Couple of years ago I was an amateur bodybuilder. I got this stretch marks because I gained too much muscles too fast. I didn't like them of course. I even bought a massage cream or something to get rid of them. Anyway as the time went by I just kinda forgot about them. Until some time ago I realized that I still have them. They are lighter and almost gone but they are still visible. They don't bother me anymore. Actually I'm kinda proud of them cause they remind me of what I accomplished.

Anyway what I've been asking myself is why didn't I get rid of them back then? I hated them , I wanted to have normal skin and most importantly I forgot all about them. This is what the manifesting experiment 1 is all about right? Write down the desire and forget about it.

So obviously my question is why didn't I get rid of stretch marks?

That kinda make me question the whole law of attraction thing. I mean if you forget about what's bothering you and never think about it again, then you have no resistance thus your desire should manifest right? So can anybody explain what did I do "wrong"? By the way I didn't know anything about the law of attraction back then. It's just now I'm wondering if maybe there are some exceptions to the law of attraction. I don't know. Thanks for the help. Mike

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I hated them , I wanted to have normal skin and most importantly I forgot all about them. This is what the manifesting experiment 1 is all about right?

No, that isn't what it's about :)

Your vibration always stays where you last left it so if you leave it in a resistant place, you are going to carry on receiving vibrational matches to your resistant place...i.e. to something you don't want.

The underlying idea of Manifesting Experiment 1 is to leave your vibration in a good-feeling place and then forget about it i.e. then release it into the box.

To quote from Manifesting Experiment 1...

Don't ask for things you desperately need

I'm not saying don't ask for things you need, just don't ask for things you desperately need.

What's the difference?

It's tricky sometimes to tell what the difference is. Often you need something, that's why you are making the request. But if you are desperate for it then it is going to cause problems when manifesting the request.

A guideline to consider is how would you feel if you didn't get what you wanted. If it feels like it would be a disaster, or the end of the world, for you to not get it, you're probably in desperation.

If, on the other hand, it would feel like a gentle "oh well, I didn't get it. I'll still manage without it" then you probably have an acceptable attitude.

When you say you hated your stretch marks, does that sound like someone at peace with their desire? ...someone without much attachment to the outcome? Hate is quite a strong emotion, don't you think? Doesn't hate imply quite a strong negative attachment to a desire?

In order to apply Manifesting Experiment 1 in these situations, you would need to first clean up your current feeling about what you want so it becomes more neutral and then release the request.

If you don't do that and you just forget about your desire, you are just going to carry on manifesting vibrational matches to your hatred of your stretch marks because it's the frequency where you've left your vibrational receiver tuned.

This is the reason Manifesting Experiment 2 (Focus Blocks) exists.

To quote from Manifesting Experiment 2...


Manifesting Experiment 1 works well when you are not too attached to the things you want, or you can forget about them for a while.

But often that is not the case.

Sometimes you just can't let go enough of what you want to allow it to come to you.

In those cases, you are really left with no choice but to deal with your feelings about what you want directly. Once you feel better about what you want, you will not be standing in the way of it coming even if you do think about it.


I thought I would add a few extra thoughts that might be useful to newcomers who are reading this.

The reason most people I've come across start investigating these metaphysical subjects (like Law of Attraction) is because they have a Big Issue in their lives. The Big Issue is what provides the inner impetus to step out of herd-thinking, become more independently-minded, start thinking for themselves for perhaps the first time in their lives, and begin on the path of realization that physical life is not as random and out-of-control as they have been taught to believe.

So, in that sense, the Big Issue serves a valuable purpose on the journey to self-Re-discovery.

alt text

The problem is that the same Big Issue also becomes one of the biggest stumbling blocks once that journey has been started. This is because the same Big Issue has Big Resistance about it and often feels like it has Big Urgency to it...since people rarely look into metaphysical subjects seriously until it is the absolute last resort in their lives...and quite often just before they feel ready to end their physical lives for good out of despair.

But things that someone wants that have Big Resistance and Big Urgency are incredibly tough to deliberately manifest for a newcomer.

So the irony is that the Big Issue that starts someone on this inner journey should also be the topic that they don't use to learn about it otherwise it's going to be a frustrating experience.

Start with small, inconsequential things always until you've learned how the process works - it's a lot more subtle than it first appears - and some time later when a large amount of unshakeable confidence in these ideas has been firmly established THEN tackle the Big Issue.


