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Manifesting Experiment 2 Focus bloocks

I am fascinated by Stingray's work on Focus Blocks. Identifying and disempowering behavioral patterns that can improve your life.

One of the things I have studied are "blind spots." We have these visually in that the optic nerve in the human eye is a place there are no photo-receptors. We can not see there, but our mind has developed techniques to work with this.

I tried an experiment where I held one eye close to a piece of paper. Brought a pencil to the paper. Move the pencil point until it disappears, touch the paper and move the point until it reappears, slowly you will draw a map, a picture of the blind spot in your eye. You have compensate for this actual visual defect, but it still exists.

So let's use this analogy in our lives and belief systems. As human beings, we often withhold inportant truths - they need to know -- that we notice about other people from them because we feel we will embarrass or threaten them.

A piece of spinach on your date's front tooth, for instance. If you say something, they are going to go, "Oh crap! That is Awful!" and seemingly direct some sort of blame to you for having mentioned it. So you don't say anything, but your communication is degraded because you keep looking at the spinach. But you can't tell them.

I was using this example to a friend at lunch. He responded, mentioning a mutual friend who owns a chain of restaurants. "I was in [one of his restaurants] and I noticed the person greeting and taking reservations was really acting ugly. Customers were being offended and leaving. I was quite surprised, because he usually has really good people, but since she is [certain ethnic origin], I could not mention this to him because I was afraid he would think I was being racist."

I asked, so "What did you do?" (BTW He is also in the restaurant business). He replied, "I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't. I feel guilty about this because he really should know, I even went back and she was still unpleasant, so it was not just a bad day for her. But every time I saw him, I felt bad because I did not tell him. So I just forgot about this until you reminded me. But I don't feel so close to him anymore. I wonder if this is why?"

He built a blind spot. It degraded his communication.

So what does this have to do with Focus Blocks and belief systems? I think that writing down the "Bothers" and using Stingray's system helps us find and dissolve our mental belief system blind spots. We don't really know they are there until we begin writing them down. We just know places where we touch the edge of blind spot and we don't feel good.

I don't think we can directly find them, but by knowing the edges, the map, we can use this technique to disempower them.

So we can map out our belief systems by touching the edges. Then we can systematically deal with releasing disempowering belief systems, aka default behaivior.

There are also external communication skills that can help us in our daily communication.

When I feel the resistance in me not to say something I feel the other person needs to know, I say it anyway. There is often a period of irritation from them that seems directed at me, but they clean away the spinach and thank me.

All this to say that I see Focus Blocks technique as a way of mapping and dissolving dis-useful behavior patterns. Identify and dissolve by putting our attention on a smooth harmonious life experience. By focussing on waht is good in ANY situation!

I am still mentally massaging this. I think I am onto something, but not yet quantified as well as I would like.

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Following on from what you are saying, I've noticed that there are often patterns of Focus Blocks relating to a certain theme of resistance that we become blind towards.

It's similar to what you are saying about "touching the edges". I tend to think of it as "dancing around the core issue".


Manifesting Experiment 4 tries to get to these "core" issues directly, and Manifesting Experiment 5 is again about getting to these "core" issues but in a lighter more Focus-Blocks-style way.

With the patterns of Focus Blocks, it tends to be the case that after you've created quite a few blocks, you start to naturally see a common theme emerging with some of them.

To take a crude and simplistic example (to demonstrate a point):

  • You identify a Focus Block related to arguing with your wife
  • You identify a Focus Block related to arguing with your boss
  • You identify a Focus Block related to arguing with your friends
  • You identify a Focus Block related to arguing with your parents

You think to yourself...there seems to be a common theme to these Focus Blocks. I wonder what it is? :)

In the example given above, having identified the theme of constant arguing and confrontation, one would then be able to focus on it, bring to the forefront of your mind, and ask "where else in my life does arguing and confrontation occur?" and then more Focus Blocks reveal themselves magically as uncomfortable related issues come to mind.

Once all the related life elements to arguing and confrontation are cleared up, all related situations must dissolve out of your life because all vibrational triggers have been cleared up.

So the general process goes...

  • Note down everything uncomfortable that's going on in your life (as per the standard Focus Blocks method). Accept that your "blind spot" is not immediately going to let you see what the real, core issue in your life is.
  • When you have enough Focus Blocks you'll eventually spot the underlying pattern
  • Focus upon the newly-identified theme and consider what other uncomfortable issues come to mind as you think about it. Let related subjects naturally emerge for clearing
  • Clean everything related up
  • Now you're free of what your "blind spot" was hiding from you :)

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