Endorphins are our brains natural painkillers and "uppers". For more info check out this link.

I have been experimenting with this, and have had some positive results.

I have found that smiling despite my mood will actually lighten it up.

I have found that visualizations can work if I sustain them for a time.

Is this possible? Can we train ourselves to release endorphins?



asked 29 Jun '12, 19:59

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edited 29 Jun '12, 20:06

In The Joy Book we are told we could command our bodies to synthesize what we need. So this should apply to endorphins as well as it does to prescriptions.

I see this as if we do this subconsciously we can as well do this deliberately. Just as we are told in the joy book to command the body to synthesize what ever else we need.


answered 29 Jun '12, 20:23

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Wade Casaldi

Thanks, Wade. I appreciate your info! <3 Your Jai

(30 Jun '12, 01:40) Jaianniah
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