There are certain people that say, "You must have a lot of time on your hands." Do they just not think deeply? Or do you not think while you do other stuff? I think all day. When I am doing something, I give that my attention, and often learn something to think about when I can go into it deeper. But a day doesn't go by no matter how busy, without me thinking some deep thought. So, why do people think you have to have a lot of time to think deep thoughts?

asked 23 Apr '12, 10:41

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Fairy Princess


Simply because people who say this measure your reality through the measures of their own reality. They assign higher importance to their way of living than to yours and thus they express it in such manner where they make it seem as if your life was something less compared to theirs.

But really, any kind of judgement comes out of insecurity about one's own value. That which feels worthy, needs not to search for ways to justify itself.

(24 Apr '12, 02:01) CalonLan

LOve CalonLan comment it is ery true.

(28 Apr '12, 04:12) Paulina 1
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The people who ask this question are consumed by the form of their physical human body.

They truly think that they are just this body and nothing else.

They believe in the saying that there is just not enough time in a day to get everything done.

They think that time is money and wasting time will not help them with what they think is the most important thing to worry about, which is money.

They think that deeply looking into who we really are is airy fairy and we need to get back to reality.

They buy into the illusion of time and space, past and future, and think that the sun moves through the sky when it actually stays in one spot and Just Is.

They think that all the possessions they earn throughout life are more important than finding out the truth of their existence.

They are on a completely different frequency and only hear static when something doesn't make sense or seems weird.

They are on a different path in life and provide the contrast that we need to grow and expand as a universal being of pure unconditional love.


answered 25 Apr '12, 13:04

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I think it was from the old saying that The Devil's hands make for an idle playground.

In other words if you were idle you were in the Devil's play ground. If we think of it as entertainment, we sit around and do nothing, achieve nothing but watch some movie or sport. Before you know it the day has been spent and nothing is any different than the day before. Make this day after day and before you know it a lifetime gone by and what do we have to show for it, but age? In other words, we feel like we foolishly wasted our lives and never achieved anything some even kill their selves.

God wants more for us than an empty life not enjoyed or prospered from.

If we think of it, Kings had entertainment, their court jesters and musicians but entertainment was never the main thing that lasted most of the day and night. Now we can spend every day plastered to the television set watching from breakfast to bed. Maybe after work to bed and feel very entertained, but did we want to achieve anything or just be entertained?

We needn't spend hours to have deep thought and as well if we do we are probably using our spare time to far better purposes than those of whom are judging. I bet those that are judging watch television, so if you use that time to spend communing with God that is far better spent. So when it comes down to it the one that says, "You must have a lot of time on your hands." you could probably ask if she/he saw this or that on television and then when you get a yes wasn't that something you can respond with, "You must have a lot of time on your hands!" :-)


answered 23 Apr '12, 13:17

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi, no life can be empty, regardless of how it was spent. And life enjoyed no matter how it was lived is still more than life full of successes and achievements that didn't bring you that much joy. I think God wants us to experience and enjoy, since through us God realizes his existence. Getting caught in the drama of the day and whether I'm more successful than all people around me is the reality kind of entertainment reality can offer.

(23 Apr '12, 18:06) CalonLan

I get this from people, too. I guess depending on what you're talking about people assume you've invested a lot of time in your thought... which, for me, I think about this stuff all the time. When I do talk about it, it does sound as if I spent all day coming up with it. But really, I work at a pretty quiet, relaxed place. Now that I've done it for awhile I can do it blindly without paying much attention to what I'm doing... so, of course, I spend a lot of that time withdrawn to my thoughts. Which is a good thing. Sometimes I listen to Abraham and Bashar all day through my headphones, or some good old music... best job ever, lol.

The other thing I don't think people always see is that if you're a pretty deep thinker, you probably have been for a long time. I've spent my whole life thinking and analyzing everything. Its just natural to me, but if its not to someone else I can see why they'd think you've had too much time on your hands. Some just put a lot more thought into things than others do:)


answered 23 Apr '12, 20:09

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I too have always been a thinker. When I was a kid people would come up to me and wave their hand in front of my face and say, "Earth to FP, earth to FP." As if I was space out. I was deep in thought.

(24 Apr '12, 08:20) Fairy Princess

Oh I was that person too, I was a terrible listener in school because I would be lost in my own world lol.

