Can we send our energies of prosperity, happiness, and protection to others?

I know some people can send healing energies which comes to them from the source or consciousness of God to others but can we also send energies of prosperity or wealth, a feeling of happiness and a shield of protection?

I remember reading a fiction book about a race of immortals who would send a feeling of happiness when they sensed distress in another whom they loved or cared for and sent strength when they felt weakness.

So, then I thought hey we might be able to do the same if we try. So I am asking the question to this community of people. It would be good if it was possible.

When you are happy and feeling good about your self then you want to tackle and move those mountains that Jesus said you could move through his power that are around you emotionally that is.

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Barry Allen thanks for the clarity of my question that is the word I forgot about(smile). Thanks Barry you help us with our clairity of the questions, the re-constructing of the grammar and all. Have an nice day.

(28 Oct '09, 01:34) flowingwater
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A friend of mine once told me that we can help energy heal the earth. By silently closing our eyes, imagine that we are cradling the earth in our palms with love, compassion, and gratitude, then gradually envelope it in bright light to heal mankind; to heal every living creature.


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That sounds so good Celine thank you for your answer. We all need to try an heal mother earth for she is hurting an in pain and we get all of our life support systems from her the air we breathe, the food we eat, her cleaning the air of polluntants. Plus this will heal mankind too and every living creature this is great and really needs to be tried for man kind needs healing as well. Thank you so much for this information. I read some way to remove negativity from you; you need to be ground with mother earth an it will go down into the soil some part of you needs to be touching it.

(28 Oct '09, 18:47) flowingwater

Celine we came from mother earth and God so we need to take care of her for she sure tries to take care of us. I will try this for humanity is losing its ability to love, be compassionate, understanding and care about one another. God is all about love and sometimes I think we have forgotten how to love because of the stresses and negativity that comes upon us humans and no one seems to care and so therefore the individuals stops caring. We need to send more love into the air so that when people walk into they will feel and sense love and want more of it and of course than you start give love

(28 Oct '09, 18:53) flowingwater

I try do it whenever i have the chance to take a break and sit still, and it feels good. You should try it. Small thing we can do for mother nature and won't cost us a single cent to show appreciation for its bounty.

(29 Oct '09, 00:51) Celine

I will try and do this. Now are you just visualizing the light earth in an bright light? I believe you are an natural at this but I will try this Celine. To me beautiful flowers is like being in heaven they lift your spirits so. Have an great day.

(31 Oct '09, 04:18) flowingwater
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All the energies you are referring to are really just the same energy and, yes, you can send it remotely to other people.

However, you cannot decide what they choose to do with that energy.

I learned this in quite a dramatic manner in my younger days when I first came across absent-healing (or distance healing). Like most people do when they first discover these things are possible, I tried to heal everyone and everything I could...sometimes with quite remarkable results.

Then one day a woman at my workplace told me about her elderly grandfather who had been suffering for weeks with a serious illness. She was very close to him and it was upsetting her greatly. She was visiting him in hospital every night after work to comfort him.

So, naturally, believing myself to be the savior of one and all, I just jumped in there (secretly) with my absent-healing that night, thinking that the next morning at work she would be telling me how much his condition had improved. After all, this absent-healing had worked for others that I had secretly used it on.

But the next morning, she was not at work - nor the next day. It was puzzling to me.

After a few days, I discovered that she was devastated and had taken time off work to recover. It turned out that her elderly grandfather had died the night I was sending him healing energy and, I found out later, he had died at around the same time as I was doing the absent-healing.

Even though no-one knew about my involvement in this, I was also devastated and did not do any absent healing for many months after that because I had a strong feeling I had contributed to his death.

It was not until years later that I understood better what had happened. The grandfather had used that energy boost to help him transition from this life...which is what he had really wanted to do. His on-going illness was just the precursor to this but he had not taken the final step - for whatever reason. That energy was just what he needed to move on.

I have heard Abraham say on one of their recordings that what sending energy to people in "trouble" does is force them to make a decision...either they have to go with the energy you are sending them and improve their situation or they can resist it even more. Either way, they cannot stand still.

If you're wondering how to send energy to others, most processes I know have a common theme of simply thinking about the person bathed in light and goodness while reciting an affirmation or prayer that they are getting better or are receiving the help they seek.

