I have very difficulties in taking decision making. When ever I make any decision on various aspects of my life, It is not matching to my results which i expect. In other words my mind is wavering.

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And you expect a certain results because...? Because you cling and hold onto things, you can't let things be. And so you have to own and control.

It all comes down to fear of death. You're afraid of death so you cling to life and everything in it. Like an ant would cling to a shoe and wished for it to not step into river else he might drown.

The greatest ability of your mind is not decision making, but not thinking nor deciding anything at all. Instead, enjoy the ride, the river is near.

(02 Jan '13, 05:18) CalonLan
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How to make good decisions? - Simply by practicing.

How do you practice decision making? - By making many decisions on a daily basis.

How to know which decision is right and which is wrong? - Simply by deciding which decision feels better.

So you practice decision making by making decisions consciously every day. They don't have to be huge decisions that will change your life when you begin with practicing.

You just ask yourself what options you have in every moment and then you choose an option that feels better than the other options you have.

"Lets see, what options do i have now? 1. I could read something else on Inward Quest or on another platform 2. I could ask a question on Inward Quest or on another platform 3. I could watch a video on youtube that i like. 4. I could take a shower 5. I could do nothing 6. I could pay my bills 7. I could listen to some music etc."

"Mmh, i choose to do nothing, because it exites me the most. I will wait till i get an inspiration from the universe to do something that exites me more than doing nothing."

When you practice decision making, after a while you will intuitively know which decision will be in your best interest in every single situation. Even if it's a "huge" decision you will know which way to go.


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@releaser99- "deciding which decision feels better" ... yes, love it :)

(02 Jan '13, 06:41) blubird two

@Releaser99-Helpful answer and link. Thanks:)

(02 Jan '13, 08:23) Satori
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