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I recently asked our @CalonLan this question, because I would really like to know.

Now I realize that I would really like to know that about everybody here who would like to share it.

I have to give this some thought, myself. Hadn't really defined anything, but I would like to get clear on it. At first glance, I'm seeing some things that I definately don't want to be, so obviously, that will need some turning around!

We are all works in progress, no one has "arrived", IMHO. :)

Is there a person in your life you'd like to emulate? A character in liturature or history? Bits and pieces of different things? Or is it purely your own?

We had been talking about a spiritual ideal but its all good, everything we do is spiritual, anyway. Someone around here somewhere just recently reminded us of that. :)

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I want to be like Winnie The Pooh.

alt text

Whilst Eeyore frets and moans...and Piglet hesitates...and Rabbit calculates...And Owl pontificates...Pooh just is.

Pooh is a bear of very little brain. Yet his asset is in being simple minded, and living in a state of joy.


answered 10 Jul '12, 05:46

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And Tigger? Well, Tiggers BOUNCE!

(10 Jul '12, 10:22) Grace

Pooh Bear has always been my hero.

(10 Jul '12, 10:24) Grace

Honestly Grace although there are many people I admire I really don't want to be anyone other than Myself. I really don't mean that to sound arrogant, but I really just want to live a fully fledged authentic version of who I really AM... expressing All my potential and hopefully helping others along the way as much as I can :)


answered 08 Jul '12, 18:05

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Michaela, doesn't sound arrogant at all. Sounds beautiful. Thank you.

(08 Jul '12, 18:55) Grace

@Grace...Thank You :)

(08 Jul '12, 20:09) Michaela

(In a singsong voice) I wanna be Me! I am who I am because of who I have been and what I have seen and done. Everyone else is who they are because of their past. I wouldn't want to trade pasts with anyone. Even if they seem perfect, there is something on the inside that we don't know about. Just like we have issues that are hidden from others.

I am still evovling, changing and growing. The most important thing that I have found in this is to get rid of all the other people in my head telling me who I should be or what I should do. When I get rid of all those voices then I can hear the still small voice that is Here Now that is Me.


answered 10 Jul '12, 09:22

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Fairy Princess

"Everyone else is who they are because of their past." - The past does not define who you are. You do. Based on what ? you ask. Based on experience,.. but experience is derived from your past? The thing is that your experience does not necessarily needs to be yours to define who you are. In other words, you can be whoever you want based on someone's else experience if you want. You just need to interpret their experience as yours. Total freedom being whatever you want. Win win win. ;-)

(10 Jul '12, 09:31) CalonLan

@CalonLan How authentic is that?

(10 Jul '12, 09:35) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, the subconsciousness does not know the difference between what's real and what's an illusion. It's your conscious mind who suggest it. But you ultimately behave out of your subconscious mind (e.g. in life threatening situation) you act according to what's in your subconsciousness. And also every conscious thought you have is guided by subconscious beliefs. So, is there really any need for authenticity? The sense of ownership of the experience?

(10 Jul '12, 09:57) CalonLan

I'd rather be who I want, not who my past suggest I should be.

Actually, "my" past, is not mine. I don't want it so I "disowned" it. It's someone else experience I can no longer relate to. Could it really ever happen to me? Was it just a movie I saw? I don't know. And I don't want to ;)

(10 Jul '12, 09:57) CalonLan

@Fairy Princess, I hope to always be evolving, changing and growing, too. I think we should take what we like of what other people say, and just dump the rest. :)

(10 Jul '12, 11:20) Grace

@CalonLan My point is not that our past defines us. I didn't say quite that. What I mean is that we each have our own pasts to deal with or to leave in the past. I don't want to trade pasts with anybody else.

(24 Aug '12, 17:51) Fairy Princess
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This is a great question I think Joe Vitale calls it modeling. For example you see someone with a skill you want so you imagine that person then imagine yourself as that person and it is like a mind meld where your mind gets mixed up with his mind and you sort of became this being in which you wish to emulate.

