I have been writing abundance cheques for a few months now but I've noticed one site saying that they should be written before the new moon and another site saying that they should be written after the new moon, can anyone tell me what is the correct way??

asked 04 Jan '12, 18:41

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This is mysticism, it is giving away your authority to "Out-Side" authority. This is the thing you need to eradicate that you are nothing more than a leaf blowing on the wind of the world. In this case the moon. The Inward Quest is a journey to find our own empowerment, the ability of using our minds and will.

Don't let the moon and stars rule your life and how you live. God has given us free will. Imagine for a moment you have children you do your best to teach them to be and think for themselves. You send them out into the world fully expecting them to make good right thoughtful decisions then you find they have no confidence and decide to let something below them make their decisions for them. To boot it is not even an intelligent thing but a hunk of rock floating in space! Would you feel you have failed them because rather than trust themselves they decide to let a object tell them what to do?

I say forget the moon take your authority let the decision come through you. What would be best for you?


answered 05 Jan '12, 01:16

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Wade Casaldi

Have you forgotten Wade, that magic feeling whilst strolling under a starry moonlit night with a pretty girl by your side ? :)

(05 Jan '12, 04:43) blubird two

Thank you Wade-beautifully written

(05 Jan '12, 08:01) MoonWillow

I wouldn't write abundance cheques, I would take time out every day go to a quiet place where you can not be disturbed and simply focus on your breathing. Then when you feel the deep calm within start to really feel what it would be like if you actually have abundance now. You need to do this daily and after you've done it, let it go. Forget moon phases because all you see comes from within.


answered 05 Jan '12, 08:26

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Hello MoonWillow, the moon has different phases


due to the appearance of the illuminated part as can be seen from the planet earth and from other places ... the lunar phases change cyclically as the moon revolves around the earth.

The moon influences our senses and emotions ... emotions and thoughts are interactive with the circumstances of our lives and with the negative and positive ways we perceive things and situations.

The full moon corresponds to illumination, unconscious made conscious ... Waxing moon symbolizes new beginnings, making dreams into reality ... Waning moon symbolizes things drawing to a conclusion.

Assuming that the question is about putting into motion energies that will lead to abundance, this is a new venture and corresponds to a waxing moon, abundance cheques will be more effective when written just after the new moon ... the same principles apply to gardening and when to plant seeds ... plants are best sown during the waxing moon and harvested during the waning moon.

It's all about going with the flow of natural energies and using them to advantage.

have fun :)


answered 05 Jan '12, 01:39

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blubird two

edited 05 Jan '12, 01:47

Thank you Bluebird - after the new moon, I've been writing them on the new moon itself and it's been working but I wanted to be sure I'm doing it right - I caught Wade's message though....

Much love MoonWillow

(05 Jan '12, 08:03) MoonWillow
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