I know I must be missing something. I have been having great fun with Focus Blocks and Abraham's Place Mat Process, but I seem to be stuck.

The issue that is bothering me feels new every morning. It's uncomfortable and makes me feel unhappy, so I get up, make my coffee, and do a Focus Block. That makes me feel better, so I do a list of things for me to do today, and a list I'm trusting the Universe to handle (Place Mat Process) which will include handling all of the details of the issue on my Focus Block. I put those lists in the back pocket of my jeans as a reminder. By then I'm usually in my Vortex, set for a good start to my day.

I've been doing well. When my mind wants to revisit and mull over what's bothering me, I just pat my back pocket. That reminds me I don't have anything I need to do about it other than keep my vibration high, so I choose better thoughts, and I'm good to go.

If my mind really insists on fussing over it, I will find a place to sit alone for a minute (I don't have a lot of time or privacy during the day), and read my lists again. Not my business to "do" anything, so I drop the fussing, and I'm on my way again. That isn't happening as much anymore, as I am feeling more confident that things are being handled for me.

But then in the morning, it all starts again. I wouldn't really mind, except that the Focus Blocks seem to be getting less powerful, as I am recognizing that this should not be happening.

Where am I going wrong? I'd really appreciate your insights. Thank you.

asked 15 Oct '12, 18:49

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Sorry, I don't use focus blocks, so I cannot advise you on them. I can only share what works for me, which is THT.

(15 Oct '12, 19:33) Fairy Princess

Wow your answers so far are just wonderful - thank you so much. I feel so hopeful about this now. You have all pegged my problems so perfectly!

(16 Oct '12, 09:51) Grace
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Hey Grace.

There's a few possibilities that I've noticed in my own experiences, so maybe one I give will apply to you.

Probably the first is simply - not doing the focus blocks "correctly". Just because you feel relief doesn't actually mean you're using them "right". Just feeling relief is good enough to get you into the vortex, so if that's your purpose then that is fine - but you also have to make sure you 100% believe the statements you put in for them to take hold and have any permanent change in your beliefs.

I took to focus blocks very quickly and had great success...but then at one point soon after it all began to fall apart. Later on I went back looking through my focus blocks to try and figure out what went wrong and I noticed something had changed in how I was writing them when things began to "fall apart"...I was using the word "if" a LOT. Those statements still gave me remarkable relief and I 100% believed them, but they had the proviso that something else had to happen first (which hadn't happened). I told myself I wasn't going to accept any "ifs" in my focus blocks from then on...and they started working reliably for me again.

So it is important not only that you feel relief and believe the statements...but that you also believe the statements are 100% true RIGHT NOW for you...without any provisos. That's one possible problem.

Another significant possibility is - you're being far too shallow.

For some issues, especially ones you think about every morning, you can't very readily "get away" with just a simple focus block repeated ad infinitum. "You have to dig a little deeper" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJT0uhfcCkw (watch that now, just for kicks :) )

There is probably a root (or roots plural) behind the topic, and you're just effectively hacking away at a fast growing weed on the surface...well it keeps growing back. So you may have to make the time to sit down somewhere quiet for a while and just think about your focus block topic and feel it out. You can "follow" it in your mind and head towards the root.

If you can't do that without some guidance then you can use questions to help lead you to it (this is best done after you have meditated and have a quiet mind). So you take your topic and ask..."why is this in (or not in) my life?"...wait for an answer. And then you don't just accept that first answer...you "dig a little deeper" ;) and make a new question based on your answer and you keep doing that. Sorta like this (in fact you can use her question superbly :) ): http://tinyurl.com/bpylyo2

Eventually you will reach a point where you will have a big "AHA!" and it'll all make so much sense. Then if you still feel like you need to (you often won't) you can just set up a focus block on that/those reason(s) you discover.

Another way to deal with it is to be slightly more "shotgun" like and do something a long the lines of Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4. Or just think of EVERY negative thought you ever have about that issue (I say thought and not belief on purpose - even though there's ultimately no real difference) and write those down in a notebook then deal with them using focus blocks simultaneously (I have found it more effective than one by one...but you can do that too it's just slower IME).


answered 15 Oct '12, 23:53

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Liam This is an excellent answer.

