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Wade C., (you all know him, of course!) is my dear darling, and he has been sick for weeks and weeks. He has no insurance, but has seen the doctor, gone to the ER despite this, and they have NOT cured him.

He has horrible allergies, and they are making him so miserable that he coughs until he chokes. He would never even dream of asking anyone for spiritual support, but I assure you, he needs it. He cannot find work; his bills are making him worry so bad that I am almost sure that this is why his sickness will not go.

I ask these things, if you will help:

1.) Please pray or think of him. He needs your prayers now.

2.) If it pleases you, please tell him how important he is to this community. He thinks he is a failure, and he isn't! He could use some genuine loving words of kindness.

3.) Please pray that somehow, some way, money will manifest itself in a hurry. Half his problem stems from his fear of the creditors. Please be encouraging.

A long time ago, you all prayed for me, and I believe with all my heart that you people literally saved my life! (You can see the results here).

Please help my Wade. He needs you so much!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Many blessings,


UPDATE I feel Wade has benefited from all your great outpouring of love and support. He is (!!!!) doing better than I ever dreamed possible. You motivated hum and encouraged him- he even worked full-time this week, despite the "illness", and did just fine.

Actually, you encouraged both of us! That led to much talking and a closer relationship. I learned when to pay attention and when to let go and let God. It really was all about letting God all along, wasn't it???

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will post when the "crud" has disappeared altogether...stay tuned!

Love again,


FINAL UPDATE October 20 2012

As it turned out, Wade had Whooping Cough. He was sick for four months, and this encourages me to tell all of you to be sure to get your immunizations up-to-date. He is still suffering a bit with a highly sensitive cough reflex, but otherwise, all is GOOD and I am sure that he would not have recovered so well if it was not for your prayers and affirmations. Thank you again...

We are very happy, rehabbing and fixing up our home-to-be, and soon will be into it. We are so glad to have you all behind us and stay tuned for future developments...

Thanks so much!!!


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@Jaianniah - Done! Positive and benevolent vibrations are on their way to Wade.

(04 Jul '12, 00:27) lozenge123

Thank you so very much!!! <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 00:48) Jaianniah

Praying for him.

(04 Jul '12, 02:04) Fairy Princess

Sent distance healing request to the DHN asking for assistance , I note that Wade is a Reiki Master himself , interesting how we lightworkers "forget " to use this channel for ourselves . Remember Jai ignore what IS , it's already past tense , focus NOW on Wade being fully recovered , in complete health . Love and Light :-)

(04 Jul '12, 03:17) Starlight

Prayers from Atlanta

(04 Jul '12, 06:03) Dollar Bill

Thank you all for the prayers! <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 08:53) Jaianniah

Jai, I am sorely tempted to edit your request and see how positively I could reword it while keeping your desire for Wade's good health, but this does not feel well with me.

Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you focus on grows.

Whatever . . . . . . Are you with me? :>))

(04 Jul '12, 13:55) Dollar Bill

Will do reiki with angels distance healing for Wade today. My prayers and best wishes.

(05 Jul '12, 10:39) Paulina 1

Wishing you a speedy recovery Wade, I'm sure you'll be back stronger than ever .Sending some good vibes your way:)

(06 Jul '12, 12:53) Satori

Good to hear that Jai:)

(07 Jul '12, 20:35) Satori

You are expressing the way I see Wade! Effective, powerful, joyous. Yahoo!

(12 Jul '12, 07:07) Dollar Bill

Good job wade you can make it. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.

(23 Jul '12, 23:49) white tiger

So glad Wade is doing well.

(19 Oct '12, 22:28) Fairy Princess

me 2 very glad that wade is doin good..

(20 Oct '12, 03:53) supergirl
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Let make a bold statement. I will not, can not, pray, nor support in ANY way a Wade, nor anyone else, who is sick, depressed, sad, unhappy, worried, broke, etc. Such a Wade does not exist in my Universe! To promote, even in some sort of misguided sympathy is bad for the Wade I know. I refuse to bond with that Wade through similar suffering events I have had in my life!

