I ask this question because because I do not believe that there is "a one size fit all" approach to the manifesting process. I think we should allow ourselves to be guided by our own intuition. This is important because we send out thoughts into the Universal Consciousness and this Consciousness also sends thoughts back to us. If we listen very carefully to the Universe we will know when to back off or when to push to or to do something totally different. The point I want to stress is that we should always check the responses from our questions against what we really believe to be true of the situation and that we know best.

Even if we have similar experiences, I believe that the lesson is different for each of us and it is important for us to be able to recognize what the Universe is trying to tell us based on our unique situations. Yes its good to share experiences and learn from each other but I feel that it is more important to trust your instincts? What do you think?

asked 29 Mar '10, 17:51

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Of course you are right, Drham. It's always better to find your own way based upon some inner guidance.

But the thing is...it's not a particularly useful or empowering thing to tell people who don't know where to start, is it?

And it also falsely (in my view) gives the impression that there does not exist a systematic or quantifiable approach to getting what you want. Such a quantifiable approach does exist and your emotions are the key to it.

If you follow the road of simply telling people to find their own way, we'll eventually reach the point where much of the confused population who are seeking more concrete guidance will give their power away to whoever shouts loudest about having all the answers. And that opens the door to somebody convincing them to start believing in some old white guy with a long beard sitting on a cloud somewhere randomly dispensing good and bad manifestations based on some mysterious criteria. And then those people will just spend their lives trying to guess what those criteria are (and open themselves up to manipulation by others who simply want to control their behavior) because they don't understand the basic principles behind how their realities come to be.

Hmmm...wait a minute...most of the world's population already is in that situation :)

Personally, I think intuition is most valuable when it operates within a knowledge structure or framework of some kind. That's because I see intuition as a metaphysical synthesis of existing knowledge into new and unusual forms...but I think the knowledge framework must be pre-existing for intuition of this kind to manifest. (It's like channelling...the information that is channelled can only be interpreted through the framework of the channeller)

For example, Einstein operated within the knowledge structure of mathematical physics and was able to use his intuition as a stepping stone beyond that. Mozart utilized his intuition within the structure of existing musical forms. Sir Francis Bacon (who many claim was the real author of the Shakespeare plays) utilized his intuitive inspiration within the framework of the English language.

The framework provides the focusing platform.

Similarly with these manifesting principles, once you internalize their operations within yourself and build up experience with gaining results using them, you can start to develop intuition that leads you to your own approach that works best for you.

But I think that a principle-based framework needs to be there at the beginning. To me, there is nothing wrong with studying and learning what that framework is - and then use your intuition within it...one-size does fit all, in my view, but you can pick and choose what to wear :)


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+1 Intriguing answer, with many layers; it will take awhile for me to contemplate and unpack it. Quite a contrast to the "You just need to feel good" answers that I am used to seeing here.

(29 Mar '10, 21:41) Vesuvius

Just to be clear, Vesuvius, I'm talking about how to treat people who are looking for sincere metaphysical answers and want some guidance...I'm not talking about spreading a point of view that will save the world. The world doesn't need saving.

(29 Mar '10, 22:08) Stingray

Hi Stingray, Thanks for your answer and it does make sense. But as a trained Counselor, we were always taught to find out what the client is feeling and get the client to trust his/her feeling. I feel the same approach could be used in spiritual counseling as well. In counseling we are also taught to "Do no harm". The reason I am getting into this is because I am concerned about the advise that is given on this website and we do not know what the emotional state of the person asking the question is. So I feel that we have to be very responsible when responding to questions. Do you agree

(30 Mar '10, 00:13) Drham

Stingray, I would also like to get a response from you on my other question about living in two realities.

(30 Mar '10, 00:16) Drham

@Drham: I can't see that anyone reading any answer here from anyone is going to get themselves into trouble. Even if I wrote jump off a cliff and all your dreams will come true, I can't see any situation in which someone would follow that advice over their own desire to stay alive. It's hard enough just to motivate people to write their desires on pieces of paper and stick them in a box :) If misinformation and the resulting emotional turmoil is your main concern, don't worry - most organized religions have got that area well covered...almost any answer here will be more empowering :)

(30 Mar '10, 02:32) Stingray

@Drham: I will get around to your other question within the next day or two - assuming someone else doesn't provide something I agree with. My life's just way too busy these days (need to clean up that vibration, I think) and most of my answers here are written in a rush in odd snippets of time. I'm having to restrict myself to one reasonable-length answer a day at present...or maybe a few short ones.

(30 Mar '10, 02:37) Stingray
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I believe you are right. I also believe that in learning from others we become aware of our own uniqueness. Our intuition is our link to the Universe or to God as I chose to believe. However, learning to identify our intuitive feelings takes a lot of patient and sometimes courage. Many times when we are faced with stressful situations we tend to want fix things our selves. Sometimes we are so eager to "Fix it" that we fail to listen to our inner guide, our intuition. That is why mediation is so important. It is the silence, in the still moment, that the answers to our problems are given to us by God or the Universe. We are different people, but there is only one God from whom all things come from. So it is in reading about others that I find what works for me. I do not always agree with everything I read. However, I do learn a lot from all that I read. I have a choice in everything I do and when it comes to reading, I choose only what I can learn from.


answered 29 Mar '10, 19:08

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