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This is a true story from the Toronto Star.

I put it here to dispel the idea that to attract an experience, one needs a special ability.

Understanding what happened here will un-ravel a better understanding of how we attract.

Can you identify exactly where the attraction took place in this example?


Engagement ring lost in jewelry store mixup

Someone, somewhere, has a very precious object belonging to Toronto fashion stylist Michael Black, and he may not even know it.

An unknown man who walked into the Bloor St. Birks jewelry store on Wednesday was inadvertently given Black's engagement ring - a custom-made diamond eternity ring, made of 18-karat white gold, with a band of diamonds totaling three carats.

A "devastated" Black says Birks told him the man had brought in three or four rings for cleaning, waited about 45 minutes while they were being cleaned, paid cash for the rings that were handed to him in a bag, and then left.

Unfortunately for Black, the ring he had taken to Birks last Friday for cleaning and a minor repair was still in a machine the store uses and was mixed in with the man's rings.

When he went in on Wednesday, the day he was told to pick up his ring, Black was given the news.

"They took me to the manager and they simply said they have given the ring to someone else. I was devastated . . . I was speechless."

Black says Birks told him it has no information about the man's identity, although he says he was given a photo of him taken by a store security camera.

"He may not know he has the ring and I don't want him to feel like he's being blamed for anything," says Black, who speculates the individual could have just stashed the bag when he got home. "This is bizarre and unthinkable, but life is strange at times. I just want to feel whole again . . . It means so much to me it is a symbol of my love, my hopes, and my future."

Eva Hartling, Birks' director of public relations, said company policies do not permit her to comment on individual client dealings. Staff at the Bloor St. Store, which has been in business since 1952, have been "devastated" by what happened, she said.

Hartling acknowledged that when it comes to "on the spot" jewelry cleaning, when a client is standing in the store "and they don't leave our sight," the policy to date has "not necessarily" been to write down identification details. She said the policy will be reviewed.

As a rule, she said, the store will offer a replacement or compensation to a client's satisfaction for a damaged or mishandled item.

Hartling would not confirm what, if any, information the store has about the man believed to have been given Black's ring. "We have very high hopes that this gentleman will recover the ring."

Black isn't as sure the sore can do much. "Birks is telling me that they are doing all they can, but without knowing who he is, this (story in the Star) may be the only way to reach him," he said.

Although Birks has promised to replace the ring, which was purchased in New York City for $12,000 in 2007 when the couple got engaged, that's not what Black wants.

"I just want my ring back. The design is special to my heart - I'd wanted o to be absolutely perfect, and it was," said Black, who is planning a wedding to his partner, who had a ring in a different style made at the same time.

Black was nervous about being parted from his ring to begin with.

He's heard stories about people taking their rings to get cleaned and having precious stones removed and replaced with duds.

"I went to Birks because it's the one place I would trust to clean my ring and get it back to me."

He believes Birks is sincerely sorry but wonders why the store didn't get the man's identification details.

****** END OF ARTICLE ****

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The Traveller

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for your responses and based on them, I am glad that it was easy to understand exactly what happened here.

The more we study the law of attraction, the more it becomes obvious that attraction happens much more predictably within the "casual" state of mind rather than when great desire is placed within short bursts of focused attention.

A great comparison is noticing that a rock is carved by something as soft as water when the water drips in the same spot over a long time instead of that same volume of water being poured upon that same spot in a very short time.

We may sit and spend 10 minutes intensely focusing of "having" what we want with great energy and excitement, however what we actually attract is what we casually think about during the remaining 23hours and 50minutes (minus the sleep time)

The key to attraction has always been "Strong Emotion" combined with "Strong Vision"

Anything that falls within this combination of Strong Emotion + Strong Vision is what is always attracted.

It doesn't matter if the emotion happens to be fear or joy, all that matters is that the emotion of choice is very strong and confident.

When I say confident, if you hear someone say, "I knew that I would be hit by a drunk driver eventually because it happened to my mother and I was always afraid that I would be next", that is confidence in that emotion materializing into reality.

The other component is the person's ability to, vividly; imagine themselves participating in the event that creates that strong emotion.

The greater the ability of the individual to envision the details that accompany a particular emotion, like the fear of losing the ring, the greater the ability for the universe to bring the various elements together so that the picture in the mind and the emotion in the heart can be re-lived in a physical context.

The final ingredient is the repetition and confidence in the event.

The casual repetition of the same emotion with similar "vision" throughout the day is far more effective than intense focus upon an event in a short moment.

If you really believe that you have to protect yourself against something happening to you, then at a deeper level there is another belief that if you are not vigilant against it, the happening of it is guaranteed.

So in order to protect ourselves we constantly imagine all the variables against which we have to be vigilant. We imagine avoiding the things we do not want to experience again and again throughout the day with the misguided notion that we are somehow being prepared against it.

Our mind becomes the constant playground of all the things we want to avoid in order to be free from them.

We begin to live in an internal world of constant battle against what must be overcome and avoided.

Not realizing that this living inner picture of re-occurring emotions and visions are the very foundation from which all our attraction take physical form.

Whatever emotion that is within us in the casual state of mind 24hours a day is our emotional attraction.

And whatever pictures that accompany that casual emotion 24 hours a day is our physical attraction.

If we casually worry about being robbed most of the time, we will physically attract the robber so that we can emotionally participate in that fear while being physically robbed.

Consequently, if you are casually joyful, even if you are robbed you will find that everyone around you will help you overcome your temporary situation.