To cut all these processes down to their bare simply have to think of the person you want to send energy to in an appreciative way while you yourself are feeling good.

But as I said with my little story at the start of this little essay(!), I've found that you cannot choose what they do with the energy you send them...and in a Law-of-Attraction based universe, this is as it should be.


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Thanks so much for your story you told and I am glad you were healing so many people in (secret of course). But I have an question if you don't mind me asking I thought if you sent healing energy to an certain person it heal what ever was wrong with them, if you sent an feeling of happiness than they became happy it elavate their vibrations, I thought if you sent energy of protection than it strengthen them from negativity or harm. When I prayed for this woman who was dying I felt drain and that had ever happen before when I pray for the healing of someone but that person was dying.

(28 Oct '09, 01:44) flowingwater

I read about this man who when you come to see him you felt like you were on holy ground for he had sent up so many prayers to God and he would have you to lie down and have you to relax and than he would place your spirit in an play pen like he had constructed up in the subconsciouness and correct the problem in your energetic field and than he would work on your body and correct things there but I don't remember his name or what I was looking up. You have an great gift Stingray. The people you have secretly healed are very thankful and appreciative. There are so many people that need help.

(28 Oct '09, 01:53) flowingwater

I really appreciate such an touching private story thanks so much for telling it,it will reach and help others as well. Have an nice day. There is an friend,Patty, who has serious cancer and we all prayed together alone at a certain time for her for it is spreading fast. In 3 weeks it went from her stomach to her liver, lungs, and bones. Please pray for her for she is an music teacher and she touches the children in such special ways and gives them the confidence that they can do it. I will take this off in about an hour for I don't know whether I am allowed to make such an plea on this site.

(28 Oct '09, 02:03) flowingwater

Actually, I don't have any gift at all other than being open-minded enough to try out things like this until I realize that there is value in them. The process I describe can be used by anyone and everyone...I can assure you that there is nothing special about me at all. The trick with sending energy (or prayer) is that you must do it from a place of feeling happy within yourself (or at least centered within yourself) otherwise you are not helping.

(28 Oct '09, 06:37) Stingray

I tend not to do much (if any) absent healing these days. It is not because I have turned into an evil, nasty person! (no such thing as "evil" exists anyway), it's just that I have found that the effects can be quite short-lived. What dominates someone's vibrational field (i.e. their health, wealth, happiness) is their own habits of thought. Anything you do without them changing their habits of thought tends to be quite temporary. I have found it is more effective (and permanent) if someone understands how they have attracted their circumstances into their life.

(28 Oct '09, 06:42) Stingray

Once someone understands that life is not a random series of events and that every moment and circumstance is a reflection of their habitual thought patterns, they then have the power to change anything - if they wish. So these days, I prefer to educate people when it feels appropriate to do so rather than get directly involved with "healing" their immediate problems (though there is nothing inappropriate about those who do). It's that old biblical saying about "give a man a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime".

(28 Oct '09, 06:46) Stingray

Thanks Barry Allen I didn't know and I wanted to do right by the site and I came back to erase it and all comments were gone so I figured you had erased it. Now this morning I see they are back. It probably was something wrong with my computer maybe anyway thanks forI didn't know.

(28 Oct '09, 18:10) flowingwater

Stingray I was not asking you to heal her I was asking for you to pray for her to be healed as we all did. No, I don't beleive you are evil but I must disagree with you there is such a thing as evil for it is in the bible God create evil and that at first was very hard for me to swollow. Jesus cast out demons out of people while he was here on earth. The devil was good until he wanted to take over heaven and be the god. So there was an war in heaven and he and 1/3 of othe angels got thrown out of heaven. But you have a right to believe what you want to as do I. So I will leave that alone.

(28 Oct '09, 18:18) flowingwater

There might be many ways of healing remotely but I knew a man he is dead now who said all he had to do was speak and tha person was healed or missed up. He was afraid of his powers and thought they came from the devil and ask God to take them away he said and he did. He said what ever he said it lasted until he said something different.