If I, or you, shine the spotlight of our powerful attention on such an entity we do no good for him or ourselves.

What I offer, you already have. You are now about to better remember what you have.

All my conversations including this writing, are really only with myself, I just like to make my private conversations public, that helps me align with the Universal Mind and the sub-mind we call Inward Quest.

So I ask myself, "Do I care about @Wade Casaldi?" Do I care about the suffering world? Do I immerse myself in that suffering and hope to make the sufferers happier? On one hand, I care more than anything. But my mission, your mission is one of seeking a personal connection with Source, with God -- and the absolute JOY that comes from that Connection.

When I allow myself to see suffering, I increase that suffering. I feel bad, so do I turn my back on that suffering? Do I deny their hurt? Do I feel I have the power to help them with my focus on their problems? Can I even send my money, my love, my hope, my joy to lift them out of their suffering?

No, I can not do this because I know, with an absolute certainty that this is ultimately destructive to the "sufferers". This will make their situations worse.

I can no longer do that. I am beginning to see beyond my excuses. If you are still looking for excuses, you are on the wrong Board. Inward Quest is not about excuses. It is about Reality. It is about Responsibility. It is about Love and Joy at the deepest and most important levels.

The @Wade Casaldi, I know, the brother I feel in my meditations, the brother I love with his funny little smile, the master teacher, is healthy, able, wealthy, a Leader, a good writer -- one of the most powerful people I have ever known.

He states:

I am on every Google page, I am an author/writer, Reiki Master Teacher, as well as many other healing systems a Master Teacher, I am a Mayan Centurion, a Astarian, and a S.O.S. (Society Of Secrets) member. I have written published articles in Ezine Articles as well as I used to own and be the sole author of the website Power-Manifesting which can be still accessed through The Way Back Machine. This web site does have many of my articles. I am also the author and owner of the yahoo group The God Consciousness Experiment. I also own Reiki Community, and moderate SDDLightworkers, Firedancecircle yahoo groups. I am a Great Grand Master Teacher in MPRUE healing system. I am a 6th degree Black Belt karate instructor in the arts of Shotokan Karate and Goshinbudo Jiu-Jitsu, I have been in karate since 1975.

I read his masterful, loving, insightful posts. I feel his love for Jai (oh quit crying Jai!), and I feel her love for him. Jai, I know they are tears of Joy!

This is the @Wade Casaldi I KNOW! I refuse to acknowledge any other!

The Wade I know fills the Bowl of His Life with Light and Joy! So much Light and Joy that there is no place for anything else to exist.

The Wade I know, and the person I see in all of you, is a part of God. A beautiful, happy, joyful person. This is my story, and by God I am sticking with it!! This is the way I can care. This is the ONLY way I can care, can have a happy life and have a happy smiling Universe of people around me.

And Jai, find something in your darling Wade that grabs you about his beauty -- eyes, hair, spirit, the end of his nose, whatever. Grab onto that vision and focus the Spotlight of your Attention there. Maybe give him a shampoo, massage and haircut.

Anne does this with me and it can be awesome!

Maybe use @Fairy Princess "Two hands touching", with one of your hands and one of Wade's hands. But do this, Jai, for Wade, for all of us, sure, but most importantly for Jai. See his Beauty, his Power, his connection with Source. Shine your brilliant spotlight on those qualities. Those qualities are reality! Nothing else is real.

Last night, 4th of July, around us were massive fireworks. Explosions lit up the sky. Explosions so powerful we could feel them through the two foot thick walls of our warehouse home. Our dogs were frightened, wide-eyed, cowering, tails down, shoulders slumped -- trying to hide. Ever see a 110 pound German Shepherd with her ears down? A 100 pound Shepherd/Rottweiler with his tail between his legs? Not a pretty sight!

