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Hi all, I am writing a book about Two Hands Touching and EZ Deletion Sequence. I would appreciate any feedback that would be helpful in writing the book so that it is clear and easy to understand how to do the techniques. So, if you have any questions that would make it cleared, or any testimonials of how it has helped you, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

PS Let me know how you want your name to read, or if you want it to be Anonymous.

asked 17 May '13, 10:53

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Fairy Princess

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This is wonderful news to hear! I wish you the best with your healing book. :-)

(17 May '13, 14:26) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade.

(17 May '13, 18:38) Fairy Princess

I had to go teach karate, my knee was really aching! I used EZD on my knee and haven't had anywhere as much pain. I am now after class and not feeling pain. During class the pain was much less than it had been.

(17 May '13, 22:29) Wade Casaldi

Awesome! What word/s did you use for EZDS? Knee, Pain, Knee pain? Thanks

(17 May '13, 23:43) Fairy Princess

I simply said, "I now delete all of this knee pain!" THT "I now delete all that is causing this knee pain!" THT I spoke it with authority, and command like a prayer actually. I think for your book you need to say do not be fooled by the simplicity, this does work. Some of the greatest power is in the simplest things.

(18 May '13, 00:07) Wade Casaldi
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