is patient For the goodness of God to prevail-

For never do prayers go unanswered, And His mercy and love never fail."

Hope you feel better soon Jai. Love and Best wishes. Michaela.


answered 13 Feb '10, 22:56

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Thank you, Michaela, for your response. It's beautiful! Without exaggeration, I felt a tingle up my spine (I get that when the energy goes up), as I read your response.

(14 Feb '10, 00:49) The Traveller

thank you, michaela! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:13) Jaianniah

excellent movement traveller.....really.

alaha(god in aramiac) as we all pray for Jai you can hear our voices reaching the heavens, and although we fall short of your grace lord, we are strong in faith and unity and come together in a humble way. we KNOW that you will heal her o lord because WE BELIEVE! and WE KNOW that our prayers will not be in VEIN becuase YOU LOVE US! we are concentrating all our energy lord upon this subject and we all belive TRULY with our hearts o almigthy lord. so hear our prayers lord and let our energies be united so that you may heal Jai of her temporary disorder. she was made perfect alaha in your image as we all were. and although at the moment she is suffering WE KNOW that you will heal her for OUR faith in you almighty lord is strong. we love you alaha and we love Jai for she is our blood....all praises and glory be given to you....amen.


answered 14 Feb '10, 07:50

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Wow! These are Powerful..Powerful words. I felt tears in my eyes as I read your prayer for our friend. Thank you for your participation.

(14 Feb '10, 13:46) The Traveller

thank you, mebb! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:14) Jaianniah

Jai qhaye(my life) your welcome. I KNOW you would do the same for me, you are already healing as we speak. feels good, no??;) get well QUICKLY. blessings

(15 Feb '10, 05:44) Mebb
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Like The Traveller, I always pray in vision or mental picture form, but for Jai, I will try to put it into words!

Creator, As I think of Jaianniah at this time, I see her as healing and happy. I ask you to send your concentrated healing rays to her, bathing her in your love and care. And bolster her spirit as well, so that she may maintain the healing, and know of your deep love for her, and the love and encouragement of her many friends. Let your love and healing help her turn the corner and face your light; happy, secure, loved and healed. Let it be so.


answered 14 Feb '10, 01:14

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LeeAnn 1

Thank you LeeAnn. As I say your words I found myself "envisioning." This is turning out to be better than I expected.

(14 Feb '10, 01:23) The Traveller

thank you, leeann! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:16) Jaianniah

The Bible teaches; where two or three are gathered together in my name, whatever is asked in prayer will be granted unto to you. So, my friends let us lift up our voices to God on behalf of our sister Jai, and trust and believe that with God all things are possible, but more so that God will heal our sister Jai who is in pain, and that Jai herself believes that God can heal her of her pain and Illness, and he will strengthen her spiritually in Jesus name.

Special song to the God for Jai: “Love thy God with all of thy Heart”

Love your God in the morning.

Love your God in the night time.

Love your God every day of your life.

Feel no pain, feel no sorrow, only love in Jesus name.

Make a special noise to the God, shout for joy this day.

Oh thank you, thank you God for laying your healing hands upon Jai.

Father God, we are pleading with you, listen to our prayers in Jesus name.

Our sister Jai is calling out to you, hear her cry, hear her pain, together we ask you in Jesus name.

Heal her father God, heal her, feel our tears, feel our cry for help for our sister Jai that lies in pain this day.

Listen to the many voices reaching out to you in prayer, Oh God you are mighty, and great.

Just say the words Oh God, and fill our sister Jai with your holy spirit to receive you.

We leave our troubles with you this day, have mercy upon our souls, spirits, and heal our bodies.

So that we can all praise, worship, and thank you every day for our sister Jai healing in Jesus name.

I sing praises to the God this day, and I feel the spirit of the God upon me this day.

Touch Jai, touch her Oh God to sing praises and thanks to you to Oh God for healing her this day.

