Q "How long will it take to manifest something?"

A "As long as a piece of string/ You must be on the correct vibration"

This is NOT my question. My question is specific, more fine and petite. And that is, is there ever a 'handicap' of time necessary before a manifestation occurs? Providing there is zero resistance, if a new desire is launched, is it possible to occur at somewhat lightning speeds, like 30 seconds, a minute, 10 minutes?.....Perhaps I should start a poll as to how quick one's desires have physically been met after the thought.

The reason for this question is linked to this very advanced manifesting guide, entitled "surfing your desire into manifestation."

It is also in a tie with a similar question; time limits and manifestations?

Overall, I am sucked in with intrigue for I am thinking of recommending Stingrays surfing process for newbies to LOA provding they are profeicent in EFT, Sedona method or some other releasing theory: should they wish to test LOA out.

Thankyou kind angels, students, folks and masters :)

asked 16 Nov '11, 15:08

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if you are on the correct vibration then the reply is practically instantaneous ... the question is "how to recognize the reply", vibrations love numbers, forms and colors ... how to translate that into recognizable language

(27 Jan '13, 10:26) blubird two
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All of the tools and processes that you've read about on IQ and elsewhere are simply tools that you attract to yourself in order to give yourself permission to remember that which you already, inherently, know. In other words, the tools and processes themselves do not contain any power, other than the power that you infuse them with. Thus the tools are not what help you to create what you want - because you can’t help but create - everything all of the time – but rather, they allow you, through the power you've given them, to help you to see and experience your already existing manifestations.

To become instantly aware in - no time - of that which you desire, please remind yourself to remember and thus, to realize that everything is always happening right here and right now. And, that idea being undeniably true (at least to some), it makes sense that you can and will only find any desired manifestation where it is – in the present moment. By spending your time in the past or future in your mind, you will fail to see and thus to real ize your desire because you are not where your desire is, i.e. in the present moment of now.

Everything’s about vibration; vibrational frequency is the only thing that distinguishes anything from anything else, right? And all things exist within the one moment of creation, which is now, right? By doing whatever excites you the most in every moment, you are vibrating at the frequency that most represents who you are - not another, but you, only you. And doing what excites you the most is doing the thing, whatever it is, that you love to do, right? And the action of doing what you love IS existing in the now moment, in which – time does not exist.

Fully in the Now = No Time = Instant Manifestation :)


answered 17 Nov '11, 06:57

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so zero resistance= instant results?

(17 Nov '11, 14:09) Nikulas

Hi Nikulas, in terms of manifesting: resistance is your worry and doubt concerning your desire. The root of worry and doubt is psychological fear. Psychological fear can only exist in time, thus staying in the now means that worry, doubt and fear cannot exist. Your desire must be unconditional, otherwise you are creating hindrances and barriers regarding ways that your desire can come to you. Believing without doubt is pure knowing that your desire will become apparent. Beyond that, anything you do such as demanding a particular time or timing is creating resistance.

(18 Nov '11, 05:22) Eddie

Another part of the equation is concerning your higher self. Your higher self may want you to have certain experiences, interactions and meetings etcetera - prior to allowing you to see your already existing creation; all done in your best interest of course. Considering that we, as physical beings, do not necessarily know the full intention of our higher self, I find it best to relax and enjoy my life; while fully trusting that everything I desire will become manifest in my experience in the timing that’s right for me – perfect timing.

(18 Nov '11, 05:23) Eddie

Awesome answer Eddie.

Love and Light

(21 Nov '11, 22:35) AboveBelow

@Eddie , love this , and "real ize " JUMPED off the page , lol , thankQ :-)

(27 Feb '13, 21:50) Starlight

@Eddie whilst reading your answer Again this morning , this also grabbed on.......

"it makes sense that you can and will only find any desired manifestation where it is – in the present moment."

So if I feel "AS IF " ( I have what I desire ) NOW & NOW & NOW >>>> things must shift to that reality , correct ?

(28 Feb '13, 21:50) Starlight
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The funny thing is, we actually manifest things every second of every day. I know you are trying to be more specific and precise in manifesting a certain thing, but I also think that using the concept of manifesting every single minute of our lives could be helpful regarding this question.

You wake up in the morning and decide which side of bed to roll out of, that is a manifestation that happens almost instantly. You walk out of the bedroom and decide you want bacon and eggs for breakfast, that is an instant manifestation. It's a sunny warm clear blue sky type day and you feel like wearing a comfortable pair of shorts and your best fitting cotton t-shirt, that is an instant manifestation.

The point I'm trying to make here is sometimes we need to try and give ourselves a little more credit for the things that manifest in our everyday lives, even the almost unnoticeable routine type of things, so then we can remind ourselves and be fully aware of the true power we hold inside. Becoming aware and consistently reminding ourselves of the routine thing can most certainly help us with all the other stuff.

