It seems to me that aging is too often viewed from the outside. We are told about the signs of depression or dementia, how where to find economic advice, where to retire etc. I am more interested in the experience of aging - aging from the inside - as a new and unprecedented stage of personal growth.

It's like adolescence - a lot is going on and it's all in the service of the growth of consciousness. I think of aging as an initiation into a new life stage, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of an amazing world we have been too busy to see in the middle years of work and family.

When we consider the tasks and gifts of aging, extraordinary possibilities emerge that give new meaning to these years. Yes, there are losses but we they also make space for the expansion of consciousness. We elders are the harbingers of a new kind of awareness.

Anyway, I'd like to hear more about how aging is changing people.

It's not about overcoming age with creams and exercise and positive mental attitude, it's about being changed by aging. Everyday ten thousand people turn 65 and begin to notice things changing. It's the miracle of lifelong growth.

What do you think?

John Robinson

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John C Robinson

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The major change I see is that people give up on life. While young they feel invincible, and when old, they just give living up. In majority of cases that is. Thus I care to look no further than Jack Lalanne.

(27 Jul '12, 02:13) CalonLan
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There was a point in my life where I didn't want to ever think of growing old. But I've come to realize more and more that it really is a state of mind. ( On some level I think I always knew it).

Happy enough to say I've maintained the same body weight now that I had at twenty without ever having to watch what I eat (although in recent years that tends to be a lot more healthy) or any kind of disciplined exercise. I know this was due to me telling myself my whole life that I had a fast metabolism ( the LOA at work unconsciously )... I really think, for the most part, it's a state of mind.

Since consciously choosing to expand my own state of awareness, the older I get the more I grow in ways I would never have deemed possible. And I really wouldn't trade what I know Now for what I thought I knew back then. Age has given me wisdom and an ability to observe my life experiences, and grow from them, that I would not swap for anything. It has brought four beautiful beings into my life that I get to call "my children" and even if that means a few grey hairs and wrinkles along the way then so be it.

And if we really take the time to consider it, these few decades spent here on this physical plane are a mere drop in the ocean of eternity, and the number we attribute to the physcial body is really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things :)


answered 27 Jul '12, 18:19

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Every decade of life has good and bad.

When you are a child, you are free. But you exchange that freedom for living by other people's rules and standards.

As a teen, you have a blast, but you also have homework and chores and work, too. Romance is great.

See what I mean?

When my ex-mother-in-law had to give up gardening because of her back, I told her, "You may not have a flower garden, but you DO have grandchildren!" That's something.

The key to aging gracefully is to yield to the losses and look for the gains.

Wisdom, especially, is great to have as you get older. And all those decisions- they are pretty much over, too. No more worrying about your looks. It's wonderful. Your face is your face.

So I guess from my vantage point, I see each decade as a challenge to find the good, and let go of the past. This decade has been one of great turmioil for me. But also, it has been a discovery of love, of happiness, and companionship I never dreamed of in all my years.

From the inside, aging may suck as far as aches and pains go. But you have to look to you future, and look for the good.

Aging (hopefully) gracefully,

Jai ♥♥♥


answered 27 Jul '12, 01:43

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our blood composition changes
the purpose of life more questioned
if not completely trammelled a
greater frequency of spiritual
intuitive perceptions


answered 27 Jul '12, 17:43

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"Changed by age", that is the only thing that is certain is change, nothing remains the same.
So by accepting that you can live a life of certainty!


answered 28 Jul '12, 16:20

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I am noticing aging does change you and how you feel about life. I notice my endurance is not as much as it used to be. My ability to bounce right back from sickness is not what it used to be. I feel more and more pains year after year that just stay but I have to just live with. The older I get the more I feel I missed the boat someplace I loused up my chances of success. To top it off just getting tired of life and feel I want a break. Waking up finding my body is less reliable to keep me healthy. Feeling some times my body is just falling apart by living with what once scared me now every day as normal every day life.

Aging just seems a downhill roll to eventual system failure and body shut down.

If this is mid to late forties I hate thinking what eighty must be like!

Aging sucks big time!


answered 27 Jul '12, 01:24

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade- sound like you need an Attitude Adjustment, dear. I am glad you went to sleep. It all will feel better in the morning. Love, Jai

(27 Jul '12, 01:47) Jaianniah

@Wade- As far as I am concerned, you just qualified for the "Grumpy Old Men" Club.....So there! Ptooie! Jai

(27 Jul '12, 02:11) Jaianniah

I am just stating facts, like when I have a new complaint I get answers like. You are not a spring chicken anymore or welcome to aging. Or if you think this is bad wait until you are my age etc...

It is just what we have to put up with facts of life thing. Hair loss, hair starting to turn gray, teeth problems that just get worse. You don't grow new teeth when you age. These are just facts not something to feel miserable about or I would end up a grumpy old man. lol

But I am happy I have you.

(27 Jul '12, 08:40) Wade Casaldi

OMG you guys are just so darned cute. ;) Love you!

(27 Jul '12, 17:47) Grace

the gray on the hair left on my head looks soooo good.

(28 Jul '12, 15:55) ursixx

@ursixx Thanks Ursixx that is what I have to look forwards to when Jai teases me and says you are getting gray hairs coming in... I know it is unavoidable I do wish the hair I lost would come back I would trade a full head of gray for thin on top and back and starting to turn gray ahhhhh! lol Oh well I may as well laugh about it. :-)

(29 Jul '12, 01:26) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi: As I write this I am 47 years of chronological age. I have a very thick head of hair that is a naturally (if not unusually) platinum-white, which I style in a pompadour. I frequently get compliments on my hair. I've even been asked if I dye it! :o) Although my skin isn't as youthful as it once was, I have no wrinkles, which may add to people's confusion as to why my hair is the colour it is. I used to dye my hair black, red, and sometimes blonde. But never again. I love my hair!

(05 Mar '14, 23:52) TGunn

@TGunn yes we are both 47 and at least both have no wrinkles. I just wish I had my full head of hair back! LOL I live with it now, it used to upset me, now it is like, what can do about it? So I don't think about it.

(06 Mar '14, 00:09) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi: you are a Fire Horse in the Chinese Zodiac, brother?

(06 Mar '14, 00:54) TGunn

@Wade Casaldi: were you born in 1966?

(06 Mar '14, 01:00) TGunn
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