If you are always happy, is there a chance that you might eventually be bored of it since it is the predominant state you are feeling 24/7? Or maybe it would need something greater each time to trigger that feeling of happiness?

For instance, maybe now you might be happy just buying your favorite burger to eat. But over time, you would need more and more, maybe after a year you would need to receive an expensive gift to feel happy, and then after 2 years you would need to buy a car to really feel happy, and so on.

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I don't think what you're referring to is real happiness.

Real happiness is a state of being that cannot be affected by attaining another material manifestation or cannot be affected by life's so called problems. When we can reside in that state of happiness nothing or no-one can rock our boat or throw us off centre.

I feel it's more a state of inner contentedness that once realized proves to be an anchor in any storm. We may still enjoy physical manifestations but our happiness is not dependent on them.

Boredom is only ever felt from a state of discontentedness


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If you search for it outside of yourself, you will always need more and more. While if you find it within yourself, you will need nothing at all.

"Happiness comes from within, not without".


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I agree with Michaela.

There is some proof evident in Eckhart Tolle's first few years of enlightenment, or higher consciousness of the world, to illustrate this. For a period of about 2 years, following the day he became detached from his ego, he spent it doing almost literally nothing at all, just sitting on park benches, in nature, riding buses.....No job, no money, sheltering where he could including hilltops at times. Paraphrasing from his book, he experienced "complete and utter bliss" for about 8 months.....The worst that happened was that his mind, or actually I can speculate, the neurons in his brain became wired to happiness in such a way that he just experienced it as his forever neutral point. For more read his book 'The Power of Now.'

So no, I don't think you can get bored of good feeling.


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@Nikulas @Michaela I don't think you all get what I really mean, I was only using material wealth as examples. For instance, in the case of Eckhart Tolle experiencing utter bliss of 8 months, I'm basically asking whether a person will possibly feel bored of it if all he feels is that for 8 months? Because my impression is that you would still need to feel those negative feelings such as sadness and anger to be able to feel that bliss.

(24 Apr '12, 10:05) kakaboo

Its sort of like saying a person who is always angry will eventually not think that they themselves are angry even though the people around them might feel that they are angry

(24 Apr '12, 10:05) kakaboo

@kakaboo- I understand what you're saying, and it is a bit of an illogical answer...But yes, in the example of 8 months of bliss, there would have been no lows. But how can you have a high without the low? (Which is what you're asking on some degree here)....And the thing is, I think Eckhart transcended the duality of highs and lows- and entered, as Michaela says, real happiness. He was simply connected to source without any outflow. Does that answer it?

(24 Apr '12, 22:44) Nikulas
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Early on, when I was in problem solving mode, before I realized I was in a problem solving = problem creating so I had something to solve, . . . .

I asked for a day of Peace, Harmony and Joy. I asked that my higher self go ahead of me one that day, smoothing and flattening all the bumps, i.e., challenges - problems - obstacles that the day might otherwise offer.

I came to the end of a "Peaceful, Harmonious and Joyful but boring day and asked from some drama back in my life. This was a mistake! I received drama in abundance.

At the end of most days, I was tired emotionally, physically and mentally. I felt my self-worth, my success were tied to problem solving, so I had to have problems! I did not realize I was creating problems so I had something to do! At the end of the day, Anne, my wife, and I discussed how well we had solved particular problems. We were too tired to play, meditate and have fun from other pursuits.

I felt like an army guy, tired, dirty, torn uniform, looking around a shell pocked destroyed landscape void of other people and saying, "I think I won."

At that time, I felt that my life was built on problem solving instead of "problem not having" or peace. If I didn't have problems, I was bored. I solved monumental problems with effort and struggle, I course I SHOULD be able to solve them, to know the answers, because I was creating them to be solved with effort and struggle

As I began seeing beyond my limitations, as I began recognizing how the Outer was a reflection of the Inner, I realized that there was great joy in Peace, great Happiness. Easy success. I also realized that my big successes were never from effort and struggle. The BIG successes seemed to fall into my lap. These. I know now, came from connection with Source. EVERY ONE OF THEM! There was a better answer when I relaxed and let it happen. Better, easier, more efficient and more effective.

I now look forward to days of Peace, Happiness and Joy. Where, before, I might have placed my joy in winning a big Court case, or fighting the Board of Tax Assessors, and winning, I can have greater Joy laying on my back in our yard and watching the clouds. Watching our garden grow. Playing with our dogs.

