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This is more of a request that a question, stemming immediatly from this source of how it is possible to send energy to other people.

I am feeling confused with my life, and from this source apparently this energy will assist in making a decision...

It's not hard. For everyone who views this, all you have to do is imagine my name bathed in white light, and make the intention to 'heal' me. Please just take 20 or 30 seconds to do this if you're in a hurry.

Of course use your own methods, but the above is for those who shall be willing to at least take part in this experiment.

I'll report back next week and let you know of any results whatsoever. Thankyou folks :)

Oh and if you are actively helping out if you could just comment/answer to let me know im getting help it would be really aprpreciated.

asked 07 Feb '12, 05:22

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Barry Allen ♦♦


OK my part is done. A picture would have helped for better visualization, but I released the full flow. You are on your way to your desired outcome

(07 Feb '12, 07:36) Tom

hello. if you wish to chat with me, perhaps i cna help u look into these issues a bit more, it si what i do. even thjough the adress i giv u is for open forum querstions, just explain that u r from here and i will get back to u.

(07 Feb '12, 08:14) TReb Bor yit-NE

I'm with Tom, there is so little info (no full name, no photo, no location.....) that passing energy may not be accurate, but I will try. Best wishes for feeling better....

(07 Feb '12, 17:33) LeeAnn 1

@ Tom, thankyou buddy, everyone's intentions are all recieved with appreciation.

@ LeeAnn, thankyou for contributing, but Im not really going to post whether energy transmitting works or not....It's just a somewhat petty experiment so I can find that out for myself.

(08 Feb '12, 07:52) Nikulas

I have done it three times now.

(08 Feb '12, 08:36) Fairy Princess

@Nikulas "It's just a somewhat petty experiment so I can find that out for myself". Petty???

(09 Feb '12, 00:15) ele

No experiment is petty. We did not know it was an experiment however you were guided to do it and this research can and will help others that are truely in need and looking for an answer. Be sure to post your results. I know I am fully expecting results from my prayer, it is out of my hands now and in God's hands. His peace is in my heart in that comfort of knowing it is done.

(09 Feb '12, 09:34) Wade Casaldi

Yes I am getting results already and really want to post it.....But Im gonna wait until Sunday so I can unravel even MORE amazements :)

(09 Feb '12, 10:57) Nikulas

Wanted to let you I've done it a few times since you first posted.. been busy so I didn't reply. But I can't wait to hear the results :)

(11 Feb '12, 01:00) LapisLazuli

Humble people, going to upload my amazing week/answer in a few hours, will be a big update. Just thankyou so much all of you :)

(12 Feb '12, 04:54) Nikulas
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Ok firstly thankyou to everyone for being so graceful in doing this for me. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life, and below I am about to illustrate how everyone's good intention did do some miraculous thought changing for me.

For background, lots of you understand (and are probably sick of hearing this) that the cause of this cry for help stemmed from heartbreak.....I fell in love with a girl that I guess I manifested, and here the universe presented me with best the world had to offer......And prevents you from having it....Very cruel and the worst emotions I've felt in my life.

Now I am consciously in a better mind set regarding this issue and am optimistic about the future for grander things.

Here are some of the most rememorable events that occured to me that I think are worthy of sharing; winning $50 in the lottery, a very unexpected fun night out with friends, a deep discussion with my driving instructor about relationships (and he also bought be breakfast!), having a very productive session this week at gymnastics, being viewed as valuable at work and about 3-4 phone psychics promise I would get engaged to "an amazingly beautiful woman whom everybody loves", and I'd meet her in the next 3-8 months!! These psychics have also said in the past that the girl I was in love with would come back to me, and behold, I saw her once this week and she did quite a bit to get my attention, a unique change.

