I am quite intrigued with Bashar. Was reading his book (again) last night and came across a statement pertaining to believing something before you actually feel it. It really struck me toward deep introspective thinking.

So in my mind, because they are both channels, I see it as:

Belief ---------> Feeling

Which could be similar to to Abraham's:

Thoughts ---------> Actions

So would you say that you thoughts lead to beliefs? Or feelings lead to actions?

I can see this possibly being the case (as I have thoughts that I do not believe to be true and the same for feelings...that do not lead to action).

Just thinking out the box. I'd love some feedback and if you believe this to be true for you. As we all have different realities.

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I find Abraham's definitions of these ideas to be the clearest - and they might give you some insights.

- Belief = a thought that you have made habitual...something you keep thinking.

- Feeling = a non-physical communication (from the bigger, broader, "inner" You) that comes in real-time in response to a thought that the process of thinking is being applied towards. This means that thoughts always come first and the feeling is telling you whether thinking that thought is in your broader interest or not. The parallel system of "emotional guidance" had to be created because you can only think one thought at a time (in 3D reality) and if your consciousness is occupied already with a thought, non-physical cannot pass you a thought simultaneously as well...so emotions do that parallel communicating for you :)

So would you say that your thoughts lead to beliefs?

From the definitions above, you can see that thoughts indeed lead to beliefs, because they are thoughts that you have allowed yourself to become comfortable thinking again and again, even if they are not in your best interests, and even if there is no "truth" (whatever that is!) behind them.

You can make yourself believe anything you want by just thinking it again and again i.e. making it a habit.

And, interestingly, the Law of Attraction will respond to those beliefs and mold a physical reality around you to comply with those beliefs (dominant thoughts).

So when anyone points to their beliefs (or evidence of their beliefs) as some kind of absolute fact, you can see now that, in the universal scheme of things, it actually means nothing at all except that they have chosen to make it "true" in their own physical lives :)

Or feelings lead to actions?

From the definitions above, thoughts lead to feelings and then feelings can lead to physical actions, if you choose to take the action. But since thoughts always come first, it also accurate to say that thoughts can lead to physical actions.

Is it true? You must believe something before you feel it?

Coming to your main question, you can see that since thoughts lead to feelings and that a belief is just an habitual thought then Bashar is accurate to a point in stating that you must believe something before you can feel it.

Yes, beliefs (habitual thoughts) will lead to feelings (as Bashar says) but even a single thought will lead to a feeling also (as Abraham say).

Hope that clears some things up for you :)


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According to Greg Braden, in his book, I think, The Isaiah Effect, belief = emotion + thought. Blessings,


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Fairy Princess

Feelings do lead to action just think what feelings are. Feelings are nothing more than our emotions so if you feel anger you eather fight or flee or mumble to yourself internaly fuming all the way. If you feel love for someone you act in various different ways by mabye dressing nicely and making yourself look better to attract the one you love. Most emotions/feelings cause action.

Thoughts too cause action for if you think to yourself the sky is cloudy it looks like rain than maybe you will go out and take in the washing that is hanging on the line.

Both thoughts and feelings cause action but belief is something you are either taught or conclude on your own due to your thoughts and feelings.

Say you are walking down a sunny street and all goes beautifuly and you are happy. The next time you walk down the same street it is raining and everything goes wrong for you. If this happens on a few ocasions you will eventualy get the belief that when it's sunny things are ok and everytime it rains you have bad luck. Thats how beliefs are born. Belief = effect of thoughts and feelings.


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