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I have had an insight in the form of a process that I would like to share with you! :)

When we have a desire that feels too big or nearly impossible from our present observations, it is easy to get discouraged or be swamped with thoughts of hopelessness or that life cannot fulfill our desire. As I was struggling with this particular issue, the following process ocurred to me and immediately flooded me with a sense of okayness.

The process consists of imagining (drawing would be a good idea!) two flanks and a bridge across them. On the right flank, imagine your idealized version of yourself or reality or something you want to have. Just by having the desire, we are already on the bridge (on the way to the full manifestation of the desire) so imagine yourself at the very start of the bridge, having just left the left flank. Now, during your everyday life, whenever you deliberately take action (however small) towards the manifestation of the desire OR whenever you see any kind of progress or manifestation (however small) in reality, imagine as best as you can that you are taking another step on the bridge and ALSO imagine the idealised version waiting on the other flank (preferably utilising all of your senses).

I am still experimenting with this process but the feelings I have experienced so far tell me I am pointed in the right direction so that is why I decided to share it and hopefully hear your feedback! I have found that the reason with tend to struggle with 'big desires' is that whenever we observe a present unwanted reality, we tend to solidify it in our minds - to think it is set in stone! So this exercise of imagining a path and acknowledging the little steps along the way accommodates our mind to the idea of fluidity, and helps us not get too anxious about timing and possible setbacks. Over time, because there will be no strong contradiction to the idealised version, it will take root in our minds and pave the way to its full manifestation in reality!

Thanks for reading ^_^

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I like your process! As Bashar would call it a permission slip. But as far as the" present unwanted reality ". There is no such thing. There is only the present moment. Look for the good in that moment. Be grateful for these things no matter how small. The more things you find that are wanted the less you will find unwanted! The unwanted will cease to exist. It is your choice where you focus your attention and intention. Choose those things that you find "wanted"


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