Eckhart Tolle talks about pain bodies and how they are not us, but are our collective ego. The ego is our point of reference in dealing with the world around us. Pain bodies do create a feeling tho, and motivate us to "do" or "not do" things. Now Abraham's main theme is being in touch with your feelings. Your feelings are your guide to whether you getting closer or further away from your personal "vortex". I suppose in meditating and introspection, one can always decipher "pain body" from "true feelings" or inspiration. But how do you make this distinction on the the "real world" ? You may think you are feeling bad about making a certain choice, and steer away from it...but in reality that may have only been a pain body within you trying to stay alive...and not really you! I know that my choice of words may not be the best...hopefully you get my drift :)

asked 14 Mar '12, 08:55

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@streetsanto, great question :)

(14 Mar '12, 20:52) Eddie

@streetsanto - really great question - I understand exactly what you mean as I have been pondering this myself recently.

(29 Jun '12, 14:28) Catherine
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I think the problem you are having is trying to make a distinction between the 2 or think that they are opposing concepts.

Every feeling you have is a true feeling because you are having it!! But that doesn't mean that it is the truth, or that is real for that matter. Real in the sense that it is you who creates the feeling towards something, you can have a good feeling or a bad feeling towards that same something and that something will remain being the same something.

The problem comes when one identifies with a feeling and by doing so, one lets the feeling run the show. You can embrace the feeling that is coming up, accepting it, without letting the feeling control you. For example, you can accept anger or rage at any given moment and let it be without fighting it or identifying with it, and at the same time restrain from smashing the computer in front of you or hitting someone. Just like a ripple, you observe it and let it run its course without attaching to it. That way you are not blinded by the emotion.

So, by using both sources (Eckhart Tolle and Abraham), you become much more powerful and in control. By observing, being aware and in the now you are much more in touch with your feelings, you are not fighting them or letting them run your actions, instead you are empowered to mold those vibrations and turn them into something more positive.

That's my opinion at least. Hope it helps!


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@Kriegerd, great answer :)

(14 Mar '12, 20:53) Eddie

@Kriegerd, Thank you...yes...using both methods combined is very powerful.... I want to master it effortlessly~ss

(15 Mar '12, 08:26) streetsanto

@Kriegerd - great answer

(29 Jun '12, 14:28) Catherine
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