I have read some of the threads here on the shift in Abraham Hicks since the transition of Jerry Hicks with a great deal of interest. Has anyone noticed any differences between 'Jerry-alive' Abraham and 'post-Jerry' Abraham?

There seems to be more criticism of Esther Hicks in the last year (on the internet in general) and I find myself kind of baffled. I struggled for years with the issue of "New Age" bullies, and the tendency for some in the New Thought movement to engage in "Blaming the Victim". Although much of the commentary I have read on this issue seems to throw the baby out with the bathwater" and dismiss New Thought, LOA etc entirely, I have found some great points which have been helpful to me. Personally, I see none of this coming from Esther Hicks or Abraham. There were certainly irregularities after Jerry Hicks transition, but as I pointed out in another thread here, I think it is reasonable for a human channel to experience some challenges after the transition of a loved one.

In the past, it has sometimes seemed to me that people like myself in social service and other service and support roles, people with history of addictions or abuse in the past have been the "red headed stepchildren" of the New Thought and LOA movements. I have attended Prosperity "discussions" which seemed to focus entirely on "entrepreneurial" prosperity, as if the only way to succeed is to "build your own business, etc.

I have seen people with assorted variations of PTSD minimized and shamed for their experiences. Abraham Hicks have had some wonderful things to say on some very tough situations this summer (the woman whose child was molested, the man who worked to help a friend and her children, even the infamous "hat man" was treated with what I considered to be great compassion. Esthers' own experiences with her kidney stone (that wasn't resistance, that was blockage, she said) have opened doors for me ( I have had Kidney stones, lol) and allowed me a new insight into "chilling out" in regards to myself as well as about things in the "what-isness" around me. Abraham responded to one question recently about why people would create "bad experiences" with the idea that we come her with General, not specific intent, and said no one came here to be abused, only that souls know that this is a time of great contrast. Last night, I connected with a long lost fiend whose thoughts have been on a parallel track, who has had similar experiences and observations. Law of attraction in action...

I am really enjoying the new Abraham, what do others think about this? I am seeing a lot of long time blocks dissolve lately, it hasn't all been smooth sailing, but things are moving int the best directions they have in years for me.

Personally I think it's in part due to how much more comfortable with being where I have been as well as where I am at right now. I feel like I have waited years to hear this stuff. Surely there are others who also find the "new Abraham" helpful in this way.

I am new to this site, and still figuring out how it works, but I already enjoy it a great deal. Thanks to all who participate and maintain this site. :)

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@Peplumen-Welcome to IQ :)

(24 Aug '12, 14:15) Satori

@peplumen - Welcome to IQ also :) Interesting question. I can't legitimately write an answer here since I'm still catching up with "New" Abraham but I think it's a fascinating idea that you seem to be implying through your title question...that Abraham may have become more compassionate as a result of observing Esther's own difficulties. And then there's also the possibility of Jerry's own consciousness now having become part of the mix of "New" Abraham also, I guess.

(24 Aug '12, 17:54) Stingray

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(25 Aug '12, 14:15) Barry Allen ♦♦

@ Barry Allen- Thank you! I am still figuring this site out. @ Satori Thank You! @ Stingray. Thank you for summing it up so succinctly. Thank you for making me feel welcome as well.

(27 Aug '12, 13:13) peplumen
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@peplumen - You certainly seem to be in the right place! I look forward to hearing more from you, welcome to IQ. @peplumen, @Stingray, perhaps Esther is a clearer channel for messages of compassion now that she may have suffered some intense emotional pain. She would have greater context and language to express such ideas, if that were the case. Obviously, I don't know how she feels, that is just my guess.


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