I desired of the few things which I really want to manifest and also I wrote them down. Now I'm supposed to BELIEVE and have faith that it'll be done. For developing faith, I was suggested to try Law of attraction on some things I find easy to manifest.

I tried it on some basic manifestations, like - getting call from an old friend (manifested) , making my relationship better (manifested) , completing homework in time (not manifested) etc.

So there are several things which get manifested but the important ones - related to my studies are not going up to the mark. That sometimes create a fear in my mind.

However, I delibrately overcome this fear and get myself into faith by feeling happy and excited about the people who are enjoying the creation

Since step 1 and 2 are already accomplished. All I need to do is to stay happy and ALLOW it to be manifested and match up with the Universe Vibrationally. Okay honestly speaking, I stay happy for about 70% of the time and I do get in ocassional negativities too.

So my question is about this matching up..

I am always expecting good results and trying to stay happy, so universe must be doing something to manifest it in the most harmonious way AND SOME RELATED THINGS (TO MY DESIRE) MUST SHOW UP.

But I'm not able to get them.

The main part of my problem is that I don't get what universe wants me to do. Either I'm not having ANY impulse at all, Or having impulses every next moment.

For example, I'm preparing for an enterance exam. One of my friend told me to check out a book for preparations. The first thought that comes in my mind is - That must be a message from universe which wants me to read this book because cracking the exam must be related with this book in someway. (That's impulse/excitment, right?)

Very soon another friend suggests another book. Confused!

Very next moment my teacher said that one must not try some random books and concentrate on the books provided first. Even more confused!

Who is right? What the universe wants to convey? How do I get this vibrational match up?

I'm not delibrately looking up for these signs that shows my manifestation is coming true. I know it must come all of a sudden.

But they are not! :(

And when I think they are, they leave me more confused as I told!

Please give me a detailed answer and I wish if someone could contact me via email because I can't use IQ much and I need some long term conversation to completely get it. Chaand.sethi@gmail.com

Thank You!! <3

asked 15 Sep '12, 02:53

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Chand Sethi, please title your questions with a clear, specific question rather than a general statement. Please edit your question title now and replace it with a specific question. It makes it easier for others to understand what your question is about without needing to read the detail of it. Refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for further information: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ Thanks

(15 Sep '12, 04:53) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Chand I think you might get alot from this youtube clip "Abraham Explains the Grid 2012 New Material " is about 15mins but very worthwhile :-)


Love and Light


answered 15 Sep '12, 21:15

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hi.., same here..m also preparing for entrance exams these days.., so i can understand in wht situation u r in. few days back same thing happened with me. so ,what i did i would tell u..., first of get clear..what all books ur supposed to read. ask ur seniors.."who have already cracked this entrance with highest rank"..,about the particular books tht ur supposed to refer in these days. secondly, daily meditate..this will avoid tension n confusion. trust ur intuition. dnt listen to each n every friend who is giving u advice. ask urself ..seriously..ask ur intuition "which books shld be refered???".."most of the answers which we look outside..are the ones which we already know." , what i wanna say is.."sunno sab ki but,bt..karo vahi jo dil kahe..".., thts it.., be calm, be relaxed..answers will automatically flow towards u.. n do well...., best luck .,.:))))))


answered 18 Sep '12, 05:32

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@Supergirl-hahaha..sunno sab ki.karo man ki...

(18 Sep '12, 06:08) Zee
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