I ask this question as a follow up to the question on "manifestation and children".

My understanding is that thought precedes manifestation. Hence we really "thought" ourselves into being. If this is true then it would also be logical to conclude that we probably had the entire picture of what our lives will be from before we were born. When we are in the process of creation we try to visualize the full experience.

Where I am going with this is to come up with an explanation as to why some children (and adults too) have such bad experiences. Maybe that is what they came into this life to experience. As we grow more in consciousness we can alter our reality through our thoughts. If we do not become conscious then we become preys and predators or perpetuators and victims. This is just my theory. What do you think?

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Are you sure you are in a position to judge what is a good experience or a bad experience for someone?

Yes, I agree that we have thought ourselves into existence. This physical reality playground is simply a Law of Attraction manifestation of thoughts previously thought from our non-physical perspective...

"We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves"

Bill Hicks, Comedian (1961-1994)

Youtube video link to this quote

...but I don't agree that we have an entire picture of our lives mapped out for us before this incarnation, because then that implies the idea of fate which logically cannot exist.

From my understanding, we have a broad idea of the kind of themes we would like to play with any particular incarnation but we don't get too involved in the details...because wouldn't that take the fun out of the game?

It's analogous to going on vacation and deciding where to go. You have a broad idea of the kinds of things you are going to do when you get there but (most people) don't plan it down to every last detail, or every moment of every day...you just go for the experience of filling in the details as you go along.

Sometimes they are details you like. Sometimes they are details you don't like...but those unwelcome details are helpful because you now know more clearly what you do like.

In fact, you could actually argue that it is sometimes good for us to have bad things happen.


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I agree - I think if we had our life mapped out before we got here, free will could not come into play and there wouldn't be any real growth or expansion if we knew exactly what we were going to experience.

(19 May '10, 11:07) Michaela

Michaela, even if we had it mapped out we would not know because that knowledge is not a part of our conscious experience.

(19 May '10, 20:10) Drham

We learn more from our failures and mistakes than we do from our successes.

If you want to learn deeply about patience, for example, you must undergo experiences that exercise your practice of patience.

It follows, then. that some people chose to be born in (bad, by our definition) circumstances that either enhance their learning process, or provide a challenge to be overcome (or both).


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Hi Vesuvius, how does the law of attraction fit into your theory?

(18 May '10, 19:37) Drham

Isn't the Law of Attraction what makes it possible for an unborn person to set this all up? Or are you asking if LOA allows them to change their mind, once they are born?

(18 May '10, 19:50) Vesuvius
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