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First of all I must thank all of you who have given me advice and support regarding the issue of my mother's dementia. Some of you have been through similar situations, others have not but each reply was extremely valuable - so Thank You. The latest report is that I visited a new Neurologist today and he said that her dementia could be caused due to a Thyroid malfunction in which case it could be treatable to a large extent. This news came almost as a miracle to me, because the previous neurologist had just dismissed it as age related and non-treatable.

If any of you can spare a few moments and say a little prayer or send some positive vibrations this way so that this glimmer of hope becomes a reality I would really appreciate it.

UPDATE: I will be getting all the test results on Thursday 3rd May and consulting with the doctor. Keep those positive energies coming. Thanks

LATEST UPDATE: All reports were good and physically she is a picture of health:-) Her EEG was also good and in fact the Doctor said that there seems to be very normal age related dementia and her other symptoms are more psychotic in nature and he has prescribed medicines which will help alleviate them. I am really very very excited today :-)

asked 24 May '10, 19:10

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Consider it done I Think Therefore I Am. Prayers sent up.

(24 May '10, 23:50) flowingwater

Envisioning a happy outcome for you :-)

(25 May '10, 11:34) Michaela

I am happy to hear the good news and will pray for both of you. Keep thinking positive and it is going to get even better.

(26 May '10, 00:07) Drham

That your mum is healthy and you free from worries will be my Affirmation from now on. Keep us posted! Good vibes going your way! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~>

(26 May '10, 10:59) BridgetJones09
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I will see her as well and happy immediately, and you too.

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answered 24 May '10, 19:49

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LeeAnn 1

Oh yeah...another way is imagine your mon surrounded by a powerfull light,imagine her brain full of little rays of light symbolizes the synapse of neurons. imagine your mother and visualize healthy and happy despite the time you're living. Imagine her Thyroid well and working properly. If you can use binaural beats of 7.83 hertz,and send to them , in a a state of relaxation, positive thoughts of healing and happiness ... Love heals everything ... and it costs nothing

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answered 24 May '10, 21:12

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Can u tell me a bit about binaural beats?

(24 May '10, 22:00) I Think Therefore I Am

I have used binaural beats and this might sound creepy,but with this tool i cured myself from polyps, they vanished like butter on hot bread .. I started to use as a healing tool when I read that shamans and other healers have that frequency of 7.83 hertz at the time of prayer and healing.

(24 May '10, 22:52) Robert

We also discover that the frequency of the brain of humans and the planet earth are alike of 7.83 hertz. If you operate on that frequency, there is no body imbalance and body working in harmony. It's a long content of the information, but can refer you here so you know what I mean. But what changes everything around you is your intention and desire. Greetings and luck.

(24 May '10, 22:52) Robert

The binaural or monaural beats technology, used longer than 21 days, produces structural changes in the brain and reduces the variability and adapting ability of brain. Why believe that the artificial, standardized induced frequencies are better than eons natural, adaptative frequencies? Do you thing one or other producers of this technology know better what need your brain than Nature? Otherway, the basic frequency of Earth (Schumann frequency) is now 12 Hz, and is increasing to 13 Hz until2012. The immutable frequency of brain could create adaptative problems in the future. Think about.

(31 May '10, 15:49) Gleam
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I'm glad for this new hope for your mother.

I will your mother supporter (and your), from far.

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answered 01 Jun '10, 00:50

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