Lord we pray, let your healing grace fills Jai every muscle, bone in her body, and make her whole again.

We trust, and accept this healing this day, for our sister Jai in Jesus name.

We thank you Father God, for your miracle of your healing grace for everyone this day.

“How great thou art?” Amen.

You must worship no other Gods, but only the Lord, for he is a God who is passionate about his relationship with you. (Exodus 34: 14)


answered 14 Feb '10, 08:16

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee for you incredible contribution. Your effort towards this cause is Fantastic!

(14 Feb '10, 13:53) The Traveller

thank you so much, vee! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:16) Jaianniah

Trust in God, Jaianniah, only trust the Lord with all your heart!

For Jai, I will tell now, you all, my recent health story.

In February 2009 I had at home (55 km far from the town) a haemorrhage from stomach, after a lengthy suffering and repeated investigations, including REM and CT, which indicated nothing, my son transported me to surgery, under an incredible snowstorm (taking 2 hours from town to me and two and 1/2 hours with me to hospital. I refused the intervention for diagnosis. Next day, being Saturday, I had to be present on the weekend module of a life course for complementary therapies. I announced to a coleague, by phone, about the cause of my absence. In the later evening I received a visit from a colleague who told me that they organized a collective prayer in a pause of course and they would be praying daily at 9 PM. They were, all 24 students, at the gateway of hospital...

Monday (16 February), after endoscopy, the second eruptive haemorrhage happened. After 20 min, in state of haemorrhagic shock, without blood pressure (0) I was on the surgical table. I lost 45% off my blood, but not consciousness. I know that I am, theoretically without chance. Before he put the mask on me for anaesthetic, the doctor said to me : "Forgive me, but I must ask you Do you want me to give a message from you to your children??" I understand that we think alike. I take a very big breath, saying in the mind: "O, Lord, take care of my children". Then I felt many currents of energies flowing in my body and a tender peace overwhelming me. The doctor, scared by my silence after a deep breath(?!), cried, "Hear me?" I answered: "Yes. Thank you,what you ask, isn't needed, I will tell them personally." When I closed my eyes, I viewed a late crepuscular sky, dark blue at zenith and more luminous above the horizon. "Sunset?.. Is it the end?... O, Lord, let me see you now with my actual mind, I so much want to see You!" Then in the sky appeared a blue oval, like a cummulus translucent cloud with twd eye. I RECOGNIZED the sight of Jesus Christ. (Note: Recognize? From where? I don't know, but this was the experienced perception) This sight isn't like on the icons, photos, films, but I have not words for describing. I can only say: fascinating, very piercing and tender. I told Him: "Thank You Lord for hearing me and answered. I cannot ask from You more life. I am ashamed to ask. I lived enough in comparison with so many people dying young, very young and children. I don't want to be a burden and torture for my loved ones. I only regret that I haven't found out nore about You and the Creation - the Universe, but especially I regret that my task is not ended. Please, forgive me . Thank You the for life." The image was covered by the vibrating sky. I didn't fall in any darkness, I dissolved in the ether... This is all.

After 11 hours I awoke in the Intensive care section. After 10 days I left the hospital on my feet and after 3 months I had begun working in the medical service and continued the course with another group (I also graduated as a therapist). I am well and glad to meet you all.

Jai, only thrust the Lord wit the depth of your heart. Be blessed.


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Thank you for sharing your inspiring story:-)

(15 Feb '10, 00:34) Michaela

thank you, gleam! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:44) Jaianniah

Thank you Gleam for opening up your heart and sharing such a personal experience. You words are truly moving & will fill so many with hope and respect for God's power. Your detailed account is very powerful. The universe is changing right now, and there are so many who want to know.

(15 Feb '10, 18:01) The Traveller

Awe inspiring story Gleam ... etched in my mind, it will last a lifetime! What a glorious gift to receive. You have now trampled the King of Terrors beneath your feet?

