Does it seem that the Universe has better ideas on getting your desires fulfilled than you do?

Have you experienced wanting something and had that desire fulfilled in a weird, wonderful way that you never even thought was a possibility?

Please post examples

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Dollar Bill

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Hi Dollar Bill, Yes the Universe definately has better ideas than we do. In fact we sometimes dont get our desires because we get in the way by trying to tell the Universe how we want what we want.

How our desires will become manifested is not up to us so once you have done your work get out of your own way and let the Universe do its bit which allways seems miraculus.

I have had too many wonderful and weired ways of the Universe suprising me by giving me exactly what I want in the most unexpected way. Of course I did notice that if you are happy (high Vibration) and not botherd by weather you get or dont get what you want but simply carry on with life you will most likely get what you want.

Here is one of my many experiances. I more than liked a certain someone and would often think of this person. Unfortunately this person was engaged at the time. As years went by I would sometimes think of this person but simply went on with my life. The moment I did that I started dreaming of this person and in fact got quiet upset with myself thinking why on earth is this happening now. Well it wasnt long before I found out this special someone was now unatached and and we were simply allways bumping into eachother. Needles to say that special someone is now my husband but I seemed to know that this would be the case in advance.

Get out of the universes way and it will manifet.


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Paulina 1


Whoo Hoo! Makes me want to do a jump up and down! The Universe answers in fabulous ways if we just let it do its good and perfect work though us! Better answers than if we try to go it alone. This stuff works!

(04 May '12, 06:26) Dollar Bill

Hi Paulina, Congratulations, made me so happ reading about it!!! so when you had thoughts about this person or dreams how did it feel? would it not be some form of attachment? or would it still be disattachment? i am just asking as i get such thoughts about my desire and i think i have to stop thinking altogether about it for it to come!!! please help. thanks

(09 Jul '12, 15:33) dreamersmiles

Some recent examples.

During a high wind, a tree fell from a neighbor's yard and landed on one of my rental houses. In Georgia the law is that, unless the tree was an obvious danger, it is the responsibility of the property owner where it fell, to repair his own damage.

The damage was about $2000. I have a $1,000 deductible on the policy, and did not want to make a claim on my policy that might make my rates go up. However the same tree had dropped a large branch on the neighbor's own house about 4 months ago and the neighbor considered it still dangerous. The neighbor had warned his insurance company the he felt the tree was dangerous and needed cutting.

I talked with an adjuster from the insurance company who quoted the law that where the tree fell, was the responsibility of the owner where it fell. I countered that the neighbor (whom I just slightly knew) had said HE felt it was dangerous several months ago. She, in a nasty tone asked if I or the neighbor was a tree professional and therefore qualified to make that decision. She stated that they would NOT pay my claim!

I was left with two unpleasant options, pay the $2000 or sue the insurance company in small claims court. My agent told me I would probably lose. I went to bed asking the Universe for other options.

The next morning I received a call from the neighbor letting me know that his insurance was going to pay the full amount. He IS a tree cutting specialist. When he told his insurance company that his professional opinion was that the tree was dangerous, they paid all claims and cut it down.

WOW! Since I only slightly knew the neighbor I had never considered that option!

Second example: I have some land near my home that I wanted to clear for a shade garden. It is difficult to access from my property due to terrain and fencing. I had two labor guys working to clear it, but the progress was vary slow as I could not bring in heavy equipment.

I went to bed asking God/Source/Universal Mind for help. The next day, my neighbor who owns the land adjacent to the area I wanted cleared, asked me if he could cross my land from his side, with heavy equipment to salvage some railroad tracks on his land.

I agreed as long as HE cleared my land for our shade garden and pulled some abandoned tracks out of my shade garden! He immediately and joyfully agreed! he salvaged the railroad ties for our landscaping, brought us a beautiful plant and a bottle of fine wine!

Third Example: We live in a warehouse. I wanted a place to store business records that was secure and fireproof.

I looked on Craigslist for a large used safe. I found an ad for a "modular bank vault" the guy wanted $4000. It was a full sized bank vault 9 feet high, 9 feet wide and 18 feet long, with a Mosler stainless steel door about a foot thick. It cost $120,000 new.

The seller had bought it, used, for a jewelry store, but he never installed it. I told him I was interested, but since the entire setup weighed about 60,000 pounds it might be expensive to move the 75 miles to my warehouse home. He said the place he had it stored was asking him to move it and he was getting desperate! I asked his best price. He said he would take $800 right now! Knowing the door was worth more than that for scrap, I agreed.

As I mentioned, we live in a warehouse. My next door neighbor had just bought a huge semi with an open trailer. He was looking for hauling jobs. I asked for his best price and he agreed to go get it and bring it to me for $500! I agreed.

I got a giant vault for a very low price from sources that seemed to magically appear. Luck? or Universal Mind? Source? Yep, I think so! I seem very lucky to others, but I know where my "Luck" comes from!

Video of me assembling the Vault I have experience in heavy construction.

Going it alone, any one of these examples would have been difficult and a struggle, but asking Source to participate led to effortless resolution. I am thankful and very joyful about my connection to Source. What a Great Partner! My life is so much easier than when I was struggling on my own!


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Dollar Bill

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Now all you need is expectation and it will carry on working. As long as you expect the Source to help and provide in a miraculous way it will. Be aware and on the lookout for miracles and they surely will appear.

(05 May '12, 02:12) Paulina 1

that looked like a major undertaking assembling that vault. Lucky you, that you were able to put it together without having to hire laborers. Great job, Dollar Bill. Before watching the youtube video, I was under the impression you bought it fully assembled, while watching I realized it came in pieces you had to put together.

(05 May '12, 21:30) PurpleRose

@PurpleRose - I have experience in heavy construction and like building things. It was a lot of fun to assemble it.

(06 May '12, 03:48) Dollar Bill
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actually the universe is pretty neutral. It only lets us do as we want. It doesn't care if we manifests well or at all. It only sends love, light and sends it back to us in what way we send it out. My source always says " The creator gives u love and light , physical and light in representation of wisdom. He gives this to all entities and it is their choice and responsibility to accept it or not. And if they do accept it, they may use it as the gift it is. They may share it with others, use it for themselves, or they may hold on to it for later. The love is a gift the creator gives us all and we do with it what we choose. This is our own choice." so if we use our energy as we want we will do what we need and the universe could care less HOW we do it .

THIS is what my source says on the manifestations of all sorts.

love n light (wisdom)


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TReb Bor yit-NE


Love your answer Rob. Its true the universe is neutral but our beliefs and actions activate the universe within us.

(08 May '12, 16:18) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 yes, u r so right, our beliefs is what dictates all of the experience and all of it is how we see it too, love n light (wisdom)

(16 May '12, 10:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

what if the universe runs
after a divine plan
with all laws immutable

the more so the closer
to those things of form,
yet with us, our will

when used to its best
would help the universe


answered 16 May '12, 21:15

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