many people see them as tragedies and other see them as part of learning and spiritual advancement of the individual. what is your opinion?

asked 07 Apr '10, 02:28

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I think problems/tragedies/challenges/accidents are one of the most wonderful gifts given to us in this human world. They are very powerful teachers and very important for spiritual as well as worldly advancement. They should not be ignored neither they should be thought as something undesirable or unworthy of respect given to the joyous moments and incidences. They should be welcomed with open heart and live with it keeping into mind our true nature which is spiritual.


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is true, to desire the good, the better for us, we must know the negative side of things. and from the point of comparison, working for the opposite. From my point of view, the world's a lab, and every day we face, is a grand experiment to overcome ..

(07 Apr '10, 11:53) Robert

I consider "accidents" as a means of expansion.

To clarify, I'm going to give you an example from my life - just today. Last night I was feeling tired, but for some reason could not sleep. I began experiencing shivers and sweating. In the early morning I vomited. I enjoyed it. The whole time I was recognizing how much better I felt with each hurl. After that I could sleep comfortably...and today I woke up still feeling off.

Now I am feeling very good - better than I have for a while. I went through and cleared up my vibration. Through the experience I had clarified and desired more intensely good health and bubbling vitality. Because of the 'negative' accident, I (re)recognized the importance of well being to me, and thus once I let it in, I am now healthier than I ever have been...I have expanded.


answered 07 Apr '10, 06:48

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Before we begin to wake up, we often view accidents as bad luck or incidents of life not being fair. We lament that life isn't fair and usually play the blame game with ourselves as the lead roll of victim. Because of this limited perception we often don't see the beauty or the life lesson that is contained within the accident or challenge.

When we begin to look at these perceived accidents from a new perspective, we often find that they are gifts in disguise to aid us in our growth and expansion, when we take the time to learn the lesson contained therein. We move from the role of victim to becoming an avid student of life and although the accidents and challenges still arise, we move through them with greater ease and usually emerge from them with an expanded understanding and a lesson well learned.


answered 07 Apr '10, 11:49

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