Did I make baby talk trying to comfort them? NO! To do so would have increased their suffering! It would have increased their fear!! I brought them together and praised each one. "You have beautiful ears! You have wonderful fur! You have power in your muscles! You are a dog among dogs! You have confidence in your strength! Man up! Let's go outside and enjoy the pretty lights! We did, they sat and watched. Anne and I saw powerful, HAPPY, confident beings. And they filled our Universe!

I state again. I will not now, nor ever, pray for relief of sickness nor suffering of any kind. I will and do seek the beauty, the Beauty of God in everyone. This makes for a happy, healthy, wealthy and wonderful Universe. It is all that anyone can do.It is what we came here to do! It is what we are ultimately doing anyhow!

Please do the same!


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Dollar Bill

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Beautiful and true to heal someone see them happy, smiling, healthy and prosperous knowing that within them as within yourself is the joy and light of God.

(05 Jul '12, 10:55) Paulina 1

Beautiful, @Dollar Bill! You are so right. For some reason, I pictured the two of these guys sitting on a wooden deck, sippin sweet tea in the sunshine, healthy, happy, prosperous, and living the good life. I'm holding that image of them. :)

(05 Jul '12, 13:10) Grace

@Dollar Bill- Thanks for such a powerful and affirming answer!!! You reminded me of where and how I should be praying! Yes, pray from a position of Victory and Wholeness! Thank you...Jai

(24 Jul '12, 00:14) Jaianniah

@Dollar Bill this is exactly what my pastor says! Excellent! Never pray for someone from a place of disempowerment. Poor so-and-so he needs this or that... Never do that! But prayer that is uplifting is what is needed a prayer of power and strength. "I know So-and-so is well! and I thank you God for curing him! In Jesus name I pray... Amen. So-and so is now filled with strength and courage I thank you God for filling him now he is strong and courageous now! Thank you God, In Jesus name I pray."

(24 Jul '12, 00:15) Wade Casaldi

If I think of you as Powerful, I come from a place of Power. Inside my Vortex. It is the only place I can help. In your Vortex is as close as you or me or anyone can come to God, Jesus, Source, Universal Mind. To dwell on negatives, defects -- puts me outside my Vortex. This helps neither you nor me.

(24 Jul '12, 07:58) Dollar Bill
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Hi Jai, I have compassion for Wade as I've been in similar situations many times in my life.

Two realizations that helped me to move beyond that state-of-being are:

1) The understanding that we always get more of whatever we've focused upon. So the key is to focus upon more of the positive aspects and less on the negative aspects.

2) Stop. Look around you and ask yourself: what problem do I have right now, in this moment? Sure, your mind can come up with any number of possible negative future scenarios. However, if you can just relax enough to realize that, right now, while I'm sipping a coffee and reading this post - there really are no problems here!

And then, in this moment, you'll begin to feel better. And as you begin to feel better, you'll start to focus more on what's wanted and less on what's unwanted. If you keep this up, over time, you absolutely must start seeing a better reflection in your personal reality.

Wishing Wade and anyone else a more positive life experience ♥


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When I think of Wade, I think of a strong, intelligent, self-directed and highly-spiritual man who is quite capable of taking care of himself. He has tremendous inner power and is an extremely deep and humble thinker - I've interacted with him many times over the past few years on IQ and that's what I sense of him.

And that's how I'll continue to think of him because that's who he REALLY is

...and in thinking of him that way then, in my reality, that's who he will always be. And that attitude helps creates the vibrational space for him to (re)expand into that, if he chooses to do so.

I understand that's not the way you are choosing to see him right now and I would suggest that if you can change your own perspective and see him as he really is you will do far more good than observing what you feel to be wrong and trying to battle it to the ground.

Of course, Wade has my best wishes - as do you - but changing how You view your current situation can have a huge effect also, and one that will help You as well.

As @Dollar Bill said so well in his comment to you... Whatever you focus on grows


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good answer. One person's view of another person does hold a certain vibration. And it is also very important how the person in question sees himself to affect a change of the current situation. Just about all of the New Thought teachers are in agreement of this.If you get depressed, you have to pull yourself back up and change your thoughts again to what you want to happen and how you want your life to be.

