I am brand new to this site and so far I really like it, thank you for having this online!

I own 2 radionics machines that produce orgone, or chi energy. They are quite trippy and work with your tuning, intent, and beleif in them. I have not used them in a long time, and kinda lost interest.

Now I am curious again and will start experimenting with them again. Has anyone here used or have a radionics machine? Has anyoe her used them and have any feed back on them. I am just curious. I am looking forward to start the manifesting experiments, number 1 first. Anyhow, thanks again for this great site and the awesome peopl on it.


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Welcome to IQ. =)

(02 Mar '12, 00:58) Snow
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I don't have any experience with radionics, but I do make orgonite, aka orgone generators and have been doing so since June last year. It has really changed my life. Having orgonite around has made me feel more balanced and I always wear an orgonite pendant now. I think it has accelerated my spiritual development.

As for manifestation, I do feel that orgonite does speed up manifestation a bit, but only with some effort on my own part. Meditating with orgonite is awesome.

If you're interested, I have an informational website on orgonite: www.orgoniseyourself.com - it's still under construction though but there is some info on orgonite and how it works, and also a gallery with pictures of orgonite I have made. Will soon add a section on how to make your own orgonite - although this info is already widely available on the web. (Mods - hope it is ok posting my website here since I feel it is relevant to the question, but feel free to remove if it isn't)


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I have been using orgonite for about a year myself.I have a friend who makes it ,I have a piece by my computer and by my bed.I can honestly say I have noticed a difference in energies and staying balanced.It works :)

(29 Jan '13, 10:44) Roy

I keep orgonite near the computer, near my bed and near the kitchen area, where I prepare our meals. They help keep me balanced and are pretty. I made all of them myself!

(29 Jan '13, 18:22) LeeAnn 1

They are easy on the eyes :)

(29 Jan '13, 18:42) Roy
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I own this book Mind machines you can build, there are some pretty cool things you can build from it. The hieronymus machines blow your mind because the thing seems to run on symbols. Weird stuff. Look up Psionics and Charles Cosimono, here is one of his books. Here is another. Here is a book on Hieronymus machines.


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You are welcome blubird, I used to be into this stuff too.

(06 Mar '12, 11:17) Wade Casaldi

Thank you for your answers, I am going to start playing and having fun with my radionics machines. Feel good!

(08 Mar '12, 05:47) Greendog

Hello Greendog, for me radionics can be described as being the conscious application of thoughts, words and actions that combined methodically, create and put into motion vibrational energy, with the aim to bring about a specific, active or passive result. Graphics and other devices are used, a good example of which is the Manifestation Box, it's a good all purpose radionic instrument ... there are plenty of references on this site especially on the tags "manifesting", "vibrational-energy" and "vibrational-work".

Personally i have tried many radionic devices and i am very happy with the results ... my favorite teachers in this domain are Servranx and Jacques Bersez.

have fun

have fun :)


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Yes the magnetron was presented by servranx way back in the 1960's

alt text

it's an emitter/receptor/amplifier used by light workers and a good telepathic instrument


a more modern version is the psychotronic device, also named "thought amplifier", presented by Andreas Moser


and here's the top of the range model presented by Advanced Metaphysical Radionics


Always keep in mind that these devices amplify your own power, amplify the effect of the law of attraction, in other words these devices are only as good as the person operating them, and that's you. You always get what you focus on, so a good way to start is to use these devices for improving your own imperfections, for eliminating your own negative emotions, then you can move on to using them for manifesting goodies.


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