(16 Oct '12, 03:45) Catherine

@Liam- Oh my god, as I commented not long ago, our IQ users are becoming so intelligent and confident with these LOA works that now everyone seems to be equally as helpful as our Stingray. Liam, this is a cool answer and has inspired me to go and give focus blocks another try (they havent vibed with me, EVER- but I will try them out once more)

Thankyou so much for answering this question, you have helped me out alot.

(16 Oct '12, 07:54) Nikulas

@Liam, I've changed your time-linked YouTube link to a TinyUrl link so it plays properly. The IQ YouTube player cannot handle time linking to YouTube videos at present

(16 Oct '12, 08:02) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Liam - This answer makes me feel like you have been inside my head, sorted through the clutter, and pointed the way onward. Thank you so much. I have already run out of time this morning, I have a lot more to say grrr, but I just had to give quick thank you, this is an amazing answer.

(16 Oct '12, 09:47) Grace

@Liam - I think you hit the nail on the head. I feel that I am hacking away at a weed - very effectively, but still, it is only getting to that quickly growing surface, not the root cause. I may also be using the same sort of "if only" entries you mentioned. I word it differently - I am thinking "oh just make it go away" however I can. Not helpful.

(16 Oct '12, 11:24) Grace

...BTW, you're nudging me to stop and watch that video "Dig a Little Deeper" worked wonders, thank you. I was literally rolling around on the bed lmao at 6:00 a.m., definitely in my Vortext for the day, thank you so much. :)

(16 Oct '12, 11:25) Grace

@Liam - I had a gut reaction to the idea that I was being too shallow in my focus - I immediately resisted the idea! Something in me certainly doesn't want to go there. I am already looking for excuses... I have some things to face, I think. It's making me nervous, so that says to me it must be significant. Ouch. Well, better out than in. I'll have a look. Thank you again, Liam.

(16 Oct '12, 11:30) Grace

Something encouraging in a weird way - When I look at the idea of sitting down and following the issue to the root cause, my body immediately begins to hurt. The thought that if I get this solved I will rid myself of some physical pain is very exciting to me. Good incentive to be brave.

(16 Oct '12, 12:04) Grace

@Nikulas - This is really the first time I have applied Focus Blocks in a consistent, systematic way, and the practice really seems to hold some good things for me - I'm excited about where I can go with this. I'm hoping it will work the same way for you as well.

(16 Oct '12, 12:07) Grace

excellent answer! "about your focus block topic and feel it out. You can "follow" it in your mind and head towards the root." i think it is very important to not confuse the word "feel" here with the word "think". because if you think about an answer you move away from the root. but if you instead "feel it out" like you said, you can get in touch with the root cause. at least it is my experience.

(16 Oct '12, 15:14) releaser99

@releaser99 - good point. I need to remember that. Thank you.

(16 Oct '12, 17:30) Grace

Just wanted to share an "aha moment" @Liam predicted here. A thing that had been bugging and confusing me for months, turned out to be rooted very simply in feelings of abandonment. It had not occured to me before. I wasn't seeing it till I asked, "Why am I experencing this?" and quietly waited. The answer was so simple, so seemingly obvious.

I know that the whole idea of abandonment is a fearful illusion that doesn't hold up in the light of day, so this doesn't bother me any more. :)

(22 Jun '13, 16:16) Grace
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Liam and Catherine already gave very good answers. i have the very same issue with jealousy about my girlfriend. first i thought i got the root of it and did one focus block. it felt very good but every day i had to come back to it.

what the problem with questioning ( e.g. asking why don't i already have what i want) and hunting the root problem with words and the logical mind is you don't get always access to the root. your brain tricks you sometimes to protect you from the truth/root because it thinks that it could be too hurtful to find the underlying cause.

for example let's say you have a problem with not getting enough money in life.

you ask: why don't i have what i want (money) already?

you answer: because i don't have a good job

you ask again: why don't i have what i want (good job) already?

you answer: because i am too lazy

you ask: why don't i have what i want (beeing motivated to find a job) already?

you answer: because i don't eat well so my body has not enough nutritions to produce energy...