These are some of the physical events that happened to me. What i believe to be more important were the many different, seemingly out of the blue ideas and thoughts that came into my head...The past week I've had perception changes and my viewing experience of the world upgraded to something much better, and this credit would defiantly have to go to you people. Some thoughts included starting meditation again (which I have), getting a happier picture on facebook, organising more things with friends, a few unique ways of increasing money flow, and the strong desire to get our house sold so we can move to a more luxurious and comfortable space. Being very lonely in my life I have now found ways to enjoy the solitude as well, so now I am looking forward to nearly every day; I only felt that way when I was in love.

Whilst this list seems a bit lacking, the experiences and visions themselves hold more value to me than anything this year. I really want to thank everybody again for being so generous and loving to me, and let me tell you I was really, REALLY surprised that everyone would contribute so much to this post and help me out. I honeslty thought I'd get 2 maybe 3 insignificant reassurances, but no, I got a rainbow of energy. The greatest gift of all :)


When I get married this year I shall link everyone to the photos...It's seriously set in stone for me that this will inevitably happen :)


answered 12 Feb '12, 18:53

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I'm so happy and glad it worked out so well for you! :) I hope you keep us updated, I'm very excited for you. Much love and I hope you continue to have these wonderful experiences. :)

(12 Feb '12, 19:01) LapisLazuli

Blessings from me and Wade for a continuing "good" flow of events...He and I will continue sending you energy...we just like to do stuff like that because we are (I guess, from feedback LOL) sugary-sweet people....I look forward to wedding pics, and Wade and I will return the favor sometime this year...probably 12.24.12!!! Love, Jai

(12 Feb '12, 20:13) Jaianniah

Nikulas thanks for this experiment it PROVES what I wrote here You can use LOA for other people, I said The Word for you and others prayed and sent energy, this proves it even though no one voted for my answer it proves it and that is better! :-)

(12 Feb '12, 20:33) Wade Casaldi

@Jaianniah lol ! umm... actually, the quote was "saccharin sweet" which does NOT mean sugary-sweet. No, NOT at all, Miss Jai. Now, what did I tell you about sugar coating it? I'm glad you wrote what you did; otherwise I wouldn't of went back to the link to see if you ever excepted my apology. I checked quite a few times, then I guess, I gave up. Congrats on setting a wedding date & for heavens sake go to that link Wade provided & up vote your man!

(12 Feb '12, 22:27) ele

Great to hear your story @Nikulas. And just a thought, you could mark your own answer as the accepted answer so that it appears directly below your question so that it would help new people to be able to find it easily. also, I am just curious why would you want to hire the services of not just one, but 3-4 psychics even after knowing that you are partly responsible (being able to manifest certain things) for your own life?

(13 Feb '12, 01:59) kakaboo

@kakaboo during the biggest intensity of my heartbreak, i was calling up psychics for just some form of reassurance....Trust me, that was the only sort of good words I was hearing apart from IQ users- I am still on the path of wondering in terms of how to manifest things, but regardless, if (sorry, when) I attract my beloved i will have LOTS of confidence in myself to manifest specific things; nothing will seem impossible to me once I finally get a girlfriend :) And yeah I will mark this as ans.

(13 Feb '12, 05:05) Nikulas

@Nikulas - ok I understand how you feel , I sometimes feel that way (needing some assurance maybe) too when I see the things I want aren't coming to me yet :)

(13 Feb '12, 05:16) kakaboo
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Hello Nikulas, yes a good idea ... channeling energy and passing it on to someone is the basis of reiki and magnetic healing , it is beneficial to both the "giver" and the "receiver" as it allows a flow of energy to circulate more freely ... it can be done at a distance with or without a support ... however let us know if you start getting saturated :)


answered 07 Feb '12, 11:00

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blubird two

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Thankyou blue bird. It's been a day or so and perhaps I am starting to recieve things.....Ill wait for a full week first

(08 Feb '12, 07:47) Nikulas

I sent you healing energy also, Nikulas, I prayed for the confusion in your life to lift and for you to be whole in every way, whichever form this may take, physical, mental, or otherwise. Also, if decisions need to be made, for you to know exactly, without a doubt, what you have to do. Whatever it is, you are never alone.


answered 07 Feb '12, 22:27

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Awww that is really kind of you to do, and thankyou again.... I believe I am getting some inspiring answers all of a sudden....Ill post the feed back in a few days time

(08 Feb '12, 07:48) Nikulas

Sure, I will.. I prayed for you when you wrote your question regarding suicide. We will all do our best to send you energy & help you create an environment to enable you to find clarity; but ultimately, healing comes from within. You create your own reality; we all do. You have to do your part, also.

