What happens when you hit a "roadblock" and find that the things you are trying to manifest do not appear? Are there "mistakes" that a person can make when manifesting? How do I correct this situation so that I have a good outcome?

In other words, does God say, "NO!" sometimes to our requests?



asked 10 Jan '12, 16:30

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to help you out jai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx_B2a6fwdo&feature=related experience and enjoy.

(12 Jan '12, 20:35) white tiger
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To your last question - definitely not, in my opinion. Do you see god as seperated of you? Maybe that might be the problem.

Anyway, the answer, or more correctly put, YOUR answer, lies in the vortex. It's most unlikely you'll find the solution while not aligned (you do not have access to your source's information that flows to you), or that any of us can solve this for you (after all, we are only a reflection of yourself to you).

Get into your vortex and it will be more clear.


answered 10 Jan '12, 17:04

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I believe that you are the only person who can diagnose what you may be doing to hold yourself apart from your desires. Nevertheless, I will offer some thought based upon the few details you have provided.

First of all you have defined not getting what you want as a “roadblock” in the negative sense. Can you redefine “roadblock” as something positive? Such as: “Oh that is not working or that does not work, now I know, fantastic! Oh look, here is a “road-sign” advising me to look in a new direction, how cool is that.”

The second thing that is apparent is you say you are trying. To me, trying implies doing the same thing over and over without realizing that what you are doing is not working and will not work in the way you want it to. Manifesting your desires is an effortless action and thus, no trying is ever necessary.

How are you defining God? The only way that God can say NO to your requests is if you are, consciously or unconsciously, saying NO. Remember that everything is a co-creation whereby God or the Universe and you are the co-creators. God wants for you what you (as His/Her child) want for you.

Do you realize that your own higher self, through imagination, is the conduit by which you reach and communicate with God? God exists in a higher vibrational state than we do while we’re experiencing physicality. Our higher self exists in a quasi-vibrational state in which it serves as a link and a conduit that interprets vibration between God and our physical self.

Of course, there is no real separation between the physical you + the higher self you and what we call God. Ultimately God is Us/You/Me experiencing Itself eternally.

Seen in that way, you can see that YOU are the only one who can block your manifestations because there is only YOU. Knowing this, can you allow yourself to relax and put your definitions on hold, until such a time that you can view what is happening from a higher perspective? After all, from our limited physical perspective, we have no idea of the best timing for our manifestations to materialize, do we?

There are no mistakes. On the physical level there is only that which serves you or that which does not serve you. Either way all paths still lead you to truth, it’s only a matter of degree and a question of time; but even that is misleading because all time is Now.

For the roundup I suggest:

Relaxing your definitions and beliefs concerning any “blocks” that may be apparent.

Realize that ultimately you will get what you want as long as you refrain from worry and doubt.

Trust that God and your higher self will always assist you in getting what it is that will make you happy; after all, your happiness is their happiness.

Know that you are blessed and you are loved beyond your physical mind’s comprehension; that is all you need to know


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Nice answer Eddie

(10 Jan '12, 23:05) Tom

Love this answer.

(12 Jan '12, 04:03) Paulina 1

Either way all paths still lead you to truth. the absolute truth eddie.

(12 Jan '12, 20:32) white tiger
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Jai, you are subconsciously blocking yourself and one of the bigest reasons a person does that is because of fear. What do you subconsciously fear? Maybe subconscious doubt is holding you back? Have faith of a little child and if it still doesnt manifest move on dont waste time with it for by moving on you let go and sometimes whatever it was suprisingly manifests.

I still believe listening to intuition and acting on the promptings brings what we want providing we act on it and do the work required.


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Paulina 1

I am thinking of times I wanted something badly, didn't get it, and found out later that it wasn't in my best interests after all, that something better came my way later, or that it would have hurt someone else deeply.... and then I am glad it worked out as it did. I trust the Creator to sort all that out for me and he does! But the answer is sometimes "no", that is true. I accept that and feel no stress about it, knowing that it all works out for my higher good. Best wishes, Jai.


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LeeAnn 1

How are you manifesting? Is your requesting/asking 'NEED' based? Are your stressed, worried or anxious? You may be unconsciously projecting those thoughts and feelings and creating doubt? Just praying and asking God isn't exactly applying or practicing the principals of the LOA - perhaps you should go back and read "The Secret" again. The law of attraction is the law of creation, and it allows each person to create the life they want. Are you creating what you desire or only requesting? Do you believe you already have it?

Do you have issues with worthiness? Do you really BELIEVE you are deserving of the things you asked God for? Perhaps, it's your own inner wisdom stopping your requests from manifesting and possibly, your requests are not aligned with what your soul needs NOW and something deep inside you knows this; thus preventing manifestation.

"does God say, "NO!" sometimes to our requests? " God does answer our prayers -- but -- sometimes it is NOT the answer we are seeking and yes, God's answer is sometimes NO. I agree with LeeAnn - sometimes what we ask God for is NOT in our best interests. Remember, when God closes one door, SOMEWHERE, he opens a window. Perhaps, you should search for the window instead of dwelling on the closed door. Look for the light peaking through the window and follow the light - there is something even better, right around the corner.

God sometimes answers our prayers in some extraordinary or odd ways and ONLY when the time is right - so be patient, unwavering in your belief and be grateful.


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depending on what you ask their could be other factor that you do not see. example: you could ask to go ice skating on the lake. but it is summer so you could have to wait a fee months. another example: it could be that what you ask you will have but something is stopping it from happening many thing could be the cause of that someone else could be affect by that or someone might have a lesson to learn there is many factor that could make you wait for something to happen. well jai keep the faith. experience and enjoy.


answered 11 Jan '12, 00:59

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white tiger

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