As I did some of my Focus Blocks I came to the relaization that there are still some underlying beliefs thinking patterns which need to be shifted which is why while each statement makes me feel better, I am not able to hold on to this feeling. So if I scrap these Focus Blocks and work on my beliefs first and then start them all over again is that OK?

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I Think Therefore I Am

Liam has it correct there, in my view. Just add more separate Focus Blocks to deal with those underlying beliefs and deal with them as well in parallel. No need to specifically stop one topic and start another.

In fact, you will find that those underlying beliefs you have identified are probably underlying beliefs for many other things that are bothering you too.

alt text

You can think of many of the things that are bothering you as being linked to each other a bit like a spider's web. Cutting the web in one place will start to weaken it everywhere.

Remember that there is nothing special about the Focus Block - there is no great mystical principle behind writing out statements in bunches of 12. Just stop them, or discard them, when you feel like it and start them when you feel like it...the only key is that playing with them should make you feel better.

I often have Focus Blocks that, when they get selected randomly for me, I realize that they are no longer relevant to me (for whatever reason) since the last time they came up. So I just archive them immediately and move on. If I ever need to go back to them, I can reactivate them into the system.

You don't get any extra credit from the Universe for completing them first :)

The reason why, in the Focus Blocks Method, that you re-evaluate a block every 12 statements by choosing the best-feeling statement is that it forces you to re-read what you have done so far (which can often help loosen up your belief even further).

And also, the best-feeling statement, as well as acting as the starting point for the next block, acts a valuable reference point to show you where that Focus Block can lift you up to, should your belief drop back in future to some previous level.


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Great, Stingray... I had the same problem. :S Wrong thinking patterns and unfinished Focus Blocks. I never seem to rech 12 statements! :p

(01 Jun '10, 12:30) BridgetJones09

No. A lightning bolt will strike you down if you do that.

Focus blocks mold your beliefs. So you could simply add a few focus blocks to your list that are focused on specifically molding these underlying beliefs in addition to the ones you already have and continue with them both.

Or you can come back to the current focus blocks you have later on - or do what you suggested (Really, no lightning bolt I promise - I told Zeus you have an 'ok' from me).


answered 01 Jun '10, 03:10

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:).. humour helps...

(01 Jun '10, 06:50) AVBhat 1

Thanks for putting in a word with Zeus for me Liam:-)

(01 Jun '10, 08:05) I Think Therefore I Am
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