I truly believe what will help you & make you even more receptive to the energy we are sending you - is to change your vibes. Laugh & find joy. Watch comedies & funny movies - try laughing yoga, go outside; pretend you are a child again, play & revel in the mysteries of nature. If you can afford it, try Reiki or even better, breath work - find a trained facilitator. If you can't afford it; try focusing on your breath - try alternate nostril breathing. In just 5 minutes; it can energize you physically & mentally. It brings oxygen to both sides of your brain - you will focus better & with repetition, you may just find what you are seeking - clarity.

As important; if NOT more so - stay away from negative people - their vibes are catchy. Changing the vibes you send out not only helps you; it helps others.

This will work - you're going to be flooded with so much energy & light; your confusion will quickly fade enabling your light to shine brighter and all will be clear.


answered 08 Feb '12, 03:42

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That is tredmendously sweet ele. Let me tell you it's been a while since I felt that cared about, even despite that this is just merely an online community.

Yes I am uptaking the meditation and breathing for a larger portion of my day time.....I can feel the energy hug alrighty, thankyou....

(08 Feb '12, 07:50) Nikulas

@Nikolas I like that -- "energy hug"! I do care about you, as do many others. I don't know how anyone else sends energy- but when I send light, and light is energy; it's the energy of love plus my intention. I sincerely hope, this energy transmission will help you find a way to love yourself.

(09 Feb '12, 00:41) ele

It's been 2-3 days now and I cannot ignore this energy; it's a fantastic and very necessary natural boost from seemingly out of no-where. Add me on facebook Nikulas ele, but thankyou very much again

(09 Feb '12, 09:16) Nikulas

@Nikulas -- I'm honored Nikulas; but I really don't do Facebook... I value & guard my private life - both personally as well as professionally. It's too easy these days to access personal info. I don't want my cyber life connected to my real life. If I did, I would use my real name in my profile....

(10 Feb '12, 01:29) ele

@Nikulas -- continued...In all honesty; I only have a fake FB acct which I use rarely...but who knows - maybe; but - if I don't, please respect my decision - it's NOT a reflection on you & if I was lucky enough to meet you in real life - I would LOVE to be your friend. Why did you decide to reveal yourself today? To me and anyone else reading this?

(10 Feb '12, 01:30) ele

@Nikulas Love it - Love it! - Love it! I love that picture of you! Love it! Your joy; it's infectious - it gave me joy -I could feel it - I laughed & laughed. It was so easy to send you light with a pic to focus on. Why don't you add it to your profile here? Honestly, if everyone has a pic of you to focus on - you flame will burn brighter.

(10 Feb '12, 01:33) ele

@Nikulas I actually clicked on your FB page today, late morning; but didn't have time to respond here - keeping the tab open & I sent you light/love many times today & tonight - hope you had a brighter day..

(10 Feb '12, 01:33) ele

@Nikulas Dance? When we become the dance; not just the dancer.. We have much in common, my friend. Dance, breath & meditation - you already have all the tools you need to find your spirit - .. I saw a ? posted a few days ago regarding dance? I was going to click on it - but had NO time.. I really wanted to answer it... Is it your question? If so - look for my post (eventually). I have toooo much to do - shouldn't even be here now -- lol ...

(10 Feb '12, 01:37) ele

@Nikulas - you changed your pic - your right side up. Hope you checked out the ole' Norse mythology...

(11 Feb '12, 03:50) ele
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Nikulas I find there are times I send energy. Energy assist in healing but in case of confusion and guidance prayer is needed.

