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The manifesting experiment mentioned that seeing the lousy neighbors everyday (eventually leading to thoughts of them preying on you) will only get in the way of the universe trying to help you. Step 3 was insightful but I could not relate it back to solving this problem.

It's not good to check if your desire is already producing results or not, yes I understand, but what if you're "forced" to see that your desires might not be producing results such as you leaving your house and you... obviously see your neighbors, maybe blasting loud music or whatever. What do you do mentally or physically?

I assume... just ignore them in any way you can so you can forget about them ASAP, while the universe does its thing? like maybe waking super early and head out early, come back home even earlier and.. put on noise cancellation headphones during the evening(haha) ?

Thanks guys!

asked 21 Feb '12, 03:40

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if you are not in the forest when the tree fell do you ear it? then why should it bother you?

(21 Feb '12, 07:05) white tiger

but if you are bother by your neighbors why not go talk to them. if someone has a problem with you would you like for him to talk to you about it? or do you prefer the ego game calling the police or making negative things happen? when you walk do you walk one feet in front of the other or do you walk making 2 steps on the same leg?

(21 Feb '12, 07:10) white tiger

Yes white tiger, in a perfect world, what you say would be true... Regrettably, perfection is a destination -- not a present reality.... in this world, ALL the Bullies, everywhere, will be forced to vacate... After 2020, they will all be gone.

(21 Feb '12, 09:36) The Prophet
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You can only really use Manifesting Experiment 1 (The Manifesting Box) as it is for subjects that don't naturally reactivate themselves in your life. In the example you are giving, it doesn't sound like the appropriate experiment to use because your neighbors are blasting out loud music which keeps grabbing your attention.

(Check out the Manifesting Experiment Guide for when you should or should not use an experiment)

If a subject does keep reactivating itself then you need a more direct approach to cleaning up your vibration. That's the reason for the existence of Manifesting Experiments 2, 4 and 5.

I use the ideas in ME-2 and ME-5 almost on a daily basis and only use ME-1 for subjects that I can completely forget about for a while, or just want to formally "delegate" to the universe to deal with.

Examples of subjects that keep reactivating themselves might be your health (you go everywhere with your body), your finances (you might get reminded of your financial situation every time a bill arrives or you need to buy something), your relationships with your close family (it's hard to ignore others if you see them everyday) and, in your example, noisy neighbors.

If you do decide to use a more deliberate approach to deal with your noisy neighbors, just be aware that the issue may get temporarily worse for a while before it suddenly gets better permanently and, after that, they may even no longer exist in your reality...they might move, for example.

If you see a relationship situation beginning to deteriorate as a result of doing vibrational work, don't be concerned, it just means that the vibrational status-quo is re-adjusting. This is a phenomenon I have come to call Clattering.


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Ali00, This situation happened to me and my family several times when we lived in The North-Eastern US... Some people just don't seem to have a clue how to behave... In Georgia, where I live now, that kind of problem seems to be pretty rare.

In any case, Disturbing The Peace is against the law in most communities and, if you can document your neighbor's behavior, so much the better.

My recourse was to call the local Police every time I was offended by my neighbor's behavior, until my neighhbors got the idea that I wasn't going to tolerate it... Of course, if they threaten to injure you as a reprisal... that's against the law too...

In these troubled times, many, many people are more anxious and their anxiety is typically causing them to act out more strongly to reinforce their "rights" to become the bullys and bigots of the world.

Overall, my solution was to ramp-up my consulting business, so that I could afford to move into a better neighborhood.

The Power of Attraction is, in the end, a VERY practical tool. I don't recall anyone saying that it would be without cost, courage or conviction.


answered 21 Feb '12, 07:01

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The Prophet

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