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big issue are lots of small issue. complicated things are only made of small and simple things. Because they worry they see big issue and are not able to see the small issue and do not know where to start. Be still and know the truth look at the total image in unity with out division in all its interaction of small issue that created that big issue. solve those small issue that you can solve and the big issue will start to change and diminish and lose its power, since the only power it add-

(21 Sep '13, 10:46) white tiger

from the beginning was to make you believe and worry that it was to big to be solved by you. that big issue is like a mountain then climb the mountain and learn from the experience enjoy the light. stop hiding under the mountain in the darkness. when 2 make peace in this single house they will say to this mountain move and it will move. you see when people are divided they waste their time and energy in futile opposition to praise them self that they are better then the other one. it never-

(21 Sep '13, 10:51) white tiger

came to them that they are no better then the other one since they are doing the same thing and they are divided in opposition. if they can see it outside they should have been able to see it inside also. blessed are those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

(21 Sep '13, 10:59) white tiger

@stingray - "Your vibration always stays where you last left it so if you leave it in a resistant place, you are going to carry on receiving vibrational matches to your resistant place...i.e. to something you don't want."

Fascinating! Had not thought about this, but makes a lot of sense. Trying to grasp the concept. Does this mean that we have buried these 'resistant place vibrations', but they can still be active? How do you neutralize them without dredging up old crap?

(21 Sep '13, 12:35) Dollar Bill

@stingray - my past has been to distract from negative/resistant issues and go on to other more positive things. I thought that 'not feeding" these old issues would cause them to dissipate.

I have had some of the old issues resurface and I turn my attention away, but now, you have me wondering if they are still active?

Sometimes it has seemed like Source was tossing old ideas at me to see if I would respond?

(21 Sep '13, 12:43) Dollar Bill

i seriously love what you said -- "Don't ask for things you desperately need"... its so perfect... most people come to Spiritual or Law of attraction seeking to solve the thing they desperate about. As you perfectly said its better put that desperate thing aside.... but for someone who is desperate thats the last thing they want to hear... lol.. i was there earlier so i know.. lol ..

(01 Oct '13, 19:25) abrahamloa

but Mike22 brought interesting questions.... he was not depsperate about his stretch marks and even forgot about it... thats something i have no clue why it did not happen... one thing in life i have learnt is not to question every single thing... live easy.. thats all i can say... whether stretch mark or not life can be wonderful if you make it....

(01 Oct '13, 19:26) abrahamloa

many times i find it ironic that impossible things and magical things are possible when you dont need them the desperate thing you want does not happen... but when the desperate thing you want happens that is the sweetest thing ever joy.. ... but mostly thats harder to happen..

(01 Oct '13, 19:30) abrahamloa
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Changing physical attributes about yourself is very difficult because for someone who is seeking to do this, they are usually not in total love with themselves, which takes away from the pure energy required to manifest this.

It is a paradox. For example, lets say someone who was balding wanted the same thing as you and wanted to reverse their balding. For them to manifest this fully, they would have to not see anything wrong with their balding. It is because they dislike what they see in the mirror that kind of gives you an indicator that you are still not in full love with yourself.

You seeing it as a problem, or perceiving it as defect of yourself would also additionally in my opinion make you unknowingly also add expectations onto the outcome, even though you may think you "have totally forgotten about it." The fact of the matter is, is that you truly do care about the outcome because you feel you would be happier if it were to go away.

So to be able to manifest this truly can be difficult for the type of people attempting this, because the paradox of it is that you must be as accepting of how the physical feature is now just the same as if it were to be the changed better ideal version of it you want it to be.

But the funny thing is, why would you bother or possibly maybe even conceive the thought to change something so badly if you didn't care in the first place?

I think a really good experiment would be to try to manifest a physical change on something about you that you don't care about first and see how the results go. You probably will be able to first hand experience the paradox that I am talking about. In that you will see that you probably won't fully go through with it, because you just don't care.

If you can mimic this same thing in combination with the excitement you have right now for pulling off the getting rid of the stretch marks then I know your outcome in manifesting this will be far far greater. People have done this before, you can find lots of evidence if you search hard enough through the internet.


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..that's sort of like saying no one could possibly lose weight if they held the belief being overweight was something to be ashamed of or a defect as you said...

(22 Sep '13, 11:32) ele

Yeah that's pretty much it in terms of manifestation. It's not that its impossible though, it's just that you are pretty much just standing in the way of yourself in making this fully come into reality because you've made your physical defect more real than the the version of the better physical body part you want to manifest being real.