(05 Jul '12, 09:37) PurpleRose

Stingray, right as usual and yes one must see and focus on the healed whaole and perfect to get there.

(05 Jul '12, 11:04) Paulina 1

@Stingray, as always, you point out the higher perspective, and lead the way. Thank you.

(05 Jul '12, 22:16) Grace

Thank you so much Stingray yes hold that vision. I am coming back to my true self, I know it and feel it! :-)

I am getting better and better everyday and now my financial worries are melting away too. :-)

(14 Jul '12, 00:30) Wade Casaldi

Great to hear this Wade , onward and upwards !

Love and Light SL :-)

(14 Jul '12, 01:52) Starlight
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Hi, Wade.. Rough time, I understand, and I'm sincerely sorry. You tie a knot and hang on, things are going to work out for you. Believe me, quote me. You know that the one thing that is certain is change. None of what you suffer from right now is permenant. You know that you are not alone. You know how very much you are loved. God, Wade, what wouldn't I give to be loved like Jai loves you? :) That's not said to placate you, I want to remind you that this is powerful stuff, and available to you right now to draw upon. So many here at IQ are pulling for you and looking forward to enjoying your success along with you. Your breakthrough exists now, it is already created and ready for you. Change is coming, you have created it yourself, there is no way for it not to come. Believe, and you will see.

Take comfort in all the love that is flowing to you, and give your poor mind a rest - I get the sense that maybe too much thinking is jamming up your works, there, friend. You will get past this, I know for sure, because I see enough of your spirit in reading years of you opinions, beliefs, and experiences to know you are no slouch, and this is only a season for you, and it will pass. You are learning things in this that you needed to know.

Remember that our own high-flying Stingray speaks of long, lonely periods of stumbling around in the dark. That man stumbles not at all now, and you will get there too.

Xoomaville has told us about his miseries and self-doubts suffered, and now he is asking for our thoughts on all of the wonderful opportunities he has.

I came to IQ in a self-imposed prison of lack, sickness, pain and loneliness. Brick by brick, you and all the others here are helping me tear it down. My life is forever changed. I have so much more than I did when I got here, more of every good thing, including money and much improved health. I have to be the newbiest newbie you guys have got, so ain't nothing special about me. Its the wisdom and the love and the practical lessons here in this place. Draw from it, Wade. Pull from all these years of collected wisdom - its priceless! Please take your time to really read all that Stingray posted here:

"When you are able to maintain "inner silence" you are able to experience the relief upon your spirit and psyche as a result of being free from the burden of constant thought." - @The Traveller.

I was just copying that quote for myself when I saw Jai's question. I don't remember reading if you are meditating daily? It is the one piece of advice I can sincerely offer anyone stuck in anything. Seems to have tremendous unsticking power, among countless other wonders. :)

Finally, let me just say that I am with you. Jai let out a howl for help on your behalf and I take such requests very seriously. So my answer is yes, and I am in for the duration.

Friend, I will gladly sit here with you in spirit, inviting in all wise council, comfort, strength, healing, and opportunity for you and for Jai both.

Take comfort Wade, all is well.


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Your answer made me cry...Thank you for taking the time to write to Wade...Blessings <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 04:21) Jaianniah

@Wade Casaldi and @Jaianniah, I am joining here along with @Grace in prayers for Wade. Grace has put it so beautifully that even I could feel the power in it. Use it. Please Pass on my prayers to Wade. Wade, buddy, I know we sort of put down our human experience here, but this time, use in the movies...look up and say 'It's that all you got?'...Let him know that you know he is just playing. Let him know 'his plan is your plan'...

