basically, i should be greatful to dear ru bis..,

ru bis only told me to post this question. ru bis explained all the graphics but,they are in french. i would be glad if someone can translate them.

here is the link.- .servranx have a collection of 66 graphs ranging from the simplest to more complicated http://www.servranx.com/Products/Graphiques/Materiel-pour-graphiques/Collection-complete-66-graphiques.aspx

waiting for ur lovely answers..

thank u so much..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :)))

asked 17 Mar '13, 07:19

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@supergirl i could translate them but it would take me the rest of my life and more, the knowledge and energy in these works are enormous

(17 Mar '13, 09:20) ru bis

The question could be written as " Does anyone know where i can find radionic graphics for mental-programming similar to the Servranx graphics but written in english? in other words can you? "give me a lever long enough and i can move the world"- Archimedes

(17 Mar '13, 11:31) ru bis

@ru bis-thank u so much dear..,k..can u tell me those graphics related to relationships? and i wanna know info abt there results?

(17 Mar '13, 12:34) supergirl
(22 Mar '13, 06:17) ru bis
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answered 17 May '13, 17:12

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Wade Casaldi

thanks for the link @Wade, love this colorful character charles cosimano



(18 May '13, 03:31) ru bis

Thank you Wade, but i am interested in Servranx graphics/books about their graphics.Plus, i read a little bit from one of Cosmiano books and he (apart from radionics) uses a lot of demonology and this is not good...

(18 May '13, 12:23) holla

Demonology! I never really knew much more of him than his strange machines.

I agree if he uses demonology that is not something to follow! What a shame... :-(

(18 May '13, 13:57) Wade Casaldi

Well, i saw the symbols he uses and they all are representing a demon (with a specific power/influence) according to their hierarchy. He is kind of sincere when he talks about them...but he is misleading people in saying, for example that some symbol(demon) will make somebody to love you..that is not natural..understand? It's the so called "black magic"...and he makes it appear as a "good thing" because we all want "good things" in our life but the ways to achieve it...here is the problem...

(19 May '13, 07:32) holla

@holla black magic and white magic are flip sides to the same coin, just as heads and tails ... it's polarizing the energy that counts, just as a dollar is worth a dollar whether we see the heads or tails side, so love is worth love whether we see the black side or the white side ... in this case we are polarizing "love" energy, whether we use black magic or white magic, the result is the same ... this guy has a great sense of humor, he loves frightening innocent people with harmless demons :)

(19 May '13, 07:55) ru bis

@ru bis You are confused..sorry...to "make" somebody to love you is..not love..is to be forced to "feel" the love..but is not love..understand? It is manipulating the mind of somebody into believing that is " in love"..ok? And i recommend you to be careful with expressions like "flip sides of the same coin"...it's like saying: "It does not matter who i love - God or evil because i manifest the love feeling...and love is all that matters..." ...understand?

(19 May '13, 08:26) holla

...Or, the evil was created by God so actually i love God anyway if i love evil(i mean a demonic entity)...So please consider carefully these aspects...Or watch (do like) Eckhart Tolle and let all pass through your awareness and do not interfere with the mind :) You will have your answer...divinely :)

All the best ! And please @ru bis, tell me if you have some books/graphics from Servranx.

(19 May '13, 08:28) holla

@holla i see we have different belief systems my friend, whatever ... yes i have some servranx books and graphics, they are all in french ... did you notice the servranx link in my comment above ... in any case here it is again


(19 May '13, 08:40) ru bis

ps- by the way..love is not like a coin with 2 faces nor has two faces nor can be given a dual concept about it...love is.. beyond concepts...so please, consider this...you can not "obtain" love, but you can "align" to love..love exists with or without you...how can you be aligned with love?..first step is to be benevolent (that is doing good through good, alright !) so your attitude is nice and welcoming..and your life will begin to be "filled" with niceness and wellness as a direct result.

(19 May '13, 08:41) holla

@holla yes love is all there is ... agreed

(19 May '13, 08:44) ru bis

@ru bis thank you for the link...but i was wondering if you have them as e-books, so, with kindness, you would share them...also i have some graphics from Servranx and i would share them if you are interested...they are with french explanations, but it does not matter...long live google translate :)

(19 May '13, 12:59) holla

@holla, to my knowledge servranx don't do e-books ... i already have access to all the servranx graphs thanks ... glad that you're already familiar with and appreciate the quality of servranx graphs :)

(19 May '13, 13:09) ru bis

@ru bis Please, can you share your graphs with me/us...i don't have them all (i mean copies of them)...also if you have "Graphic Servranx-Livre" (the book with experiencies with graphs) and can make a scanned copy to share...i would be forever thankful to you :) . Actually i am willing to pay for your service..i don't afford, for now, to buy it from Servranx (the shipping almost doubles the price...)

(19 May '13, 13:19) holla

@holla sure i'll share all i can with you, to facilitate correspondence here's my email


(19 May '13, 13:30) ru bis

@ru bis. Thank you so much ! I wrote you an e-mail.

