This question came to my mind while i read Cassiopeia's answer to a recent asked question at the site.My technique to manifestations is same as Cassiopia's.I try to find a separate place and get in the feelings of having the required thing at the this ,i over come the feelings of NOT Having and get a feeling of HAVING THE THING AT THE MOMENT.I do this once or twice a day. Usualy after some time i get a huntch or idea which leads me to the desired thing.

some time, I tried this for money.and i get the idea or huntch to contact some one.and when contacting that person i get money.

but the problem is that i have to borrow money from some one else instead of generating money without lending or borrowing. i want to know what mistake i am doing? so that i can manifest money without borrowing.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Your process is an excellent one.

Conjuring up a State of Being first, that matches what you want, before taking physical action is always going to provide you with the shortest route to get what you want.

Regarding borrowing the money, you have to ask yourself if borrowing that money feels like the best course of action for you right now. It may not feel good but does it feel less bad than all the other options you have available to you?

If so, you may be making no mistake at all and that may be the correct course of action that aligns with your beliefs regarding money right now. It could be that your belief system as it currently is may not allow you to have the money right now without borrowing it. I can't say - your belief system is unique to you. You would need to examine your own feelings and beliefs about allowing the money through borrowing it compared to allowing the money through generating it yourself.

If you still feel hesitant about borrowing the money, I would continue to cultivate that "state of being" (generate the feeling of having it) and wait for the next inspiration to come to you from that state. Don't try and force the inspiration or keep looking for it, it will make itself known to you when the time is right. And even if you miss it, it will keep making itself known to you until you notice it :)

The job of your physical self is always to come up with "What?" you want and "Why?" you want it.

The job of your broader (non-physical) self is always to come up with the "How?" for getting it.

So to answer your title question, just remained focused on the ultimate goal and trust that the specifics of the "How?" will be inspired to you (or even enter your physical reality by itself) when you are in a vibrational state to hear it or accept it.


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Thnak you Stingray for your detailed reply.I used this method in emergency situations thats why the most urgent solution appeared.However,i will work and check my belief system. Is it true taht if i ignore first huntch or option appeared,Universal Intelligence will show anotherone?

(19 Jan '12, 00:00) Zee

@Zee - Yes, even if you miss the first hunch the Universe has backup plan after backup plan to still guide you so you can relax about it. Another way of looking at this is that your vibration is always where you last left it so it continues attracting even if you fail to consciously notice what it is attracting.

(19 Jan '12, 05:14) Stingray

@Stingray - "backup plan after backup plan" love it :)

(19 Jan '12, 05:42) blubird two
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Perhaps you could get more specific in the feeling of acquiring money? Conjure up the feeling of earning money, which is different from just the feeling of having money. There's usually an amount of pride in having earned it yourself, and a feeling of industriousness and success.


answered 18 Jan '12, 06:34

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@cassiopeia, love your answer about the pride and good feelings

(18 Jan '12, 20:04) Tom
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