(24 Sep '13, 23:42) ikaruss21

You are right -- lousy analogy & my logic was flawed. Very few ppl think losing weight is impossible. The ones who do, won't lose weight. When I first read your answer I thought it was one of the best explanations I've heard for not being able to manifest what we've been taught to believe is impossible. Your paradox theory would have been a good answer to the member who wished to grow 8 more inches at age 27. I think I found fault because I was thinking about how I interacted with him & (cont)

(25 Sep '13, 00:02) ele

(cont) & & what I should have done differently.. My vibes were a bit down...

(25 Sep '13, 00:03) ele

@ele It's funny you mention that topic, because that's actually the post that I found InwardQuest through. I was highly interested in manifesting physical appearance type changes and controlling physical matter type stuff and I came across it in a google search about a little less than a year ago before I just started posting a few months later.

(25 Sep '13, 21:43) ikaruss21

Maybe you are thinking of someone else. I was talking about a member who joined on Christmas Day 2012, who we haven't heard from since June. As for you thinking about manifesting changes to your physical appearance -- hmmm, I have this image of you as a very good lookin' dude..

(26 Sep '13, 00:52) ele

Yeah it was totally around that time. This one right?

I am not really that bad looking lol, but I have always been interested in being able to change physical appearances or morph anything physical. I always thought that kinda stuff was cool.

Ah man now I have to share a few stories lol, here we go, When I was teenager I was really hardcore on trying to do telekinesis and mind over matter stuff.


(26 Sep '13, 01:10) ikaruss21

I had this experiment I was trying out with turning my eyes (which were really dark brown) to that cold gray steel blue color wolves have. I couldn't ever get them to change to the color blue, but what was very interesting was that they would turn green or light green.

However they would only stay that way for maybe up onto an hour. I attempted it a bunch of times and could only get them to green at best, but I remember my gf at the time who was totally oblivious to what I was doing and...(P2)

(26 Sep '13, 01:17) ikaruss21

asking me what the hell I did with my eyes that they were a different color than normal. -I thought that was too cool.

-And actually I totally did try another experiment with growing taller a few months back, but it was not easy to pull off, I actually was hoping to be able to post pictures and show the guy from the post, "There, did it, yes you can do this."


(26 Sep '13, 01:28) ikaruss21

But the same deal happened where it only lasted for a little bit. It lasted a little longer though, like only for a few hours and I know I could of gone for more length, but it HURT so much because I felt where the bone connects to my kneecaps were literally stretching. It was super, super, painful. It was really hard to walk too, I felt like I was trying to relearn to walk again because my legs were slightly longer then what I was use to. But that small amount was enough to really


(26 Sep '13, 01:33) ikaruss21

mess up my balance. It felt like I needed a cane to walk. I fell over a bunch of times because I kept over stepping simple walking movements, almost tripped and smashed my face into a desk.

The way I did it though was different than the eye thing though. I basically induced myself very close into the astral state of consciousness, but not fully in, just the edge up unto it and then i visualized the bones growing and stretching...and by jove thats exactly what i felt lol, super painful.


(26 Sep '13, 01:37) ikaruss21

I remember actually having my feet that was lying at the edge of the futon I was lying on go past off the edge of the futon and extend out over onto being rested on the floor past the futon.

The best part though was when I went to go see my Dad and sister an hour later, when I showed up my Dad stopped and looked me up and down and asked me, "Did you grow? look taller."

I wrote like a 5 pager documenting everything from this whole experiment. Soooo interesting,I'd write more, but its a lot

(26 Sep '13, 01:46) ikaruss21

plus i've probably already killed your email inbox too with messages by now just from this lol.

(26 Sep '13, 01:47) ikaruss21

"killing email box" - No this was very, very interesting -- IQ doesn't forward emails any longer unless they are written under your own questions. I didn't receive any mail. I wish they would go back to the old ways. I'm still waiting for a couple ppl to reply to my ?'s. Sure they never saw them. Yes, we were talking about the same person. I missed the word less. I've been interested in telekinesis since I was young. Never tried to change my physical appearance; but had some amazing (A)

(26 Sep '13, 02:26) ele

(B) results especially when combined with the efforts of dif ppl. Perhaps you'll be the first to manifest the 'impossible'. I wonder if you could also create the "illusion" of change. Funny about the "growing pains". They say growing pains are the result of your bones growing too fast. Will you try it again? Wolf eyes -- kind of eerie. Thanks for sharing -- keep me updated..

(26 Sep '13, 02:33) ele

Interesting! Hmm some amazing results when combined with the efforts of different people? Please do share :)

I know in China for the treament facilities they have that rely completely on healing with affirmations and the mind over matter will of the Doctors, that they say when more people attempt to manifest the same thing, it is not just multiplied, but exponentialized. Which is why they will have 3 or four doctors trying to "will" the cancer away on cancer patients.