(15 Feb '10, 21:48) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you the comments. It was a few difficoultly to decide to tell you, but I appreciated that my returning life isn't fpr only me. I am glad if my experience could be uselul for anybody on any way.

(16 Feb '10, 07:33) Gleam
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Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we all come together to ask and plead to you the blood of Jesus to heal Jaianniah physical body but I have read that disease starts in our aura, energies, and other bodies so by time it gets down to the physical body it becomes a disease so please go there first Lord and heal, cleans and clear all or her aura, other bodies, consciouness, remover of any negative karma, contracts, evil, negativity that may have been place upon her because of her doing or others doing.

Please Lord Jesus Christ we know so little of the many bodies of energies that we have go and heal, clean and clear all of these and forgive her of all of her sins and past transgressions towards you God, others and her self. Lord you said that we can ask anything in your name and you will do it.

Lord the leg of Jaianniah is giving her serious problems and the human doctors are limit with what they can do with the limited human resourses and intelligence that they may have but you are an unlimited and all powerful God all things are possiable with you and we ask for a complete bodies, minds and spiritual healing of your healing rays of energies to fall down upon Jaianniah falling down through all of her spiritual bodies and touching the top of her physical head and continious go through all parts of her body and down to her toes and to the minute particles that we know nothing about and to do a continious healing and remover of evil, negativity,bacteria and any other subtance of energy that we might not know anything about. Remove what is causing the disease lord Jesus remove it!

Lord give Jaianniah a renewed spiritual essences of you and reconnect the bits and parts of pieces that maybe missing and restore her to her full essences of energies of who you created her to be with renewed energies and love for you. Also Lord Jesus let her feel your divine love touching her and wraping her up in your tender loving care.

Also Lord we ask for a healing of all of the people at Inward Quest and thier families and friends who may also may needs complete healings and blessings, and to push the enevelope a little further Lord I ask for a complete healing of someone I am thinking about who needs a complete healing for the doctors gave her little time to live her name is Patti Fenley Lord Jesus also and for you Lord Jesus to go out into the world and heal people all over the world of sickness in and out of hospitals all over the world who needs healings and blessings for your powers are great there is nothing that you can not do Lord. We ask a healing of the people, world, mother earth and its many problems, let their be peace, love, kindness, blessings, prosperity, good health and forgiveness of sins of mankind.

Touch Jaianniah and you know just what she needs and how she needs it and the way she needs it so send your holy angels to surround her bed in the hospital of what needs to be removed so that she can have a complete full bodies healing let thine will be done in Jesus Name we pray Amen.

We thank you Lord Jesus for her complete healing and the healings and blessings you are sending out to everyone for their is power in these prayers to you Lord God and we thank you, we thank you, we thank you for your mercy and your grace of your many healings and blessings of Jaianniah and others who need so many healings and blessings!

Update: Thank you for also praying for my friend Patti Finley whom I said the doctors only gave her a little time to live. She died February 18, 2010 around 4:00pm. She died on her birthday she was 50 years old.

Please now pray for her husband, children, friends, and the music children she taught for she was a music teacher plus she had "A Show Choir" please pray for them as well. Help all to heal from her death emotionally for her dealth is a great loss to the family, friends, school children, and community. Again thank you all for your prayers for her.


answered 14 Feb '10, 16:36

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thank you, flowingwater! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:17) Jaianniah

Flowingwater. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Your answer has taught me how to pray. I will be using much of your prayer in vision as I join Michael in prayer & meditation at 11 PM (12am for me) tonight

(15 Feb '10, 17:17) The Traveller

You are so welcome Jaianniah we are suppose to pray for one another! Feel the healing energies coming to you.

(16 Feb '10, 21:19) flowingwater

Thanks The Traveller for such a wonderful compliment coming from you and that you will use some of it in your visual prayer for Jaianniah. I appreciate the kind words. How do you do your visual prayer do you just see her leg being healed?

