My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and I love him like crazy but I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend and I dream about him a lot. What should i do?

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Grow up.

And by that I mean take stock of the great things in your life, affirm how fortunate you are, and be thankful. Live in this very moment; don't look backward with too clear an eye.

Remember that as an adult you are responsible for the decisions and commitments you make. And that means that when we move forward with new relationships and jettison the old, we have to accept those decisions and find happiness in them. Be thankful. You have a great new love and nothing impeding your future except your past. Let the past go and enjoy what's happening right now. Keep saying "Thank you."

Moving on from old relationships (be they intimate or otherwise) is a natural path for growth. In the immortal words of Basho:

"With the walls of my house burned to the ground, I have a clearer view of the moon."

Good luck.


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If you keep looking back at what you had, you will lose what you have.

I had to destroy the memories of my past to move on. I had to imagine them as film in my head being burned up so I could forget and release the pain of loss and missing that past.

Hadn't I have released and destroyed those fond memories I couldn't be happy now. You can't truly be happy with what you have while missing what you had.


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