I feel very undervalued and under appreciated in my current role. I'm networking and trying to get new interviews as I look for a new and better opportunity with more pay and more satisfaction. It's tough out there with few jobs available, so I don't want to appear ungrateful but I also feel I deserve a better mix of longer term benefits and prospects than my current job provides

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stop thinking about getting out of and on what you can do

(29 Jul '12, 21:10) fred

A rut is ultimately a rut of habitual thought, rather than a rut of habitual action.

That's because when you change the way you think, your physical world changes around you to reflect your new way of thinking. Our realities are simply reflections of our predominant thoughts.

So if you are finding yourself in a rut, I would suggest first examining what you tend to predominantly think and believe (a belief is just an habitual thought) about your existing situation.

Then I would suggest changing those thoughts and beliefs to something that feels more empowering to you and then let your physical world gradually mold itself to your new attitudes.

There's plenty of information littered around IQ already about these ideas if you are interested in finding out more. As a starting point, you might find it helpful to look through questions tagged beliefs.


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