Happiness is not boring.


answered 24 Apr '12, 08:49

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Dollar Bill

Yes, I have noticed that If we ask to be used to help people, we attract people with problems. However, if instead, we ask that everyone have peace and happiness, then they won't need help.

(25 Apr '12, 09:56) Fairy Princess

And @Fairy Princess, I like option B. It feels better to me.

(25 Apr '12, 18:21) Dollar Bill

not sure it is only
of that what we choose
for imediate gratification

from where the spark arose
may never get boring
but forever intriguing


answered 24 Apr '12, 19:10

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This is an excellent question, when you choose to feel happy about something or doing something it can become complacent and average to you. Think of the things you buy that make you happy, at first you are very happy. We'll say a new car for example. You get your new car and feel like "Wow I love this car! Wheewee this handles like a dream! Man this takes this mountain like no problem!" The next day same feelings of excitement, this last maybe a few years but over time the feeling goes away and it becomes... Driving to work, driving to eat, driving to shop, it is just your transportation. The car doesn't change, anyone that never road in it would have those same feelings that seem to have faded away a long time ago.

This same thing happens for art, jewelry, cloths, games, anything you could think of we lose those feelings of excitement about the newness of the thing. This is why there are many that can't "buy used" because to them it is not the fact that it is new to them that matters it is the fact that it is new to everyone that makes them happy: latest fads, newest, the first to own. This makes them happy, not the fact that what they own makes them happy because as soon as it becomes popular and everyone owns one they have to move on or be stuck saying "I bought it when it first came out."

This is choosing to be happy over physical things, even nature. My brother went out west and said to people that lived there "Oh what a beautiful sunny day!" The people that lived there remarked "Yeah another sunny day just like all the other sunny days every day around here." He was happy about the sunny day and they wish for rain to be happy.

This brings us to the next phase of happiness: Fear! People ride the most scary rides at parks, rides that make you feel like you are going to die! Everyone screams as they fall towards the ground seeing the ground come at them and feeling like they are doomed only moments later to have the ride pull them back so the can get off and go to the back of the line to do it again!

Others go through Haunted Houses and have vampires and living dead and monsters and devils run after them. They have killers chase them with axes and knives with fake blood and screams while ghost seem to fly around everywhere. There are also disembodied voices saying "Go back!" Don't go in there!" "Ah more people for my experiments!" Evil laughter and all of this while they run screaming though these haunted houses fearing for their lives only to later after they get out alive be laughing about it and saying lets go through again!

So it seems there are a variety of ways people get happiness and even at times going through terrifying ordeals and surviving even if it is just fake like that haunted house or that drop you over the side ride. People want that, they go to horror movies, action adventure, drama, comedy, all of this because it makes them happy.

This is very complex and we wonder why we are here on earth having these up and down experiences of life? Heaven couldn't give us this kind of verity of experience only Earth can give us these experiences from extremes, from extreme bliss to extreme terror. So yes it shows we get bored and want change even to be scared at times because it satisfies us and ultimately makes us happy after it is over and we survive.

That is why we play video games with the odds always against us, because we like seeing how long we can survive before we have to press the rest button.

This gives a lot to think about with people with disasters and the law of attraction, the violence on earth, could we as a mass consciousness be attracting it because we are bored? Maybe, but we'll never know because we are in the game of life not above it.


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Wade Casaldi

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Boredom is a decision. Happiness is a decision. Our belief system is our decision. So, Can you possibly feel bored from happiness? Yes, if we choose to. Or, we can choose to create more experiences to enjoy.

Boredom is a state of mind. You are in control of your mind. Our perception is just as effectual on boredom as it is on happiness. We are just as responsible for our boredom as we are our happiness. We cannot rely on other people or material posessions for our happiness.

So whatever you decide, that is what you get, that is who you are. Decide to change, and you will. Decide to be happy and you will. However, it is decided and experienced moment to moment. We can decide to be happy, but then if we are faced with an opportunity to respond in fear, that moment, that decision can continue us on the path of happiness, or it can take us down a path of pain and destruction, or problems to solve. Likewise, if we feel bored, we can choose to pursue excitement through fun, or through opposition.

The feeling of joy from external sources is temporary, leaving emptiness when it's gone. That is why we are continuously pursuing more and more to satisfy that emptiness. When happiness comes from within, from deciding to be happy, then the external people and things or their lack, cannot add to or subtract from our happiness. We can choose to enjoy the people and things in our lives without depending on them for our happiness.

It also happens that the state of happiness is the best state for creating the reality we want. So instead of being bored because you don't find outside enjoyment, go within and create the reality you want.


answered 25 Apr '12, 11:01

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Fairy Princess

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