I remember the first time I heard (Abraham) mention the process of putting our attention to three small things that we had no resistance whatsoever towards. I picked a beach ball, a 2 dollar bill, and cardinal or red bird. This was the first time I ever deliberately tried to manifest something small and they were three things that I never really saw, especially for two of them since it was the winter season.

Within a few minutes as I was walking through my living room my head turned and noticed a painting on the wall with a cardinal perched on a tree branch. That painting had been there so long that I never even realized what it was a painting of. I never literally turned my head to examine it because it was a part of my everyday existence. I noticed the painting in general on regular passing, but it became almost equivalent to hearing a car alarm go off. Just keep on walking with no true awareness.

My grandmother lives next door to me and I get her mail for her everyday. This was a few minutes after I saw the painting. I get on her front porch and my head literally turns in a very decisive manner towards her round clock size outdoor thermometer. It had the design of a cardinal on it. I never looked directly at this thing in my life until that moment. My "real and fully alive cardinal" didn't come as I expected, but that day most definitely made me a believer that lightning fast manifestation is a truly real thing!

I never saw the beach ball or maybe never was actually aware that I saw it but I did see the 2 dollar bill a few days later. I was browsing through one of those inquirer type magazines in my Sunday paper and came to a page with a giant 2 dollar bill taking up both pages. Some type of advertisement for a special bill I guess. Haven't seen one since and that was over a year ago. That bill made manifestation in general really hit home for me.

Give credit to the little everyday things that make life what it is and even the small deliberate quick manifestations like my cardinal. It will get the belief system rolling down a set of tracks that can never go in the opposite direction, no matter how many doubts the physical mind tries to throw at you. The only time limit is the limit we put on ourselves.


answered 17 Nov '11, 04:39

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Great answer Cory this happens to me as well and I'm sure everybody if they take note. A vida e bela.

(17 Nov '11, 04:55) Paulina 1

Yes I agree. To sum up - be aware of all the small things in your life, and they're all small things :)

(17 Nov '11, 05:47) Eddie

Thankyou for the anser Cory. Is there an IQ link you can give me for manifesting small things? I want to learn to belive in my manifesting power, but i need a method and guidelines for manifesting 'petty things' first

(17 Nov '11, 14:11) Nikulas

You didn't get a two dollar bill?

(17 Nov '11, 14:16) Fairy Princess

@Nikulas This question that I asked would probably be the best that I see here at IQ...http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17576 There really is no process for trying to manifest deliberate petty things. Just find a few things that you don't have any resistance whatsoever towards and focus softly on them for a few days. Try to keep the 3 things as simple as possible and don't let yourself get frustrated if they don't show up instantly. Don't put a particular timetable on anything.

(17 Nov '11, 17:44) Cory

@Fairy Princess As I mentioned in the seventh paragraph above, I saw an advertisement in a magazine that took up two pages with a giant 2 dollar bill pictured a few days after I started the experiment. It didn't come as a real 2 dollar but that really is the point in manifestation in my opinion. A lot of the time manifestations don't come about how we expect them to come as in this case with a real "in my hand" bill. That's why letting go of the how, what, and where things come from is a key to getting what you want. There are no roadblocks to what you get.

(17 Nov '11, 17:54) Cory

@ Nikulas , i have added a note to desktop , 3 small things experiment , an email from friend Pete whom i've had no contact with for couple of years , a silver button and a caress from a random cat , let you know when they turn up ;-) And @ Cory , I like your answer very much ♥♥

(27 Feb '13, 21:31) Starlight

I used a flamingo :) The next day I went shopping and walked into an aisle that was completely dedicated to flamingos... there were tons of flamingo lawn ornaments, pictures, and figurines. It was cool :) I notice a lot lately if I think of something, it almost immediately pops up in conversation, or I drive past something similar to it, etc, etc... It's a really cool thing to try!

(28 Feb '13, 22:58) LapisLazuli
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Speed of light is not top speed. As my source TReb Bor yit-NE explains that consciousness travels at light speed to the tenth power. This is how instant communication over light yrs distance is possible.

love n light,



answered 17 Nov '11, 18:51

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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blubird two

in truth rob there is no speed limit because light can move from point a to point z with out ever moving. experience and enjoy.

(17 Nov '11, 23:58) white tiger

yes the inner brain works ten times faster than the conscious brain

(27 Jan '13, 10:43) blubird two

absolutely,, thank u both...

(28 Feb '13, 20:48) TReb Bor yit-NE
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at that speed 299,792,458 m/s = speed of light.but for one minutes or 60 second it is a bit slower 49965409.67m/s. the only limit you have for yourself is the one you imposse on you.also know this you all ready travel at 29.77km/s and you rotate on your self over 24 hour at 1000 mph.with out even moving experience and enjoy.


answered 17 Nov '11, 01:47

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white tiger

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