I'm always experimenting with different beliefs. I do believe that your beliefs dictate the outcome of your results when manifesting. This got me thinking about my last post "Are You Passing The Small Tests".

I mean yeah the law of attraction is a universal law but if everything in the external world is a reflection of your internal world doesn't this include whats outside of the universe? There's always been the idea that god (a different entity) created the universe rather than we and everything else (one entity) created it.

The idea that god is a different entity was made up thousands of years ago when people didn't have the same knowledge or access as they do now. There is wisdom and truth to the bible but all of the religious books were written by humans not by what we consider to be god. I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist or sac-religious but don't you think that the people who had enough knowledge and power to wright the bible twisted things a little and kept information from us to control us?

I mean people with that kind of power and knowledge could easily make up ideas as to who god is and what jesus was really about. I also think that religion was also established to create a stable society with laws. Some people are probably going to get mad at me for posting this but there is nothing wrong with challenging the world around us and trying to make sense out of the life were in.

Every law of attraction guru has a different set of rules to go by using the law of attraction. I do think that our own beliefs create our own set of rules. There are no rules accept for the ones we make up. Most of society has conformed to social conditioning.

I would prefer to think outside the box and not get influenced by social conditioning and the rules made by the powers that be. This approach to manifesting is very different from my last post.

Let me know your opinion on this topic.


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Jacob Ford

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@Jacob Ford, I've reformatted your question to make it easier to read. In future, please add blank lines and paragraphs to break up your text. It will help others read what you have written. Thanks

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This reminds me of my Jaianniah's post "Mind of God' everything connected that every thought influences the whole like frequency vibrating strings of a giant guitar but this guitar reaches through the full universe connecting all galaxies and probably all universes together. This is like a web and science just found a web that connects all planets and stars, all galaxies even so it would seem that it probably goes on connecting all universes. So if you could picture playing a guitar as big as infinity with a really great warm amplifier and screaming mind blowing riffs that all existence hears and cheers for that gives somewhat of a picture of our influence. Now turn that into a hard rock band that has billions of guitars in harmony playing incredible music that Jimi Hendrix could only dream of playing and now we have something much closer. But now there are billions and billions of frequencies so all kinds of music are playing without disturbing each other like an infinitely tunable radio that is even closer to our influence.


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Wade Casaldi


Thanks for best answer, you should wait a bit before awarding best answer until more answer though. I did enjoy this question, it is a good question.

(31 Jan '14, 11:49) Wade Casaldi

Your Welcome

(31 Jan '14, 11:50) Jacob Ford

Do our powers go beyond this Universe? Absolutely! :o) We are all Source - all extensions of the Infinite Creator. Each of us is a Universal creator unto ourselves. A spark of our Eternal Essence enters other Universal constructs so we can experience, explore, create, and further our own Universal constructs. We are Master Creators; we always have been, we always will be. Free Will. Logos. Light. Universal Creator.

A Universe is finite. Dissect the word Universe - Uni = one; verse = part/expression. A Universe is one part of a greater Whole. That Whole is the Omniverse; and the Omniverse is the Greater Playground, so to speak, of the Infinite Creator, which we are all expanding fractals of.

The Creator of this Universe (who is not a god, but a Logos) manifested a Universe based on the construct of Light. Light produced tone (vibration); tone produced colour; colour produced archetype; archetype produced shape; shaped defined density (physical form). I doubt that is accurate in order, but the basic gist is present.


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I used to think just like you my friend, I used to think the bible was made to keep a society under control because if there weren't a God establishing Law and Order, humanity will ruin themselves, because as we have seen so far, humanity has tried to oppress humanity since the beginning of time. But know this fellow, how you have a bunch of questions, and somehow you see a lot of people confused in the world about whats the right way of life, so other people try to give counsel to other people? Look and try to understand the Word of God, for the foundation of all those books in the bible is as our Lord and sent Saviour Jesus Christ described it "You must love YHWH your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is one like it ' Love your neighbor as yourself. On these hang the law and the prophets." Matthew 22:37-40. I guarantee you, that if you start doing this two commandments, you will feel blessed, you will understand things better, and your perspective will change dramatically, because it's not your brain figuring things out, but the Creator of that universe you seem to be concerned about, revealing knowledge and wisdom unto you. Now what's better to learn and study of? the Creator(God) or the creation(universe, you, people, and everything your senses perceive). I understand your skeptic view brother, but look at it this way, the bible was being written for generations after generations, by different people in separate times giving witness that God is true, meanwhile philosophists and scientists that have lived in the same life span as you are saying their theories are true when they only lived for no more than a hundred years and their theories are just that, theories


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Although your second "commandment" has been attributed to other spiritual texts before the time of Jesus.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule

(27 Feb '14, 02:46) ursixx

hey brother ursixx :) shalom my friend and what matters is the application of the commandment, don't you think the world would be a better place if they followed that commandment?

(27 Feb '14, 03:30) Dodova1990

Yea it would be better if christians were more christ like. Instead of using their holy book as a answer to everything. But hey"to each his own". @Dodova1990

(28 Feb '14, 18:48) ursixx
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