Attraction is constant, in every state of mind.

Especially in the casual state of mind.


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The Traveller


Thanks for this, @The Traveller. I want to see this in everything around me, make it a habit. Your lesson here came at just the right time for me. It is making me feel good: Rather than worrying that negative thoughts will bring me things I don't want, I just need to have good mental habits. That seems so much easier than shying away from every shadow. I used to think I was just born with a sad mind, inherited from my family, and did not know I could completely change it till I came to IQ.

(17 Sep '12, 23:48) Grace

"When I say confident, if you hear someone say, "I ALWAYS knew that I would be....." that is such a powerful statement and one hears that from very many successful people.

(18 Sep '12, 02:08) ursixx

I have learnt @Grace that the only thing we "inherit" from our families, are programmed beliefs on all topics , once we recognize this we then can make conscious choices to either accept what "they say" as gospel or find a belief that suits us better .

I like the 2nd option so much better ♥♥♥

(18 Sep '12, 02:46) Starlight

@The Traveller-Great sharing TT.really enjoyed this.Thank you.

(18 Sep '12, 07:03) Zee

Yes, I think I have been trying to make this point here with some resistance. Here is the thing, if you believe that everything is good, you won't attract getting robbed.

(18 Sep '12, 07:41) Fairy Princess
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Black was nervous about being parted from his ring, and attracted the very situation he was afraid of in the first place. The LOA plays into it here- he attracted the loss of his own ring by worrying about it so much.



answered 17 Sep '12, 06:10

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You explanation is fantastic!. I couldn't have explained it any better.

(17 Sep '12, 21:52) The Traveller

"Black was nervous about being parted from his ring to begin with" and then the bit about stories about gems being replaced.


answered 17 Sep '12, 04:50

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Absolutely! that's the emotion that attracted the event.

(17 Sep '12, 21:50) The Traveller

He believed that jewelers were not to be trusted and so he attracted proof. See, I told you so.

Also, the recipient must have beliefs that he is lucky or has good fortune. Now, if he notices the mistake and brings it back, surely he will be rewarded and so will still have good fortune.


answered 17 Sep '12, 11:21

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Fairy Princess


I love the fact that you looked at the bigger picture from all sides. this didn't occour to me when I read the article. I shoud apply that understanding when I attract events in my own life. Thank you for that.

(17 Sep '12, 21:54) The Traveller

@The Traveller You're welcome. I am glad I could help. I have been on both ends.

(17 Sep '12, 22:04) Fairy Princess

Thanks@Traveller , was a good read and yes,connected to the attractor factor ..........

but will be a good Aussie Vegemite and not give it away , interested to see how others fare , also if there's a follow up happy ending ♥♥♥


answered 17 Sep '12, 02:39

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Hi starlight. I noticed that you were the first to respond and thanks for keeping it a secret for a while. About the follow-up I have to keep an eye open for it. I'm sure if the ring is returned, the paper will run an update to this story.

(17 Sep '12, 21:57) The Traveller

@The Traveller, I picked up fairly early where it was going , tis an interesting position to be an observer , I just have to become more proficient in my own day of thought/feelings .

It does feel so much better when one's pond is less affected by the pebble/contrast ripples
Love and Laughter Always :-)

(18 Sep '12, 03:12) Starlight

I read that whole story, was there a point to it? The man never got his ring back at least according to that story so he didn't attract it back to him. He seemed upset and at least attracted $12,000 wow! So he could be thankful for that but he wants his ring back instead. He doesn't seem to be attracting it back from this story though.


answered 17 Sep '12, 03:25

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Wade Casaldi

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He did attract the experience that was “living” within his mind. His entire motivation was about avoiding the mishandling of his “priceless possession”. That was the living picture in his mind. So the universe materialized the “living picture” in his mind.

(17 Sep '12, 21:47) The Traveller

Ahh this is the Law of Attraction in the negative I see. Almost like we could say the law of subtraction. :-)

Interesting, I see what the point was now, what we pay attention to pays attention to us. He was paying attention to the negative, expecting the worst and getting the worst.

I should have saw that, sometimes we can be so much into the positive side of The Law of Attraction we forget there are people living in the negative or even if we ourselves are. It is a nice reminder to be alert.

(17 Sep '12, 21:57) Wade Casaldi

The only attraction going on here is the attention Black is attracting to himself, it's probably a publicity stunt on his part...!!!


answered 17 Sep '12, 05:36

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Hi Eireman. It seems that Mr. Black went to the newspaper because there was no other way to reach out to the public. I don’t think he was hoping for this king of fame, and, let's hope that everything ends well for him. His story, however, is a great example of how “worry” becomes an attractor of the event that is worried about.

(17 Sep '12, 22:04) The Traveller

Very good experiment TT. Bringing real life stories and analyzing the source. The one sentence that jumped out at me was:....

"I went to Birks because it's the one place I would trust to clean my ring and get it back to me."

Black had a nervous untrusting feeling of leaving his ring with people he didn't trust in the first place but would "allow" himself to trust them only because the "company name" was that which other people trust.


answered 18 Sep '12, 18:49

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It is difficult for me to write 1000 word for new question,so i am presenting my question here which i experience two days before.

Suppose my electronic device of worth US$ 15 has broken. And another day ,a person was searching me that he has a draft of US$ 16 for me from Gov't department.

I was unaware of this US$ 16 and this was totally out of blue.

How we can explain all this in the light of LOA or metaphysics?


answered 23 Dec '14, 23:47

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