(24 Apr '12, 11:01) LapisLazuli

Good observations above. Being a gambling kind of guy I would bet the person who asked that question probably watches American Idol and Dancing with the Stars without even considering what time he wastes.


answered 24 Apr '12, 05:34

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because of the way our system works ( and designed to be that way ) there is so many things to be done on a day to day basis no one ( or not as many as i would care to see lol ) has the time or want to do anything but what they think "HAS" to be done and this is why spiritual and mental growth is so slow in human race. We are getting there and I will tell u i have noticed so many more people like that now are starting to crack open their egg and look at what is inside. I am hopeful for us all. :-)

love n light (wisdom)



answered 24 Apr '12, 18:36

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TReb Bor yit-NE


nicely presented!

(24 Apr '12, 19:01) fred

@fred 1 ty mt friend fred :-)

(25 Apr '12, 15:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

to be afraid to think may
not be an uncommon thing
often shrowded in no time
for it

why be responsible when
there is the norm
that most believe in
with their accepted crowd


answered 23 Apr '12, 18:52

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I would say because they are too much on the outer and not enough in the inner. They do not see how one goes with the other, so they just react to the outer and are not able to think for themselves. They follow the masses and the objectives of the masses (money, power, popularity, war, acquiring goods). It is easy to act toward stuff from the outside, but who can defeat himself?

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it."


Peace is in the men that walk the Path. The Path is the straight road. One foot to the right and one foot to the left. When everything is in balance, working together, peace and joy is achieved and experienced. In that way there is no inequity.

Dust will return to dust and the light will return to the light. Will you put all your hope in the dust or in the light of truth?

You have free will and you are responsible for your choice.

Verily verily I tell you that duality is in Truth all the time. Only the lack of balance and understanding send you on one side of that duality.


answered 23 Apr '12, 17:42

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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

I can relate to this topic, since all my life I have been accused of over-thinking things, of day-dreaming, and told how silly it was to practice meditation when there were better things to be accomplishing with that time. Not everyone understands my lifestyle or way of thinking. After all, I was told, as a very famous person once stated, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". And the real movers and shakers of the world are those who "do".

It used to bother me that I thought differently from most people. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin for those many years.

But with maturity came poise. Have I arrived at "perfect poise"? No, it's a journey, but I can say I am comfortable in my own skin now and I urge everyone to be. Some are more action oriented, some deep thinkers, some philosophers, some dreamers.....each one of us is unique and not to be shaken from our way.

To condense it into a few words...Let them say what they like and persist in being yourself!


answered 26 Apr '12, 08:49

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LeeAnn 1

It's a puzzle to me, too.

My parents always said to me, "You spend too much time thinking," despite the fact that I had NO free time to just be...From morning to night, I was busy, and I guess I learned how to think while doing things like making dinner or working at the library after school or even doing my homework. I guess it is that background that taught me to think on two levels: First, about the task at hand; and Secondly, the things that seemed to really matter to me...Like God and the news (Why do people have to have wars, anyway???)...Things like that.

I am used to doing two things at once. My mother once chided me for doing my math homework in front of the TV. I quietly commented to her, "Hey, Mom, if you don't like my A's in math, I'll be happy to go elsewhere..." She shut up about that one!

I guess some of us just are thinkers, and always will be. I am full of curiosity about the world. The Internet has become my Grand Playground- it answers any question I may have in a blink of an eye...Soemthing I would have loved as a child.

I guess that is why I chose Religion as my Major in School. I would have majored in Philosophy, except nobody hires Philosophers except Colleges who need philosophy teachers...LOL! At least, as a Christian Studies major, I have a chance at helping people. But it is the Big Questions that grab me...Like, "What happens when God thinks?" "Why DO people fight wars???" And so on.

A great question, FP! Thanks for asking it.




answered 23 Apr '12, 16:23

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Hi Fairy Princess, This seems to be a common problem and Wade is right for most of my christian friends will ask "So what do you do to keep your hands bussy all day long." It seems extremly important to them that hands have to be kept busy. They think that when hands are not busy you will think and ponder and the devil might get the upper hand of you.

So what do they do? They have busy hands and while those hands are busy they gossip. Now as far as I'm consearned that is truly the devils playground.

Dont let them bother you live your life the way you see fit and if they say you must have a lot of time to think tell them people don't need time to think it happens naturaly including to them.

I'd rather think than gossip.


answered 28 Apr '12, 04:38

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Paulina 1

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