(16 Feb '10, 21:24) flowingwater

Yes! But more importantly, I move forward to where she has recovered and moved on to the life she knew before. Free from disease. I hold that position as "NOW" and look backwards in wonder as to what God did, as if it has already happened.

(20 Feb '10, 04:50) The Traveller

Oh! that is great and thanks for telling me how.

(20 Feb '10, 20:28) flowingwater
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Theres so many great prayers here. Instead of writing another one, tonight I will go into the silence and visualize healing Jai. I will be doing it at 11 PM central time and everyone is welcome to join. Just as Vee said, the more people that help out the more effective it will be.

We will be doing this everyday at the same time so everyone is welcome to join.

Blessings Jaianniah

added later:

alt text


answered 14 Feb '10, 17:15

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Michael 1

edited 15 Feb '10, 19:20

Great idea Michael - Roy and I will join you:-)

(14 Feb '10, 17:23) Michaela

Very well, Michael. I join you tonight

(14 Feb '10, 18:15) Gleam

Michael, I love your excellent idea. With your permission May I add a time zone map with the 11pm central time as the marker? This way everyone can find their time slot according to their location.

(14 Feb '10, 21:57) The Traveller

P.S I will be joining you in prayer as well.

(14 Feb '10, 21:59) The Traveller

Thanks for clarifying the time difference Traveller ( I wasn't sure if we were 1hr ahead or behind.

(14 Feb '10, 22:33) Michaela

I will join you in praying for Jai, and I think we should continue this effort of praying for Jai, until she is healed in the name of Jesus! Good work Michael.

(15 Feb '10, 00:51) Inactive User ♦♦

thank you so much, michael! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:44) Jaianniah

In agreement with Vee I'm going to leave the image & continue to go through this post in prayer at 12am everyday(I'm up late everyday), which corresponds to 11pm Central. Good suggestion Vee!

(15 Feb '10, 16:59) The Traveller

I agree with Vee also. I'll continue this everyday and thanks for the map Traveller!

(15 Feb '10, 19:18) Michael 1
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Dear Jaianniah - a message from White Eagle which might be just what you need right now. It is from a book I use as an oracle of sorts, it never fails me. The Quiet Mind, Sayings of White Eagle.


The Christ within you is king ... every particle, every cell of your body, is subject to the divine power and glory. Realise the divine magical presence within you. The light overcomes all darkness.

When you are in the shadows, or you feel that the shadows are near, remember to look up, to visualize the blazing Star above you in the spirit spheres, and to feel its strength, its steadiness, its radiance, pouring into your heart.

You are spirit, you are are immortal, you are a radiant being, a child of God! Live in your spirit and allow nothing to bind or limit you.

Much love


answered 15 Feb '10, 02:11

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Inactive User ♦♦

thank you, lorraine! jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:45) Jaianniah

Thank you, Lorraine, for sharing those beautiful words. They are truly powerful.

(15 Feb '10, 18:10) The Traveller

Traveler this is a real nice thing you have organized for Jai, I firmly believe this will do a lot of good for her. I Jai could really use this help. She has been a friend many years to me so I am glad for her help as well.

I'll be joining in at 12am my time eastern.

Thanks Wade


answered 15 Feb '10, 03:49

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Thank You Wade for mentioning the 12am time zone. I didn’t realize that I mislabelled it as 12pm. I have fixed the mistake & re-uploaded the new image. I think the "Sunday" & "Monday" can be left alone although the day has passed.

(15 Feb '10, 16:55) The Traveller

by your grace father heal the person that will read those word according to there faith!What you have believed will be done for you!According to your faith be it to you.Your faith has made you well.Do good to your servant according to your word, O LORD!And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: by your word we have faith that you will always never let us down and always serve us because you are the number 1!


answered 06 Jun '11, 05:35

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white tiger

edited 06 Jun '11, 05:49

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