(26 Sep '13, 03:03) ikaruss21

I will most definitely try the growing one again in the future. For the wolf eyes, It was actually two different type of eye colors I was going for. Bright purple and the Wolf colored ones. I chose those two because I knew I would be able to for sure detect a difference if they did change, since those colors are extremely different from my natural eye color.

However, I ended up sticking with the wolf one more, because I could never see any changes even to the slightest when I tried purple. (p2)

(26 Sep '13, 03:10) ikaruss21

Please keep us updated - this is very interesting & I can't wait to hear more about your methods. Chinese energy medicine as well as reiki angel healing & the power of group prayer - all examples of energy being exponentialized. I loved how you expressed it "it is not just multiplied, but exponentialized" like a swirling vortex of cosmic spiritual energy. Really makes sense if you think about it.. Thanks .. BTW I'm going to link this answer to flow's question.

(26 Sep '13, 05:25) ele

"I basically induced myself very close into the astral state of consciousness, but not fully in, just the edge up unto it and then i visualized the bones growing and stretching...and by jove thats exactly what i felt lol, super painful." - I am experimenting with something similar. I managed to acquire galantamine and, when I use it properly, it helps a lot in inducing projection experiences (though I'm not always as "lucid" as I would like). I have twice measured myself in a "dream" as taller.

(30 Sep '13, 00:26) flowsurfer

I have once done a "growing" meditation but my consciousness was not quite focused. Basically I started "falling" through a tunnel very fast and attempted to enter a full lucid to experience the goal more broadly (not just feel myself to be growing). Instead I found myself in a game-like world with some grey monsters and lost control. I think trying to do a full lucid dream in which I experience a complete reality is not working well for numerous reasons so I'm going to focus on just the growth.

(30 Sep '13, 00:30) flowsurfer

I do not believe however in the "you have to not care" idea. Nobody would manifest anything if they didn't care. I believe it has more to do with identification. When I was overweight, was not focused on it yet had a preference for being leaner, I remained overweight. I had to recognize that I was not who I wanted to be, feel the pain of that, reject the body I had then attach myself to my ideal let the joy of the attachment to my ideal overshadow negative emotions about the fat. Contrast helps.

(30 Sep '13, 00:44) flowsurfer

That is, the joy of my future identity overpowered the pain of my present identity. The fat was no longer "real" in my experience because most of my focus was on the future identity. Thanks for helping me clarify this to myself.

(30 Sep '13, 00:49) flowsurfer

The problem that might take place is when lack of faith makes that future identity unstable. Since the present (natural, currently observable) identity is by definition stable and it automatically takes your attention, if the future one is not stable things are tough. I had complete faith that I could lose the weight so had no excuse to think of my future self as anything other than lean. With other issues, that was not at all the case.

(30 Sep '13, 00:52) flowsurfer

Wow that is a very amazing out of the box approach. Very clever with using Galantamine to up your odds in attaining the astral and lucid dream state much easier. I had never heard of someone using that for this until now.

My whole original goal was not even to grow myself though for that particular time I was talking about. I was at the time attempting to astrally project and mid-way I had something extra-terrestrial happen that completely through me off course.


(01 Oct '13, 15:58) ikaruss21

I then realized though that this deep trance state that I was still in would be an awesome opportunity to take advantage of before it ended. I had earlier actually researched and watched some videos on bones growing so I could have a good visualiztion to make the manifesting of this seem more logical to me in my mind when I was going to attempt this. Here is the video that I actually pulled a lot of my visualization from:


(01 Oct '13, 16:09) ikaruss21

Another thing that I completely forgot to mention was that during the experiment when I was feeling and seeing in my minds eye that my lower part of the body was growing, my heart rate shot up really high and I cannot remember if I started sweating or not, but my body was definitely doing something very unique. I have read countless accounts of people experiencing this same similar thing when they are being miraculously healed of a defect that seemed physically impossible to cure.


(01 Oct '13, 16:15) ikaruss21

Same thing too with people who are induced into a very deep, deep, hypnotic state where they are either so deep that they are in either in a deep subconscious state or sometimes on other levels what is know as the Somnambulistic state in which is far deeper and the patient/person talks about themselves completely in third-person and can answer things that their conciouss version of themselves has no knowledge about. When they are in these states the hypnotist will suggest to their


(01 Oct '13, 16:26) ikaruss21

higher consciousness to heal the physical ailment that is within them. Sometimes the Higher concioussness will say no, and explain why it is necessary for this person to have this ailment, other times the Higher conciousness will agree with the hypnotherapist and then what will happen is that the hypnotherapist report seeing the person go through immense sweating, like the body is working really really hard, but alas the physical ailment will be cured in moments. Very interesting stuff.