I will pray now for you: Father lord God remove the scales from Nikulas' eyes. Open him to your guidance that he be directed by the Holy Spirit to make the right choices. Let his life improve dramatically. So much so that he feel grateful for every day of life. The doors to his destiny I command burst open and fly off the hinges! No one and nothing may shut these on him! His way is made clear now before him as he now walks in your guidance! Father God thank you for having heard my prayer, in Jesus name I pray Amen.


answered 08 Feb '12, 12:17

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I agree; he needs our prayers. He also could use some of our light. When one is in depressed; feeling pain & despair; they need our energy most. They have very little of their own because these emotions are negative, low frequency vibrations & I think Nikolas with soak up our energies; enabling him to see light in his life instead of only darkness & hopefully he will also shine a little brighter..

(09 Feb '12, 00:28) ele

Thankyou Wade, the star in my heart is shining again magnificentlly, thankyou SO MUCH

(09 Feb '12, 09:17) Nikulas

@ Ele Generous amounts of thankyou for your comments and genuine support. It means so much like you wont understand <3

(09 Feb '12, 09:18) Nikulas

@Nikulas You are very welcome my friend, I am glad to hear your results yes now go forwards boldly, your way has been cleared.

@Ele yes Reiki and prayer work so well together you are right. Ihought of it always as an either or not an and thing but I like that.

(09 Feb '12, 09:42) Wade Casaldi
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Niki- You have been on my mind ever since you posted...I apologize for not writing to you sooner. I have been and will pray for you. You should take a look at what the Inward Questers did for me when I almost died and nearly lost my leg in 2010 here. It really helped and really worked- I truly believe that IQ and its members not only helped save my life, but also, my leg.

I had a necrotizing bacteria that ate most of my right knee and thigh. I had 25+ surgeries, was in the hospital for six weeks, and the bill was upwards of $750,000. (Talk about a million-dollar-woman!) Inward Quest was with me all the way. It truly was a blessing, and the prayers and good thoughts sent my way really seemed to make a difference! Please check out the link to read of the miracle that saved me.

I will do the same for you. After all, it was done for me, and I am happy to return the favor. I know that you have been having a tough time; have you considered getting some extra support from a counselor? That can really make a difference- especially the impartiality of the counselor's point of view. You get straight talk, and lots and lots of love and support from the right counselor.

I will pray several times a day for have never really been far from my thoughts, anyway- you know that! I care. I really do.

Much, Much Love <3,



answered 09 Feb '12, 19:04

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beautiful, Jai!

(10 Feb '12, 01:39) ele

Jai when I read this I feel being lovingly mothered and comforted, crying when I read this a few days ago, thankyou dearly.

(12 Feb '12, 18:54) Nikulas

the energy his all ready there the proof his that you are alive and that the light is shining. so wake up to the light and let it be, be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 07 Feb '12, 18:57

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white tiger

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A bit of a tangent on this topic, but relevant to your request:

I believe that our subconscious, soul, guardian angel, aura [whatever you'd like to call it] can be programmed. The idea is that we are constantly generating energy, and our unconscious mind can be programmed to distribute [or utilize] that energy however we see fit.

Anyone into business will have heard of "angel investors" before. For those unfamiliar, these 'angels' are investors who provide funding for projects without requesting anything in return.

I believe there are many entities who conveniently match this 'angel' description that will either automatically or consciously dedicate positive reinforcement for anyone who is willing to expend their own energy in benefit of another. I believe it is a good practice while meditating to consciously send out positive energy to anyone who is willing to pass it along.

Just be aware there is a difference between doing something good because you enjoy it and you want to utilize the energy it provides, and doing something good because you are in need of / expecting a reward. Of course it would be unrealistic to expect the majority of people to be selfless absolutely for its own sake, and one wouldn't want that because our self interest is a big part of what it means to be human. But I digress, I personally feel a warmth every time I do something positive simply for its own sake, so I believe the same will work for anyone..


answered 07 Feb '12, 18:50

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