this question is specifically for stingray-

First of all "a big thank you to you for introducing the focus blocks to this site and to me too". It's just two days, and one of my problems is resolved. It is working simply "wow.. :) " for me and I am really very happy.

so, I'll be more glad if you can give me some more superb working focus blocks..,like- "action is insignificant to vibration" and "if I find the "feeling space the action-space will take care of itself". And once again,a big "THANK YOU" to you stingray.- love, light and lots of blessings to you.., MAY YOU BE GOD BLESSED..ALL THE TIME :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Focus Blocks are just a variation of Abraham's Focus Wheels that allow them to be used in more systematic and creative ways.

So anywhere that you come across Abraham providing examples of the usage of Focus Wheels will also be directly applicable to Focus Blocks.

Here are some YouTube examples to get you started: http://tinyurl.com/9ujc2lg and here is a Google search that should provide plenty of examples: https://www.google.com/search?&q=abraham+focus+wheels+examples


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@stingray,thank you so much :)

(29 Oct '12, 12:46) supergirl

In this moment, right now, I don't have to do anything.

Everything is OK right now. I am not in danger. The world will not collapse upon me, if I let go for a moment.

There are many things that might be running in my head. I am open to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I am making too much of a deal out of all of this. Maybe there is the slightest chance that things aren't that bad.

Maybe I don't have the full picture. Maybe I don't know it all. Maybe there is more to this story than I can see right now.

I know that just as a very angry man, is not likely to think very rationally at that moment, I might be offering a vibration that isn't allowing me to see things clearly.

I am open to the possibility that I can see things more clearly.

I am open to the possibility that I can feel better right now.

I am open to the possibility that I don't have to figure out anything rationally, and that maybe if I just allow it, nice thoughts will appear in my mind.

It can be surprising and nice to receive a new thought, one that I didn't have access to before. I would like that.

There are some things I am good at. There are some things in my life that are working. Things that I might have been taking for granted, but really had I not had them, I would have really noticed their absence.

This feels really nice, and I hadn't really done anything extreme. I wonder how come, with only a few minutes of guiding myself, simply by letting go of all this responsibility to know it all and to figure all this out, I have managed to feel better.

Maybe that means there is something out there that I am not aware of, some power out there that is willing to send me love and joy whenever I simply allow it to?

I really like this, and I want more. It even makes total sense, and feels so natural to me to have more of this. And I am starting to feel more powerful, more optimistic.

Really now it seems that in my world there are some really beautiful things that I am not noticing, and could give more attention to. Such a beautiful world, that I couldn't see a few minutes ago from where I was vibrationally.

I like thinking about beautiful things.

I like to think about nature. I like to think about the beach. I like to think about dogs, how they play and run and enjoy life so much. I like watching the sea, and entering it, and feeling the water and the sand and the sun. I like to play, I like having fun, I like seeing children with their silly smiles and laughs.

I love the idea of being so immersed into this experience, of being so in the moment, feeling every bit of the wonderful details through my senses, having such an amazing, unexpected, unique journey that is waiting for me. I love this life, I am excited for what's coming, and I love this incredible feeling that is burning within me.

(got a bit carried away there, but enjoyed it very much so why not:))


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@Benjamin- Enjoyed reading this, thanks:)

(29 Oct '12, 14:34) Satori

@benjamin- amazing, mind-blowing..., very well written..,after reading this..i feel m in vortexx..:)))

(30 Oct '12, 05:56) supergirl

this focus block is slowly and steadily increased to a new vibration. there are no big leaps in the steps that could create resistance. it reminds me that the word "possibility" is also very powerful. well done! makes me feel good! thanks!:)

(30 Oct '12, 06:08) releaser99
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build sentences using the words "at least" or "even though". imo they are really powerful.

because by saying "at least" or "even though i feel -insert emotion-" you begin to accept your current situation as it is. and this is always the first step if you want to choose another belief. so try to find ways to accept your current situation/belief. but if you instead resist a negative belief because you hate it and you want to change it desperately in a brute force way it will naturally persist even more.


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@releaser99, good points. I use "at least" quite a bit, especially when I first start a FB, but I didn't think why it worked so well til you pointed it out.

(29 Oct '12, 09:21) Grace

@Grace yes, i use "at least" also often at the beginning especially when it's a very huge problem with lots of emotional charge.

(29 Oct '12, 10:27) releaser99

@releaser99- thank you so much:)

(29 Oct '12, 12:48) supergirl
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Hi @supergirl,

When I feel stuck looking for phrases, I look at the Rampage of Appreciation our @Stingray posted here.

Even though it isn't exactly a Focus Block, it works much the same way, and there is a treasure trove of excellent statements to inspire you.

Reading it again is also bound to make me feel fantastic, too, so there are multiple benefits to revisiting that post.



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thanks for hinting at the post. i love the following sentence.

"There are many people who at one time were standing where I am".

it fits almost to every focus block especially as a starting statement.

(29 Oct '12, 10:30) releaser99

@grace- thank you:)

(29 Oct '12, 12:50) supergirl
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