Does this have to be a random selection method? If there are currently 6 or 7 Blocks can't we work on them sequentially?

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Yes, you can work on them sequentially if you really want.

I've been using (what I'm calling) The Focus Blocks Method for a few years now in many different life situations - some of them quite extreme ones...I'm somebody that seems to enjoy a bit of a thrill from getting myself into awkward life situations and then climbing out again :)

So the method described is one that will reliably work in any life situation that I've yet come across over the past few years.

What I've discovered about choosing Focus Blocks manually is that, sooner or later, you may come across a subject that you really don't want to tackle for some reason. And you may find yourself manifesting artificial excuses why you can't use the process whenever it is time to work on that subject.

I found that sometimes I was always dealing with easy subjects but never really dealing with the more difficult ones. It is surprisingly hard to spot yourself doing this to yourself. It's only when you start looking at your own behavior over a period of time that you start to notice this seemingly-unconscious avoidance behavior.

About a year ago, after struggling with this for many months, I suddenly had the realization that the problem would be solved if I put myself in a situation where I didn't know what the next Focus Block topic would be and if I agreed with myself that I would write just a single better-feeling statement regardless of what the next topic would be.

I have found that this has cured that avoidance behavior quite effectively which is why I've written the process that way.

But, certainly, if you would prefer to deal with topics sequentially that is also fine. Just watch yourself from time to time to make sure you are not coming up with excuses why you can't deal with some things that are troubling you.

The main thing is to use the process. The worst kind of avoidance behavior is when you know a process will benefit you but you come up with excuses to yourself why you can't do it.

I've also been through that a few times and that is why I recommend making the commitment of only writing ONE statement rather than having the aim of completing the whole is better to make some progress than no progress.


In case anyone is wondering how I can not notice if I am avoiding certain Focus Blocks Topics, I thought I should probably explain that I don't just have 6-7 Focus Blocks Topics.

Actually, I currently have 112 active Focus Blocks Topics of my own right now (just counted them)...and that is after spending a few days weeding out a number of duplicates and topics that were no longer relevant.

I also do other types of vibrational processes than just Focus Blocks and the total of all of them is currently 417 active vibrational processes.

The manifesting spreadsheet I've mentioned on this website before is my own automated way of tracking and working on so many processes at once.


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