Hey guys. These are the 2 links I'm basing my question off of:



I recommend reading it, if only out of curiosity. In short, these 2 blogs talk about how when you match the vibrational equal of what you desire, the physical one will follow suit. He then goes on to talk about what to expect and gives practical steps of doing this.

My question is how you can determine if you're a close match to that desire? The reason being for asking it was because I notice something strange by the 3rd/4th day of doing this energy work: When I attempted to match that vibration, the energy didn't feel as strong as the other days.

The 1st and 2nd day was when I felt the vibration really clearly. I'm guessing it was because of how different it was from my original vibration. I'm guessing that since my "default" vibration is getting closer to my "preferred" vibration, the shift doesn't feel as strong. That's just my guess, and I just wanted to make sure that those who's used this way to manifest felt something similar. If so, is the feeling of "normalcy" accurate?

Also, for pretty much all of the days since I've began this specific vibe work, I've been experiencing a lot synchronicities. They were all related, in some form or another, to my preferred vibration.

Lastly, Steve Pavlina (the guy who's link I've added above) states that during the days of shifting from on vibration to another (especially if the shift is pretty big, perspectively speaking) the reality around you will begin to become a bit chaotic. The very first day of me beginning the energy work.. ---Also when I say energy work, I just mean the process of aligning my vibration to my preferred one--- ..I noticed that those close to me began to say and do things to keep me from "changing" so to speak. And the interesting part is that I didn't even tell anyone. I kind of got the feeling that they somehow could tell by my vibration that I was shifting. Is this also another feedback mechanism I can use.

Thank you for reading my post/question. I put in as much information as I could so you, the reader/reply-er can have a good grasp of where I'm coming from. For convenience sake, I'd prefer answers that are in conjunctions with the method talked about in the link above ( Link 1 & link 2)

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I would say the best way to know is to ask yourself if you would care if it never ever came to you.

When you're sick and tired of wanting it and you've sort of given up on it, or you're so familiar with it you feel like you already have it and you're a bit bored of it actually, it's on the brink of manifesting.

If you think 'oh meh! I really don't care if it comes or not. I'm so ready for the next thing that excites me as this is old news' you're absolutely there. :)

Any desire/wanting feeling means you're still ASKING for it (vibrationally) so the Universe will keep manifesting the situation of you still ASKING for it. If you're bored of it, you've forgotten about it or you feel you already have it then you're in the RECEIVING mode and the Universe can drop it into your lap.


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