(04 Jul '12, 11:54) Xoomaville

...TRUST ME on this, it's from the darkest of the places that a shining star is born:) I sincerely wish you all the positivity from my side. Don't try to get well...know that YOU ARE WELL. Here's looking forward to your return ~ God Bless

(04 Jul '12, 11:58) Xoomaville

Don't cry Jai! :) You are so welcome, I only hope to help in any way I can. Wade is a very lucky man to have such a woman as you, seriously. Hand to heart, lady. It's amazing to witness.

(04 Jul '12, 14:46) Grace
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Wade you are important to I Q. I always read your comments. Please get well soon. I will be praying for your recovery. And yes prayer does work. Blessings!!!


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Thank you so much everyone! I need point out Jai needs your prayers right now. She is in the hospital to get stress tested for her heart. She may have had heart attacks even in the hospital.

She has been there all day yesterday and all night through. 7-5-12-7-6-12

I do not yet know if she will get out today or not or even what their tests show because she is waiting to do the tests.

She is in a lot of pain and is scared right now.

She needs a lot of prayers and good healing energy her way right now.

As for me, I am getting better slowly it may seem but I do notice improvement each day.

Thank you so much everyone from us both. :-)

Edit Update 7-13-12

I am listening to the Quantum Trilininal recording and the Superliminal Debt Free recording simultaneously equalized so that both recordings can be heard at about the same volume level. It is like listening to Super Duperliminal recording!!!

I am deeply enjoying these, it has been years since I listened to Debt Free and now I have the Quantum Trilminal Abundance recording. With the two combined WOW WEE!!!!

Enjoy and let the change over you come I am feeling happier and know God is taking care of me, everything is going to be cool. The pieces are falling into place already for me to know everything will be all right. God takes care of me and whether healing or finance both are blessings from God and one is not harder than the other. :-)


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Wade Casaldi

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Hi Wade! I'm holding my vision of both of you. Nothing wavering. Healthy, happy, prosperous, and living the good life.

(06 Jul '12, 15:07) Grace

Good news is it is not her heart. The bad news is because everything is specialist they do not know because all they checked her for was her heart. She is still getting bad chest pains but is back home at least.

(06 Jul '12, 18:13) Wade Casaldi

Just think of this illness as a 10th degree black belt test. Bow to it, pay respects, then just go Bruce Lee on it. Hmm....Do you own a yellow and black striped Game of Death jumpsuit? Perhaps put that one on :) My best wishes and intentions for the both of you two beautiful people. Again, the thought of Wade being sick and weak just doesn't fit into my belief system. I imagine this zen god of war style guy :)

(07 Jul '12, 21:11) Nikulas

@Nikulas Thanks Nikulas I liked that! Yes I am beating this I get better and better every day.

@Grace Thanks Grace yes it is working. :-)

(12 Jul '12, 02:14) Wade Casaldi
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Jai and Wade, both of you guys, along with plenty of others, prayed for me twice when I made those public requests on IQ a few months ago, so there is no way I will ignore this cry for some gentle support at all :)

(By the way, your prayers worked I'm convinced, surely dont be surprised if you get some unexpected energy soon xx)


answered 04 Jul '12, 05:25

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Thank you, Nikulas! Love you! <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 13:42) Jaianniah

Hi Nikulas nice to know you are OK and praying for others. I'm Happy for you.

(05 Jul '12, 10:45) Paulina 1

I'm sending all my love and support to both of you, Wade & Jai <3

Neither one of you are failures! You both are such beautiful, caring people. If you need a smile just think of all the love and wisdom that you've spread throughout IQ and how much it has helped the individuals who come here :) Very far from the word "failure". I've never thought anything but good of you both.

Take the opportunity to think of all the good things in life. Think of all the things your proud of and what you love about each other. We'll all be here backing you up and sending more love your way!:)


answered 04 Jul '12, 16:18

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Dearest Jai and Wade,

You are both rocks of inspiration and love here at I.Q. and have helped and inspired many. You are both well loved so if you both find it difficult at this time to focus only on the positive than focus on the love all are sending you for that is real right now. Feel the love and surender to it and from that point try and focus on perfect end result.

