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Here is what the Earth will look like when the Ice Caps have all melted.

Scary, huh, especially when you zoom in...No Florida, no New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles....and so on...

Just thought you might like to see what our cars in the USA are doing to the climate...


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An alternative point of view :) ... Abraham Hicks - What about "Global Warming?"

(04 Aug '12, 18:21) Stingray

@Stingray-The conversion of a climate-change skeptic...From The LA Times...Read about it here. BESTProject info.....Koch funded this re-analysis- he did NOT believe in Global warming...Read all about it. Jai

(04 Aug '12, 22:45) Jaianniah

@Stingray- why are you always after me? What did I do to you? I told you I did NOT want to argue about this.

(04 Aug '12, 22:48) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - "I told you I did NOT want to argue about this" ... :)

(05 Aug '12, 02:25) Stingray

LOA .........whatever you look for ,you will find evidence to support your belief

(05 Aug '12, 06:49) Starlight
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There are many probable futures for humanity. In one, people have become responsible about the environment , exist together in peace, and honor the earth and each other. If you imagine the world growing more beautiful, people choosing to be more loving to each other, and a clean environment, you will start moving into the probable universe where that happens.

If you imagine world peace, a gentle global climate, and a stable economy and earth, you will flow into the reality that matches your pictures. By picturing the world you would like to live in, you can become a part of the probabe reality in which that occurs. Even if you don't encounter these things in a global scale, you will find your own world peaceful, your personal economy stable, and yourself living in a place with a gentle climate.

Source: Spiritual Growth (Sanaya Roman)


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@T A, This would be my answer too, if I had had all those perfect words. :) I have read that there are people who dedicate their whole lives to holding up these and other powerfully beautiful visions for the sake of all humanity. I believe that is an amazing commitment, and we can honor them by holding up at least as hopeful a picture as we can muster at any given time. :)

(04 Aug '12, 14:18) Grace

@T A - Now that's the kind of future I want to be in!

(04 Aug '12, 14:32) lozenge123

@T A - This is where I want to be too.

(05 Aug '12, 05:56) Catherine
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I believe Global warming is Al Gore's recognition of natural process of Earth warming up and cooling down which t'he earth has done for thousand years, and magnified to such proportions so he can tax other nations for CO2 creation. Completely ignoring t'he fact that. What we has humans produce is nowhere near what plants or ocean do. We merely add a drop into river. Id be more inclined to believe if money was not involved in t'he preventive measures. It's hard to find t'he truth because nowadays anyone can write 'a scientific' artile and spit out 'scientifically backed up opinions".


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Have you honestly WATCHED Al Gore's speech??? Do you think they would give the Nobel Peace Prize to a corporate flunky??? I do not agree with you, CalonLan- not at all. I went through Katrina, and it was totally a horror...The ocean was waaaaaay too warm....Go to this link at NOAA and judge for yourself. Jai

(04 Aug '12, 14:02) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - Why so judgmental? He is entitled to his point of view as much as you are. And to be honest, I completely agree with what he's written also :)

(04 Aug '12, 14:21) Stingray

@Jaianniah, I used to believe these prizes meant something, when I was a kid. I looked up to respected men and believe what they said because how else could they be respected than by being true. But as I grew up I learned that people who's got respect of others tell lies. Puppets are awarded for playing a theatre show, and so I learned to believe in myself. Btw, Obama got Nobel prize too, although his words are contradictory to his actions. He's just another puppet in the show... What's the....

(04 Aug '12, 15:00) CalonLan

...real measurement for truthfulness of men? Certainly not prizes or golden medals of any kind, but their words followed by their actions which they do for universal good, not benefit of few. Too bad J.F. Kennedy couldn't follow up on his, perhaps the world would see for once what it's like to be a true man.

Back to Al Gore, just look at who benefits from all of this Global Warming. In a way it's a new market, more money and power to already rich and powerful.

(04 Aug '12, 15:05) CalonLan

@Jaianniah, there were periods of time where it was much warmer in the world than it is today. Where the whole planet was covered by tropical trees and just as well it was much colder-ice age, where there was ice all around. So what's really going on with global warming?Who can say it's CO2 that's responsible for this change,when it is Sun that's the main source of energy.What if sun is getting hotter?And why do people tend to think they're in the center of the universe and cause of everything?

