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Please share your success stories using the Law of Attraction

I have read a lot about Manifestation here on Inward Quest.

However, I have not heard a lot about the concrete blessings received because of Manifesting. Can you share with me how Manifestation has actually worked in your life?

I will share an example from my own life. It is a little thing, actually, but it meant a lot to me...

I have a fusion in my lower back. Because of this, I cannot bend over with ease. This makes it hard for me to clean. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I did not bring with me all my household furnishings. I especially miss my little stool that I made from a broken child's wooden chair. The other day, I needed to clean, and I borrowed a hassock so I could work. I thought to myself, "I wish I had brought my little stool with me." That was all...Just a thought.

I have said that every thought we think goes out into the Mind of God, streaking across space and time, into His Mind and affecting everything there.

Yesterday, I went to a flea market...guess what I came across? I was not there more than ten minutes when I practically tripped over a beautiful cherry stool. I saw it, and thought, "Wow! I'll bet this stool is worth a fortune!" It was only ten dollars. I promptly grabbed it, and then realized what had happened...A new stool, better than the one I left behind, came into my life. I was tickled pink.

This is but a little thing, maybe. But I know that I was heard by God, and He blessed me with what I needed!

Have you a story like this? Will you share it?



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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi Jai, Everything we receive is through manifestation weather we know it or not. Mostly we manifest unconsciously but it is all the sweeter if it is received through doing conscious work. It isn't realy work for all it takes is thought and than listening to intuition with expectancy that we shall receive that which we want.

Some people consider it wrong to want and manifest but seing that it happens and you are doing it anyway why not rather have what one wants instead of what one doesn't want which is what happens when we manifest without conscious awareness.

The things I have consciously manifested in my life are many but nowhere near as much as I have manifested unconsciously and unwantedly. It is wise to observe ones thoughts and oneself and yes it takes practice but it does eventualy work to make life better and easier.

Knowledge is power only when it becomes conscious to us and we take the time to use it.

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Paulina 1

We manifest continuously whether we are aware of it or not, so we can really look way back from before we knew about it. When I was looking for an apt, I made a list of all the things that I wanted to have in my apt. I found it, almost every detail that I wanted in some way.

I wanted a cat that is small, will sit on my lap and is cuddly. I got just that, there was one small kitty with a bunch of big cats at the humae society. She gets on my lap and sits with me. I forgot to put on the list that she would like to be picked up. She hates to be picked up, she has to get on my lap.

I enjoy helping people. I spent a lot of time helping others, and didn't like my job. I prayed that I be able to help others and not have to worry about my bills. Within a week, a friend that I was helping who has developmental disabilities, was able to hire me through an agency to help her with the things I was already helping her with and then some more things, and two more clients. I quit the job I didn't like. I should have been more specific and said make lots of money instead of not have to worry about paying my bills. It doesn't pay enough for everything.

I wanted a particular size and type of tv for a certain price. When I went to the stores to look at them, the sales people laughed at me. I told them I would find it for the price I want, even if they laugh at me. So, not years later when prices naturally go down but months later, I found the tv for the price I wanted.

One day when my son was a toddler, I was pushing him in his stroller. I thought, if I had $20 I would go to such and such restaurant. That sounds good. So, I looked down and there was a $20 bill and nobody around to claim it.

I lived in Colorado with my now ex, and we didn't have a car. We needed to go to the grocery store before we spent all our food money at the little convenience stores that were nearby. I said to my ex that we would walk to the store, a few miles away, do our shopping and that we would see someone we know who would give us a ride. So we walked, shopped and while we were just getting done paying, my friends from the town where I grew up walked in. I ran over and asked them if we could get a ride home. Of course they gave us a ride home after they did their shopping.

Many of my manifestations have been sales or good deals where I still had to pay for the item, but a decent price. Some things have come free too. Or things like a parking space or something.

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Fairy Princess

That is super Fairy Princess now raise those sights and go for the big stuff.

(05 Dec '11, 20:13) Paulina 1

What big stuff? Is there a list where I can get ideas?

(06 Dec '11, 00:13) Fairy Princess

I am alive, I am healthy, and I can accomplish anything I want to if I put my mind to it.

What more could I ever possibly want to manifest?

As I always say, I worry about making myself a good person, I let "God" handle the rest of my life. Besides, has nobody seen Bruce Almighty? "No messing with free will." <-- You can do it, and it is 100% possible, believe me. I can manipulate anyone I encounter to do exactly what I want, but if I were to actually use this power then I wouldn't be worthy of holding it. And those who do try to use this power will find themselves being drained of energy and weakened, until finally they die because they are doing something God explicitly forbids. Go figure, right?

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Hi Leo, I'm glad you are alive and healthy and super confident but the power you have is wasted unless it is used. All power can be used for both good and bad so use your power to help others without using it in a bad way. Go Power!

(05 Dec '11, 20:12) Paulina 1

Heh. I think you have me confused with someone else. Power? Neg..

(05 Dec '11, 21:13) Leo
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