(01 Oct '13, 16:31) ikaruss21

If you want to learn more about that kind of stuff, check out Dolores Cannon. She is a super interesting person. She is pretty much the one who has been leading the way on that kind of stuff from what I know.

Anywho, I think I may have gone a little off topic. So I was actually gonna just share my journal from the experiment on here so you and maybe anyone interested in it can read through it, since I know there is lots of more detail in that then what I explain from memory.


(01 Oct '13, 16:36) ikaruss21

Ok here it is.

I feel really shy and a little weird sharing this, but whatever I won't let that stop me from sharing some possibly really useful and helpful information. It's the second entry in there, 6/9/2013. I curse a bit in real life and I didn't really care too much about spelling as you'll see in there because I am mostly just quickly jotting down the experience right after I have them.

(01 Oct '13, 17:05) ikaruss21

Cool stories. I'll be doing another session tonight or tomorrow; will share the results. I feel empowered.

(01 Oct '13, 20:17) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Thanks! Awesome, keep us updated :)

(01 Oct '13, 20:57) ikaruss21
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Already wonderful answers to this question, so I'll just throw in my own spin saying similar suggesting you consider the other answers before my own.

From Stingray's answer: "But things that someone wants that have Big Resistance and Big Urgency are incredibly tough to deliberately manifest for a newcomer." & "Don't ask for things you desperately need"

It is my opinion the above are appropriate and very valuable, but I feel it's important to explain WHY someone would say these things for the sake of understanding and preventing people from becoming frustrated, either thinking you're contradicting yourself / not making sense, or giving up thinking they can't manifest on subjects where they have strong emotional investment so why bother.

I figure other's explanations may differ from my own, this is my own reasoning. To explain my belief using an example, imagine a person who has a situation with a binary outcome (it is the way they want, or it isn't, no gray areas). If they're very emotionally invested, it does often sabotage their efforts but NOT because they're emotionally invested. I think their investment causes them to make simple mistakes, such as constantly telling themselves "I do not want [less desired outcome] to happen", resulting in their primary focus being on the 'wrong' outcome, and furthering this problem by fueling this undesired outcome with HUGE amounts of energy which happens to be negative. This not only causes the outcome they're focusing on more to occur, but it is fueled by a great deal of negativity resulting in an even more damaging consequences than may have been otherwise.

This is why I believe thoughts along the lines of "I could not survive if [bad event] happened" are extremely hazardous. They're not only focusing on the bad outcome, while fueling it with bad emotions, but I even believe they're also "challenging the universe", "tempting fate". It's my experience the universe seems strongly drawn to proving us wrong, proving to us we will keep on living in spite of [situation] even though we said over and over we couldn't.

While in a way it is 'good' when people are put in situations they formerly could see no way to get through and they struggle through in spite of, I try instead to believe and know I will keep on irrelevant of what I encounter, especially if my first reaction is to believe otherwise.

The idea I'm describing is my explanation for saying things like "The Verse doesn't understand 'No'", "Don't use the word don't", or "The Verse ignores any negatives like 'not' while hearing your words." Though I don't believe any of these things are true, I think using negatives is a mindset trap causing some people to fixate on the less-than-ideal without enough focus nor energy invested in the 'good'.

So when answering questions like this, I suggest to people (especially in normal/non-metaphysical life) the way you frame and phrase a question not only changes the way it will be answered, but also changes the way your mind will process and handle it. So if there's something I desperately need, I'll take extra care to keep my attention on how happy and appreciative I would be if it did happen, while avoiding any focus on how unhappy / angry I am with it now or if it played out otherwise, or how much I 'need' it or else [insert bad things here].

If my mind moves towards the latter I try to reframe it into how I am accepting of the undesired outcome, and as soon as I solidly reframe this state of mind as positively as possible I try to move back to the former as quickly as I can, forgetting the latter because I've already done all the thinking necessary on the subject so I can & should go back to happy thoughts.


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Neville spoke of the difference between thinking of something and thinking from something. If you think "I need this money to come", obviously you are thinking from "not having this money". You are assuming that identity. In other words, you are attached to the lack. His advice was: observe yourself, detach from the unwanted and attach to the wanted. Fear and desperation are signs of attachment to the unwanted.

(30 Sep '13, 01:02) flowsurfer
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