Hello friends ,

This question might be strange but i am honestly seeking to Smile better.I am one of those persons who cant smile with my teeth...i make a strange shape in S :)

I think its a very important part of human interaction and i would be glad if anyone know any book , program or product strictly towards it.

This is one of my goals for the month so if anyone know something ... help me out :)


asked 10 Oct '09, 20:33

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Hi Yathnos, you know even if you do have a smile that is :S it's ok. We are all unique in how we are, we don't have to be like others. Sometimes our quirkiness makes it more special. When you smile let it come from your heart, when you do it will then be just as it is meant to be, which is beautiful. Just be you. :-)


answered 13 Oct '09, 15:06

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Hello, I am also planning to learn how to smile in the near future. I have the same problem with smiling - I just can't smile with my teeth. I can do it only with mouth though, but sometimes it's not sufficient.

I think you should try to learn how to smile genuinely in front of your mirror. Try different variations and choose one that doesn't look stupid.

And when you've learned this ability already, go out and show it to random 30 people (or just smile to everyone during 30 minutes time). I know it's the most difficult part, but it's worth. Do it for a week, slowly increasing the difficulty level (you can even start with 5 people first day and increase it gradually), and it no longer will be a problem for you. Plus you will reduce your shyness (if you have it). Eventually you will smile automatically.

And how is a person that smiles frequently percieved by the society? It's not common to smile umconditionally, so it may look a little perilous. But there are many points of view. For example my female teacher has been smiling a lot and I just loved it! (loved the joy of this person and positive energy), but few persons from my class didn't like it.

All in all, I think that semi-permanent smiling is a great feat and I'm looking forward to learing it soon.


answered 11 Oct '09, 11:57

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Smiling its the most wonderfull thing you can do , you even can reach enlightment just by smiling all the time :) ... i will stop a few minutes a day to do some exercises in the mirror and muscle training should do the trick.

(11 Oct '09, 16:40) Yathnos

Maybe your situation lies in your self-consciouness about it. If you can just connect with your happiness and smile from within and let it radiate out spontaneously, rather than inhibit your smile, (and your happiness), because you worry about how it appears, then you will overcome this. Let your happiness shine through - that is what people will notice.


answered 11 Oct '09, 13:58

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Beeing self-consciouness of my smile its a way to improve it , i already express my happiness with my smile although its a pretty weird one like stalone :) but yes i will try not to consciously worry about it and only feel the happiness of the moment :) and i might get that teeth smile i always wanted..


(11 Oct '09, 16:33) Yathnos

Hello Yathnos, I will have to say we are all individuals and we are all unique and special in an loving way. Because we are humans we are all the same in some ways but yet we have our own special unique qualities.

Yes, we can improve upon every aspect of our selves by what we think, speak and do.WE should eat orgainic healthy foods and drinks. We can work toward creating an better physical looking body, we can work on our minds and controling our thoughts, thinking postive and meditating to releave stress.

But I have notice one thing about people what we feel about our selves on the inside we project it outward to others without realizing we do and they pick up on the wave of the feeling (energy) we sent about our selves and they start to feel it to and reacts to it as well.

For example if you walk up to an person and start talking about things but you feel you are not as smart as this person, you are not as good looking, or maybe as qualified as this person and you feel inadequate in the presence of this person. Your body language is protraying this message; the way you talk is protraying this so therefore this person beigins to feel this way about you as well.

Most people look at them selves and find flaws and imperfection that we all have. But we must realize these are not defects to our system these are our uniqueness of character. Now we may want to improve upon our character but it is who we are. No one is perfect even though there are quite a few who may think they are. Know one will improve upon themselves to perfection because when you have done this you are not human any more you are back spirit and has transcend into the spirit world of light and united back with God as an whole esssence of spiritual energy.

I said all of that to say this feel deep within your self that you have an beautiful smile with your teeth showing and you feel so good and happy about that. Say to your self 3 times a day 25 times each I have an bautiful smile with my teeth showing do this for as long as it takes for you to forget about it and you have reprogram your thinking. Now you will see your self with an beutiful smile because you have reprogram your mind to create that beautiful smile showing with teeth that you have always wanted. I would say it will probably take you two months to retrain your mind to bring this forth for you. You will feel good on the inside and very happy and it will radiate out to others and back to you.

Take care and enjoy and have an great day!


answered 13 Oct '09, 16:04

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Look yourself in a mirror every day smiling your better smile and apreciate the fact.


answered 13 Feb '10, 23:58

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Le Bémo


Yes, I agree with other comments, especially when people tell you to "just be you". Take it easy and don't be overly concerned with your smile. The mirror technique is good. look in the mirror and smile at yourself when you first get up in the morning. Try your best smile and then forget about it for the remainder of the day. Eventually, you will see that your smile has changed in a positive way.

That's my suggestion.

Blessings, Laurie


answered 15 Feb '10, 04:36

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You want a nice natural smile, those teeth smiles looked forced, like "I'm ready for my photo smile" Showing teeth are alright but when you force your self to show all your teeth it looks fake, reminds me of a horse getting it's teeth checked! lol

The best photos do not look forced they are natural smiles from happiness or laughter, that are the best, not I'm in kindergarten smile for the camera smiles.

So relax with your smile and your teeth will show nicely, but if you are subconscious about your teeth it will be very difficult to smile showing teeth, you need to let that go and not care but be happy.


answered 15 Feb '10, 10:37

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Wade Casaldi

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