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Hi, I have a wicker basket in which I keep my requests for the things I want to manifest. 18 months later looking over them, I have realised in one way or another, they have materialised!! I now have new requests. What do I do with my old ones, they are not just written on paper, they are picture designs (some complete with glitter and add on additions haha.) Do I leave them in, burn them or what? And is it ok to use the same box, I hope so I keep all my spiritual stuff in this basket like my tarot, books etc. Thanx xxx

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Red Shoes

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Do whatever you like with your manifested requests, there's nothing magical about any of them.

They are just pieces of paper (or, artistic designs, in your case) that acted as excuses for you to focus clearly upon what you wanted (while writing/creating them) and then as excuses to release the resistance to them manifesting (when you put them in the box and let them go).

Personally, I wouldn't leave manifested requests in the box, or anything else within the box that is irrelevant...but not because anything bad will happen....I just think it helps to enhance your personal mindset of "This box contains what I want to manifest" when you only keep current requests within it and nothing else.


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I getting ready to go through mine and clean house because it the New Year. I hope there is still a link to manifestation experiment 1

(08 Jan '12, 18:47) Tom

@Tom 2 - All the links to the experiments are in my profile: http://www.inwardquest.com/users/301/stingray

(09 Jan '12, 05:35) Stingray

The wicker basket is acting as a manifestation box ... usually when my manifestations have materialized i burn the paper on which they are written so as to recycle the subtle energies ... i'm not sure of the effect of tarot books etc. in the same basket, i suppose it all depends on intention ... let's remember that a request written on a piece of paper is simply a method of continuing the energy of the intent long after we have forgotten it.

have fun


answered 08 Jan '12, 02:32

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blubird two


Thanx for your answer. I dont keep my tarot, l.o.a books in there for any particular reason, its just where I keep all my 'weird stuff' as my mum calls it haha. I think i'll burn them, before I make my new ones.

(08 Jan '12, 06:18) Red Shoes
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