Sorry folks if I tend to ask too many really basic questions - but that's my way of learning :-) The same statements keep appearing on several Focus Blocks that I'm currently working on. Is that OK or does that mean I'm not thinking through things? I tend to write instinctively the first thought that pops in my mind and feels good, but my repertoire of statements is pretty small, in which case after I get to the end of a Focus Block and need to start working on the same issue moving it from an already high scale to even higher still - I seem to have nothing more to write. How does one overcome this issue?

asked 19 May '10, 10:42

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I Think Therefore I Am

Ask as many questions as you want.

For every "basic" question you ask, there will probably be many others who wanted to ask it but felt it was too you're doing everyone a favor by highlighting these things.

Don't worry if you are using the same statements in different Focus Blocks on different topics. There are some statements that just make me feel so much better about a topic regardless of the topic they are applied to.

However, if you are using the same statements in different Focus Blocks on the same topic, you might need to look more closely at whether you are really climbing the emotional scale or just staying at the same level.

One of my personal tricks to using Focus Wheels/Focus Blocks is don't force the next statement to come.

The way that Focus Blocks/Wheels work is to hold you at a new better-feeling vibrational level for long enough that it starts to become habitual.

So if you can't think of the next statement, just enjoy the feeling of the new vibrational level for a while - maybe a few minutes. You can just read over the statements previously in the Focus Block (or previous Focus Blocks) if you want to keep yourself focused or you can just relax and let the new emotional level wash over you.

Often then, something will pop into your head as the next statement and it will feel fairly unique to you...that's an indicator that you are breaking new vibrational ground.

Another trick is to look at the next emotional level you are reaching for and try to think of a statement based around that. So, for example, if you are in Boredom, look at the emotions above that level (not more than a few emotional levels up) and see if thinking of those emotions inspires a new statement.

If you really can't think of anything without forcing it, it might be time to move onto a different subject, or just take a break for a while (or for today). It's not cheating the system to have sincerely tried to come up with a statement and not being able is only cheating the system when you don't try at all.


answered 19 May '10, 11:05

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Thanks Stingray - as usual your answer is very comprehensive.

(19 May '10, 11:26) I Think Therefore I Am

Thank you, Stingray, I was asking myself the same...

(19 May '10, 14:17) BridgetJones09
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