Remember Wade this too shall pass and soon you will be better than you have ever been before. Please read Dollar Bills answer again for what he says there is the answer to your prayer.

On the practical side get yourself some digestive enzymes for they help with allergies. Also please read "The Healing Codes" by Dr. Alex Loyd for this could be your health salvation.

I will do distance Reiki with Angels tonight for both of you. I will also post on your and Wades facebook a prayer that you should both reed.

Love you both


answered 05 Jul '12, 11:17

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Paulina 1

This is really sweet! Thank you..And we appreciate and need the prayers! Thanks, dear! <3 Jai

(07 Jul '12, 22:06) Jaianniah

me too and a get well to you all. Love Tom

(12 Jul '12, 22:14) Tom

Hey buddy sorry to hear that allergies are kickin your butt right now. But it's not the first time . Grace gave an answer to another question about talking to past Self to resolve issues,problems,and such. And in the whole all time is now way of seeing it there is a past healthy Wade and a future healthy Wade there NOW!! Ask them what works !
A thought that crossed my mind was get out to sea if you can ,salt air will Do you good ,and if you get on a boat get away from the pollen's. I know it does us well when we take the 3 hour long ferry from Sweden to Denmark.
So positive vibrations brother.


answered 05 Jul '12, 02:17

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I am also sending healing prayers Wade's way and I am asking the angels to plant a hedge of protection around him and you to keep you both from any further evil influences. Also, I don't know if Wade listens to subliminal recordings, but just today I got an email with a link to a FREE Quantum Tri-liminal prosperity recording with brainwave entrainment put together by world renowned Brainwave expert Morry Zelkowitch. Since I am more less in the same boat with you, financially, I intend on using it myself everyday also. And I also believe, what you focus on, expands, like Dollar Bill stated. I am still working on this and I am confident this recording will help me with this too. I just put it onto my mp3 player and intend to go to sleep with it tonight while it is playing on repeat. This is the link for the direct download, no email opt in required: Also, don't forget, GOD said in the Bible: "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, but whatever you put your hand to, SHALL prosper."


answered 04 Jul '12, 22:27

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Thanks for the link! I am sure both Wade and I will try it. Thanks, too, for your good wishes! <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 22:39) Jaianniah

Thank you Purple Rose.

(05 Jul '12, 11:20) Paulina 1

Thank you so much Purple Rose this reminds me of the Deep Trance Now MP3s I own from Dr. Laura De Giorgio

I am listening to your Quantum Tirliminal now. :-)

(12 Jul '12, 02:11) Wade Casaldi
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If we create our reality with our beliefs, then what you are experiencing NOW is a product of your beliefs. If you don't enjoy the conditions of life NOW, then to change what you experience, you must change your beliefs. You don't examine the beliefs you have NOW that are creating your reality, that won't change it, that will magnify it. You decide what you want instead and create statements that support that. Then do Two Hands Touching, then state your desired belief, then do THT again. Do this with your statements every day until it is cleared and you are bored with that one and move on to another. You can do several per day separately or in one session with THT between each statement.

For example if you are in debt, do THT, then you can say, "God is my banker," then do THT again. For your physical complaints, do THT, then say, "I am whole and perfect in the Divine Mind of God," then do THT again. Change up the statements so that they resonate with what you want. They won't necessarily feel comfortable to say because you don't believe it yet. When you do it with the THT it brings the statement into that sense of peace with you to help cement it faster.

You can do this several times per day. I would write them down, or come here, or go to my experiment page and read it from there. I read them so that I don't get tangled in remembering how to say it. Sometimes it feels like someone scraping their fingernails on the chalkboard when I first say a statement, but the next time, it is much easier after having done it with the THT. So it brings peace to otherwise uncomfortable feelings about the beliefs I want to have. The important thing is to do it every day until you don't need to any more and then move on to more. More will come as you clear each issue.

