I've been using this technique of saying "Thank you, somehow this will work out" for a year but i never bothered to post it online. I've used this mantra many times and it always seems to work.


My question is if you can use a variation of this mantra to undo negative events, restore them with positivity and make the situation better than it would of been if the negative situation never occurred. Instead of just saying "Thank you, somehow this will work out." I tried saying: "i'm sorry" "please forgive me" "thankyou" "I Love You" and than saying the statement "Thankyou Somehow this will work out" afterwards.

I don't know if this variation works or not. Does anyone have an idea about how ho'oponopono works and how to use it to undo, reverse and restore negativity with positivity all in one? And how to clear resistance surrounding the negativity? This mantra has helped me a lot but i'm wondering if you can do even more with other variations of it.

I would like to hear some ideas and opinions.

Thank You

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@Mylife2013 Nice simple tool - Thank you.

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I don't know if this variation works or not.

The way to know if it works (for you) or not is to observe if you feel relief by saying a mantra. Only you can know if some thoughts, words or actions give you relief or not. When you feel relief, you feel better than before.

And when you feel better than a moment before, it means you are on the right path no matter where you stand in life.

It is really not about the mantra or the words... or actions. They have no magical or mysterious power over you. They are just ways (or permission slips) for you to let go and relax a little bit more than usual. And if you relax and let go of holding on to your habitual resistance, the natural consequence is that your vibration raises because well-being is your natural state. Similar to a cork under water, if you let go of holding on to it, it comes to surface automatically. It's really just about being in a state of allowing. It doesn't matter how you allow yourself to allow more :).

Here are few examples of permission slips (or mantras/thoughts) you could try out to see if one or more of them work for you. Just pick something that works for you and keep in mind that they may not work for others.

  • The "Z-Point Process" uses the word/mantra "Shazam" to let go of holding on to resistance.
  • I once tried the words "Hello, what's up?" and it worked quite nicely.
  • You could just ask yourself "Could I let go of this resistance to x?" and answer the question with yes or no. The answer itself isn't important. It works either way.

Another way could be just to rest intentionally without saying anything. Here is a video on "Intentional Resting".


At the moment, this works best for me. Maybe something else works better tomorrow. I always use what works and resonates best at the moment. We are ever evolving beings so what works changes over time. The way I know what works is to see if it gives me a feeling of relief. This strategy is very simple and reliable.


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The channelled group Eloheim have some nice tools for reframing what's happening to you in the present moment so you can start to see it as Your Own Creation (which is true) and also you can start to see what's happening as ultimately for Your Benefit (which is also true).

For example...

This is my First Choice. This is my plan. There is something here for me. I'm going to be looking for it rather than being mean to myself or feeling like a victim of my creations


The Eloheim Video Library is at http://www.eloheim.com/resources/eloheim-videos/


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