so you see you brain can come up with all sorts of "logical" answers. but turns out what the root issues with not having enough money are a few underlying beliefs. e.g. "rich people are bad and unloving", "money is the root of all evil in the world", "the most happy people are not the rich ones but the poor ones with a lovely attitude" etc.

so these believes keep yourself from getting money. but you are not aware of them. imo it is very hard to find the root by just asking "why" or "why don't i have what i want already?". but this is just my personal experience.

but fortunately i came across a very smooth technique a few days ago that finds the root problem without you having to do too much. this approach is called "focusing" by eugine gendlin. it focuses on emotions to get to all root issues within a few minutes instead of stressing the logical mind to find answers all day long.

here is a quick "how to" tutorial. but i would recommend the audio cds or the book.

if you find the root issues you can use focus blocks much more effectively. hope this helps.


answered 16 Oct '12, 06:28

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@releaser99 - Yes! Those "logical" answers come to me, too! Then there's nowhere to go, and I feel flat. I will check out the tutorial you shared as soon as I get a private moment, thank you very much. I can see that you know exactly where I'm coming from.

(16 Oct '12, 12:09) Grace

Hi @Grace yesterday I was looking into EFT and came across this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGZ1VuJ21Uk in it Robert Smith speaks of tearing out the roots and he does it so simply , I hope you enjoy and get some benefit from it , it certainly helped me see things differently and after using it for only 2 days I am feeling so much lighter and happier ♥♥♥

(16 Oct '12, 22:09) Starlight
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It sounds as if you are doing really well Grace - the first thing is to know that many who have worked with these processes, particularly on a major issue will be familiar with this experience.

It could be that the issue is so deep that it can't be handled all at once so you are handling it in stages - integrating a bit, plateau - maybe lose a bit of ground, then back down into it for further integration. It takes a bit of nerve to not lose too much ground when things are ebbing rather than flowing but you can do it!

I find that doing the same Focus Wheel/Block does eventually lead to resistance or a feeling that I'm just writing down the words without feeling them - when this happens I just try to let that lie and then just concentrate on a more general feeling of well being for a while. I think Abraham talks about "going general". This is more effective than hammering away at the resistant major issue. This doesn't mean that you will never find resolution on the issue you are tackling with your focus block - it just means that for today you are just giving yourself a bit of break. I find appreciating nature and animals is particularly effective on the days when you feel things slipping a bit - virtually no resistance on either of those topics.

The only other thing to add is that if you find you are having to jump start yourself every morning into a happy place, it might be worth spending some time before you go to sleep just getting yourself into a good feeling place - again the trick here I find is to keep it general. I think Esther talks about just appreciating the pillow, your nice cosy bed etc - fairly neutral stuff.

I hope this helps.


answered 16 Oct '12, 03:05

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edited 16 Oct '12, 04:35

@Catherine, thank you for your excellent advice. I have been having such a good time, I do hate to think of myself slipping again, but you are right, I need to be easy with it or I will just create more resistance. "Resist nothing" is the motto I try to keep in my head, because I have been a fighter all of my life, and it appears now obvious that this has to end. I can appreciate animals and nature, just as you said - you hit that one home for me. I am just so fortunate that this is my...

(16 Oct '12, 11:52) Grace

...favorite time of year, so that is easy-peasy for me to do right now to give myself a little break. There are tears welling up in my eyes even on this neutral subject, so I know this is scratching the surface of something that is going to have to be dealt with. As I mentioned to @Liam, this is making me very nervous, which to me is a good sign that I'm on the right path. I just want to get it right, you know? I am reading The Presence Process right now...

(16 Oct '12, 11:55) Grace

... still in the "Aligning to the Process" phase, getting me ready to take that trip. :) I'm really a bit scared, to be honest. You're kind emails have been very helpful, I want to say thank you again, and you know that there are things (as I'm sure everyone has in their own way) that are going to have to come up and get healed, or integrated. Still not sure what "integrated" really means - thinking of maybe a new question about that. Maybe healed and integrated mean much the same thing.

(16 Oct '12, 11:59) Grace

... I remember Wayne Dyer talking about thinking happy, loving thoughts about your wishes being already fulfilled, right as you go to sleep. Good advice, that should help me wake in a better place. Thanks again, dear Catherine.

(16 Oct '12, 12:00) Grace
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