Any time you find yourself thinking thoughts that are counter to your peace, do the THT. Disturbing and unwelcome thoughts will come less and less and you will be present more and more.

Also, every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up, thank God for this beautiful day (even if you don't like the weather), and everything else that you have to be thankful for including but not limited to: your loving and beautiful Jai, your nice warm home, your nice cozy bed, your family, your friends, healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, the healthy body you have, etc... You can do THT before/after that too. Don't look for what is wrong, look for what is right.


answered 06 Jul '12, 00:37

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Fairy Princess

edited 06 Jul '12, 01:33


I like this a lot, Fairy Princess. Keepin it for me!

(06 Jul '12, 01:02) Grace

very true fairy princesse thank God for the light shining on the world. thank God for the rain the wind and the blazing thunder. be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(25 Jul '12, 23:20) white tiger

Wade, I only see you as a successful person, in all aspects of life, getting better and better every day.


answered 14 Jul '12, 19:22

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LeeAnn 1

Hello Wade and Jai,

I just got back to IQ and I am sorry to hear you, Wade's, health issues and financial issues and Jai's health issues as well and glad it is not Jai heart! I differently have been there and seriously understand the money issue problem and health problems, lack of insurance, lack of work and money even if is is only a temporary situation it still hurts both physically and emotionally. I know of the only best course of actions is for me to pray to the Lord Jesus to shower his healing energies down upon the both of you all because all God has to do is speak the word and it is so for he has all power not some or a few and he has not lost any of his powers and he loves the both of you all. Draw on those healing powers of energies sent directly to the both of you and see the sickness being removed and replaced with healing energies to heal and rebuild what ever was being attacked by sickness. Now, Jesus will send his holy angels to stand guard and watch over and protect you and shield you both. They say of those that can read auras you are attack and wounded in your aura before it ever effects your physical bodies. I read about a man years ago in Florida that did psychic healing he would place your spirit in a spiritual play pen and work on it and than after he has it cleared and heal he would than work on your physical body. They said when you walk in his house you could feel the presence of God in it. But I lost his name and web site.
Your energies are probably drain Wade from helping others and not clearing your self of their energies and disease or sickness. You much now strengthen your self back up on the spiritual plan as well as the physical. Jai Jesus will heal you and remove what ever it is that is causing your pain. Finances Wade are kicking a lot of people right now but you will pull out of it as Jesus angels guide you to a more prosperous living and I am hoping that for me as well. Take care Wade and Jai! Oh, I have been gone a while glad to hear about Wade you and Jai Love!!!


answered 12 Jul '12, 06:52

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Thank you so much! We are glad to see you here! We are both doing better- what is they say- "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? That applies here! ♥♥♥ Jai

(14 Jul '12, 00:18) Jaianniah

@flowingwater Thank you so much! We both appreciate the wonderful prayer and the encouragement! :-)

Yes it is working things are changing for us both. We are both receiving and being guided to what and where we need to be guided.

I have been reminded of mind programing mp3s I have not listened to in years, but as well the new mp3 that Purple Rose gave me helps a lot too. I am so grateful for all the prayers, support, love and good energy sent our way. :-)

Thank you so much!

PS Welcome Back

(14 Jul '12, 00:27) Wade Casaldi

Thanks glad to be back glad things are looking up and positive for the powers of the LORD Jesus Christ are great, he said we can do all things not some are a few but all things through him so look up healing and financial blessing are showering down to the both of you all Wade and Jai. I hope some finances bounce my way as well :-)!!!

(23 Jul '12, 18:04) flowingwater

I read some where that negative energies is on a loop continuing to play all the negative sayings we think and people say about us continually in the subconscious or superconscious mind I have forgotten which one. So, hold onto the good blessings and good energies coming your way Jai and Wade build up spiritual shields of protection and clean your auras bad negative energy can hide there Wade and Jai and continue in prayer for the LORD will send his holy angels to fight your spiritual battles!!!

(23 Jul '12, 18:21) flowingwater
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