in radionics,what will happen if suppose we are putting our picture in the graph for more than 3 hours, and if we are using them for more than twice a week..?

just curious to know..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I love working with graphs and there are many of them. I like to compare graphs with precision musical instruments, each instrument is played in a different way. We play a guitar by strumming or plucking the strings, blow into a guitar and you won't get much sound out of it, blow into a flute and you'll produce a beautiful whistling sound. Each instrument is used in a different way and graphs act in a similar fashion, each one is adapted for a particular purpose or group of purposes.

The way to use the servranx graph no.50 "cosmos 2000" is 3 hours twice a week, if we put the picture on the graph for more than 3 hours we will produce an effect of supersaturation and confusion. It can be compared to baking a cake, under cooked it remains without effect, over cooked it gets burnt, just right and it's delicious ... have fun


answered 24 Apr '13, 03:11

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ru bis

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@ru bis-thanks a ton :))

(12 May '13, 08:40) supergirl

@ru bis Which of those Servranx graphs would you use to heal an old injury that just won't shift? I've been through them and with my school girl french tried to translate but still can't decide which one is best. Many thanks for your help in this.

(12 May '13, 10:33) Catherine

@Catherine there are two graphics that spring to mind; the graph no.6 "émetteur herrinckx à 4 lozanges" is simple to put into practice and can be used without a pendulum and the more complex graph no.27 "damier curatif" which requires the use of a pendulum to adjust it

(12 May '13, 11:50) ru bis

@ru bis- u didn't tell me fr how many weeks we have to use these graphs..? lik u said ,use it twice a week,bt fr hw long..?

(12 May '13, 13:15) supergirl

@supergirl the "cosmos 2000" is a graph that in practice opens up the passage to multidimensionality, thus greater and sharper intuition, clairvoyance ... it can be used for as long as desired

(13 May '13, 01:03) ru bis
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