(19 May '13, 14:48) holla

@wade we must have been on the same wave length May 17th. Prior to your answer arriving in my in box that very day, I too discovered Uncle Chuck when searching for info on radionics..

(30 May '13, 22:43) ele

@ele Yes it seems like he is the man that invented it.

(30 May '13, 23:52) Wade Casaldi

@wade I did not know that - I think that is what Uncle Chuckie would like everyone to believe. Did he invent a chi machine also? I must have missed it. I love chi machines & almost bought my own 10 yrs ago. I found some of his pdf books very interesting. I know radiesthesia dates back centuries - French Jesuit priests are credited for saving most of the old texts. Prior to that it dates back to ancient Egypt. Yes, I know there is a difference between radiesthesia & radionics..

(31 May '13, 00:11) ele
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Here's a selection of the easiest Servranx graphs to use for everyday use, they are radiesthesia-built precison instruments that have been tried and tested by a whole lot of enthusiasts and have stood the test of time, the Servranx brothers passed on long ago, their works continue;

Graph no.10 Psycho-Protection; if you are frequently exposed to envious, jealous environments it will cancel the parasite psychic effects

alt text

Graph no.14 Psycho-Selector; multipurpose graph that can be used for manifesting whatever you desire

alt text


Graph no.15 Psycho-Shield; acts as a shield against everyday vibrational agressions.

alt text

Graph no. 31 Liver-Revitalizer; heals and reinforces your liver

alt text

Graph no.43 Vortex; enables access to the vortex in general or in any specific domain that you desire

alt text


Graph no.44 Eliminator of Harmful Vibrations; used to bring harmony and equilibrium to yourself, other people, animals, places ...

alt text

Graph no.46 Fiat Lux; opens the consciousness and shows the pathway to knowledge and enlightenment.

alt text

Graph no.50 Cosmos 2000; reinforces clairvoyance and sensitivity

alt text


answered 18 Mar '13, 12:02

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ru bis

edited 03 Jun '14, 11:33

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@ ru bis- thank u so much.., but i am not finding the diagrams of these graphs. i wld love to knw more graphs. they are so facinating..:)))

(18 Mar '13, 13:22) supergirl

@ru bis- thank u so much..dear., now can u tell me how to use each one of them?

(19 Mar '13, 05:51) supergirl

@supergirl cool baby, only one at a time, which one are you most attracted to ?

(19 Mar '13, 06:52) ru bis

@ursixx yes raphael dajaphée, he does lots of work in french, silly me, i didn't think of checking if he worked in english ... thanks for the link :)

(19 Mar '13, 06:55) ru bis

@@ ru bis-graph no.37 n no.50. , thank u dear..:)))

(19 Mar '13, 14:01) supergirl

@ursixx- thank u darling :))))

(19 Mar '13, 14:08) supergirl

@supergirl first i'll tell you about graph no.50 ... i've posted a bigger image of it so that you can see it is made up of 32 points disposed on the periphery of a solar disk. i'll give you a lot more information about it in a day or two ... bonne nuit :)

(19 Mar '13, 15:47) ru bis

@ru bis- thank you..

(20 Mar '13, 00:42) supergirl

@supergirl my pleasure :)

(20 Mar '13, 11:11) ru bis

@supergirl i wonder if you could help me ... could you tell me if you dislike any of these graphs?

(03 Apr '13, 01:38) ru bis

@ru bis- bt i liked al the graphs..:))

(10 Apr '13, 01:14) supergirl

@ru bis I didn't catch this first time round - even though I read french fairly well I (I'm rubbish at speaking or writing it though) I could only get the gist of the graphs from the Sevranx website so this is really useful. Thanks for posting.

(10 Apr '13, 03:40) Catherine

@ru bis Hello.I am also very interested in Servranx graphics and i wonder if you have any books(e-books) by them, including the one with the graphics you showed above. I also have some graphics with explanations(in french) and i can put a link to download them from. You can use Google Translate with pretty much succes.I do this and re-check the translation with Reverso (another online text translator) so i have the best understanding/translation from french ! All the best !

(17 May '13, 10:03) holla

@holla servranx publish a book "les graphiques servranx" with pictures and details of all the 64 graphs that they propose, here is the ref;


(17 May '13, 14:10) ru bis

@holla I mentioned to @supergirl on a similar question about using google or bing translator when she's at Servranx. Thankfully Servranx is going to have an English site soon. I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have a number of jpg scanned images of foreign text from various sources. I have converted the images to editable text; however when I try to translate with reverso, google or microsoft, the info is lost in translation & doesn't always make sense. (cont)

(30 May '13, 22:40) ele

@holla (cont) How do you translate info from scanned images? Are you typing it all in by hand or are you using a specific program? Thank you.

(30 May '13, 22:41) ele

@ru bis don't forget the servranx magic mirror a simple black disk 9cm in diameter printed on white paper card and very similar to the scrying mirror


(18 Jun '15, 07:05) jaz
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