(28 Oct '09, 18:20) flowingwater

Also Jesus gave his deciples the powers to heal and bring people back from the dead. Jesus said we can do the things he does and greater than he. That confused me for an while until lately when I found out that we are co-creators and we can create our on reality but we must not forget and get he big head God is still on the throne and he is the creator and all powerful. He steps back an allows us to use our creativity. I believe there are people alive here on this earth that has the ability from God to touch an a person is healed regardless of what they are thinking. It is just that powerful

(28 Oct '09, 18:26) flowingwater

Stingray when you are healed your energy field is changed for the better and it removes, cures, an rejuvinates what needed healing. Now some people when they heal they asorbed he disease and release it later and some it is just an touch or sending healing energies from comes from the source of God. Through prayer to God you are healed from the devine healing powers and sometimes he sends his angels to heal you. Thank you for your answer Stingray and your comments have an nice day.

(28 Oct '09, 18:33) flowingwater

Stingray on evil we will agree to disagree (smile) have an good day.Thanks again for your answers and comments on this site.

(28 Oct '09, 18:39) flowingwater

Stingray you had said in your story that the absent healing had work on others you had done it for that is why you did not understand why the man died. So was the others you had done it on temporary as well. I feel it was not. Maybe that man because he was dieing needed more energy than what you were sending. You did the best you could; you really tried and that is all anyone can do is try and help to their best ability. I am glad you tried but it was more than you had to give. It needed to have been several of you all to combine your healing energies and send to that man for he was dying.

(28 Oct '09, 19:19) flowingwater

You could ask that as a new question on the website...something like "are the results of spiritual healing temporary or permanent?". I'm sure other people would have different views and experiences to me - and the answers might be of value to those reading.

(28 Oct '09, 19:54) Stingray

Thanks I will think about it but were the others you sent absent healing were they temporary or permanent Stingray? If you dont' want to answer it is ok. I am sorry if I got to personal by asking to many question. I was just curious to the answer of what you would give.

(28 Oct '09, 23:31) flowingwater

Spiritual healing from God is permanent. People trying to create their own reality may not be so permanent because people are still learning how to and where our help comes from which to me is God and Jesus Christ. I may ask it but in an different way I will think on it. Thanks Stingray.

(28 Oct '09, 23:36) flowingwater
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I love the quote by Shakespeare which is, "Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying," which means that people can pick up on our energy and who we are before we even open our mouths to speak and they vote yes or no to us by the energy we are exuding.

They vote yes to positive, upbeat, peaceful energy and a resounding 'no' to energy that is negative, angry, toxic because it 'pulls' their own energy downward.

So...if you find that people shun you or avoid you, check in with your energy and be awake and aware of what you are conveying to others. If you don't know how to do that, ask yourself how you are feeling because our feeling never lie!

If you want a happier, healthier life and more harmony with others, it begins with YOU!


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I think Stingray gave a great answer. I agree, especially that once you have sent energy to someone, "either way, they cannot stand still". Every cause has an effect, not always as we've planned. I would only add to what's already been eloquently said, that when prayer is used as the means of sending healing energy or other positive influence, it's sometimes helpful to have a photograph of the person to focus on. It helps to keep your mind from wandering. I would also add that your belief or faith in what you are doing is an important element.


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I dissagree every cause does have an effect but the effect is that you are healed. Stingray had a great answer but as I told him I was under the understanding if you send healing energy you were healed, you were sent energy to make you happier than you became happier, sent energy to remove negative it was removed. When it is done by God it is not temporary it is perment. But the devil will try and bring it back upon you and you said NO my God has healed me and than he will flee and the illness with it and he want return with it either. True your belief and faith is so very important.

(28 Oct '09, 18:59) flowingwater

John it depends on how powerful your faith in God is for if he is sending his powerful healing energies through you. Than you can touch or just pray and that person will be healed completely. I knew a man who told an woman that she was healed and the doctors had told her she had cancer in her spine and they were about to be operate on and they x-rayed her and found no sign of cancer. I read about this woman who had the powerful ability to heal of course she healed in secret and she hugged this little boy who she read his aura and saw he had cancer and she just hugged him a little longer.

(28 Oct '09, 19:05) flowingwater

The little boy was healed and the woman did not let on to the parents that she had healed him. They had just stopped by to buy some gas. The bible also said be careful about how you entertain strangers for you might be entertaining an angel. So we do have angels walking around here on this earth human an spiritual energy beings. Thanks you John for your answers as well and comments they are so appreciate. Have an nice day.

(28 Oct '09, 19:07) flowingwater
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No we can't, and we don't have to. the moment we create it, it would be already there. :-)


answered 30 Oct '09, 08:52

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