But he points out you need to filter it though or you pick up not only good qualities of the other but as well the bad. For example Joe liked a lot of authors and as he read their books and they were his heroes he as well picked up something unwanted from them. They were poor and even suicidal so he picked that up too without realizing it!

So we need to say for example I want the sophistication and intelligence of William F. Buckly Jr. the innovation of Nicola Tesla, the awareness of Frank R. Wallace, the spiritual qualities of Jesus Christ. You model these seeing yourself as these models.

You take the good from each hero and leave the bad, for example if one of them drinks you don't want that influence to overtake you.


answered 08 Jul '12, 21:44

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi, this is interesting. I know I've seen the idea here somewhere, but not the caution! Thank you.

(09 Jul '12, 11:39) Grace

I try to be no one but me:) I do greatly admire many people, however.

For one, the people here on this site. All of you are so intelligent and are so accepting of each other, even when there's disagreements. I love being able to come here and discuss, because not only is it possible to talk about life very deeply and freely, very few will judge you or force you to see it their way. It makes coming here so rewarding and enjoyable. <3


answered 09 Jul '12, 12:55

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@LapisLazuli, you and me both. I want to develop the characteristics in myself that I see in so many of the people here. There are some wonderful role models here. Thank you for your answer.

(10 Jul '12, 11:24) Grace

After reading a book 'Conversation with God - an uncommon dialogue Part 1' - I feel like I got the answer of the question you are asking.... yeah, it is experiencing ourselves to be ourself :)


answered 09 Jul '12, 11:40

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@ZDCobran, You remind me of the seemingly simple ultimate goal: "Know thyself." Thank you for your answer.

(11 Jul '12, 00:02) Grace

I find it tricky to answer that "I just wanna be me". Because "me" has an endless potential to be everything. So I guess the question really asks, which version of that vast potential I want to be. And although I still would not be able to fully describe every single aspect of that version, my life has been made easier in this sense as it's already been expressed in a single character we all know as - Superman.

I just love Superman. Many people think of "super-powers" not accessible to humans when you mention Superman, but think of all the other stuff. How he's never involved in gossip or useless drama, how he's always got a purpose, always doing the right thing for the world, not necessarily the right thing for himself, always decisive, thinking clear, courageous, confident, never stressed, and so many other "awesome" characteristics.

It is my belief that we all got our own version of Superman/Superwoman in ourselves. The question is - will we dare to aspire to it?

Letting go of mediocrity and finding a superhero in you takes time and work. But it's worth the effort. There's not many of them, I've seen few in my life as most of the people are OK with being an average Joe kind of person, with ups and downs that life throws at them. You know a hero when you meet one. With broad smile on his/her face and always so contagiously positive you would want to spend 24/7 in his/her presence.

There's a fine, fine line between making yourself happy about your current situation, about your blessings and worries at once, saying it's OK or living a life with no worries at all. Once you see the difference, you'll never go back.

What I want to touch on, is I see this trend of people accepting their current situation and "who they are". But they are none other than who they made themselves to be. So it's ridiculous in a way, to make yourself mediocre version of you and then try to find a way to be happy about it and justify it in whatever way.

You'll get warm if you jump in a pile of manure or you can put on some blankets. Being happy is not the same as being HAPPY. And by the same paradigm, thinking Average Joe is a new Superman, is not the same as being Superman.

Be very aware of the thoughts you think, because they are going to make all the difference. Sometimes even in our search for happiness we will desperately attempt to re-define the happiness itself to fit our situation instead of changing our situation to happy one.

I would say define your happiness first, then match your life to it. Not the other way around. This way you'll always aspire to your best. If you want a Lamborghini, you won't go buy an Opel and make yourself think it's just as good as Lambo, would you? ;-)


answered 10 Jul '12, 02:43

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Great answer. You caught the spirit of my question - think I could have worded it a bit better. :p Thank you, SuperManCalonLan!

(10 Jul '12, 10:20) Grace
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