(04 Aug '12, 15:47) CalonLan

@Stingray @CalonLan-Let's just agree to disagree, okay guys? I do not think it is in Inward Quest's best interests to argue like this. I have studied this issue. I believe it- you do not. It is that simple.

(04 Aug '12, 17:02) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - Global Warming is fear-mongering. Wherever there is fear-mongering, there will always be those who will seek to promote a balancing viewpoint. The Earth is getting warmer but it's a natural cycle, not a man-made one. Sorry if you don't like it :)

(04 Aug '12, 17:49) Stingray

@Jai- Relax darl, they're not having a go at you :) I respect your opinions, just as I respect everyone else's.

(05 Aug '12, 04:00) Nikulas

@Stingray- I appreciated that link. Icke is vastly ahead of his time (actually he's one of the few that's up to speed). Probably a Sentient in a future life hehe.

(06 Aug '12, 09:45) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes, I admire Icke for being willing to speak his truth no matter how much it upsets the "establishment"...and often there is a lot of truth coming out of the mouths of those outside the mainstream. With his anti global-warming stance, you'd never guess he used to be a Green Party spokesman :) Then again, I used to be a member of Greenpeace and a Green Party activist myself. There's something fishy going on with the "environmentalist" movement and I think people are waking up.

(06 Aug '12, 09:57) Stingray

@Stingray, nice vid. Here, I like it with a bit of comedy touch -

(06 Aug '12, 10:03) CalonLan

CalonLan - Great morning belly laugh with my coffee, thanks! I love the answer to the age old question of why we are here! LOL!

(06 Aug '12, 10:18) Grace
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Well, seeing as this as a community wiki, pardon me for my funky answer:

I would say both Yes and No.

Yes - because it is affecting me. Nowadays you are bound to get sunburn if you stay under the sun just for 10-20mins without sunblock or sunscreen in my country.

No - because there is nothing I can do about it. Yep I can't possibly ask people to stop driving cars and take public transport, ask my neighbours to not switch on the air conditioners all day long, etc... So what if I care.. its kind of pointless and only affects my life in other negative ways!


answered 04 Aug '12, 12:41

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Funky, but characteristically good~~~♥ !!!!!! Jai

(04 Aug '12, 13:47) Jaianniah

Hi Jai, Hell yes many are woried about global warming but that is keeping your mind on the negative espect of it. It is much better to do your bit for the environment and think positively by inspiring others to do their bit most especialy if you can inspire governments to do what is right.

Meditate and visualise this world of ours as perfect and beautiful.


answered 04 Aug '12, 02:00

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Paulina 1

As I understand it, global warming is caused by emissions from the burning of fossil fuels so I was surprised to read in The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations that over 5,000 free energy devices are either patented or undergoing patenting. Free energy devices are invented time and time again but researchers are either bought off - their discoveries being put on the shelf - others threatened into submission or die in strange circumstances.

My personal hope is that in the years ahead these types of thing will be far harder to cover up (thank you internet!) and that we will solve this particular problem using some of the technologies known to these ancient civilisations.


answered 04 Aug '12, 13:57

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@Catherine, there is a popular night time radio program here called Coast to Coast. They talk about many of the same subjects as we do here. They have very interesting, well informed, well eduacated, and well respected guests come on and speak to the issues with some considerable authority. I can tell you, what you said is absolutely true. When they get very loud about some subjects, they sometimes do dissappear, or even die under very strange circumstances.

(04 Aug '12, 14:34) Grace

@Grace - When I read the passage in the book to my husband he dismissed it - he believes in the cock-up (incompetence) theory of life rather than the conspiracy one - so it was good to know that other people have this info too. Thanks for your comment.

(05 Aug '12, 05:52) Catherine

nature has her cycles
with or without our neglect
of her divine destiny,

however, our conceited
life styles of disrespect
may quicken reciprocal

responses detrimental
to us but of balance
for her development

it ought matter for both


answered 07 Aug '12, 18:13

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Earth is in our hands. we should decide weather to save or destroy. we are the causers of global warming. if u want to save the earth you grow green saplings all over your locality to increase the green nature and reduce the warming nature.


answered 07 Aug '12, 12:12

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