Are we just doing what other people are doing with drugs?

People take all sorts of drugs just to "feel" a certain way.

After reading many things about manifestation, it seems that is it's main goal.

What is the difference in the two if the goal is the same?

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Firstly, the drugs are detrimental to the physical form and secondly, when the effect of the drug wears off you will be left feeling worse than you did before taking it and that alternate reality will no longer exist.

Constructive imagination on the otherhand just leaves you feeling good which is beneficial to your physical form and mind and even when you're finished imagining the desired feel good effect still lingers as you positively anticipate the manifestation of that alternate reality.

In other words, the former is detrimental to your overall well-being whilst the latter is beneficial to it.


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Good answer, Michaela, but it's not my experience of using drugs. Sure, there was a time when I was using drugs just to 'escape' from the world, because I was running away most of the time back then and the depression I caused myself by using drugs led me to my awakening -- taking responsibility for my life, my creation. Now, since then I used drugs occasionally and consciously, to boost my growth and check my response to drugs, as I was afraid for more than a year to use them, because of the fear that I would be 'drawn into' my old paradigm of being and thinking. Fortunately it hasn't happene

(09 Jan '11, 10:52) wildlife

Right now I know, experientially, that drugs don't have a hold on me and they helped me a lot having my major 'breakthroughs' when I needed them. But for that to happen I needed to conquer my fear of drugs and I can say that it's not the drugs that are harming us, we are hurting ourselves by looking for things outside of us to make us feel good, feel happy. For me drugs are like roadsigns, showing us what feelings and experiences we can have by ourselves, without using them and right now I'm on this path. I had so much profound experiences being on drugs and now I'm having them on my own accor

(09 Jan '11, 10:56) wildlife

And many people will ban drugs just because they can, because they didn't need them to awaken or they never tried them and are afraid of them. It's their choice to speak their mind, but if you haven't had direct experience with drugs and it is your fear that is preventing you from trying than, in my opinion, you are not free, because freedom is to choose what you want, and if you submit to fear, where is the choice? On the other hand I don't advocate on using drugs, just not to ban them and be afraid of them because we don't understand what they are for.

(09 Jan '11, 10:59) wildlife

To each his own Wildlife - We're all on our own journey. I don't Fear drugs because I don't Need them - they just don't hold any appeal for me,I'm simply not curious enough to even try them. Although I do hear what you're saying, some do have detrimental effects both physically and mentally :)

(09 Jan '11, 13:32) Michaela

Sorry to dredge an old topic but ... I suppose it's a glitch of democracy. The question is what's the difference between drugs and visualization and the answer chosen as the correct one comes from a person who admits to never having tried drugs.

Am I missing something? It's kind of like saying, "Having never seen nor tasted an apple, I can tell you that oranges are definitely better."

Not to mention the remarkably vague word: "drugs". Cocaine isn't aspirin and heroine isn't alcohol... obvious?

(03 Aug '14, 12:33) Concolitanos
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If we take drugs to feel good, we are still reliant on something we consider external to make ourselves feel better. Since we are relying on something we consider external - and thus we consider not entirely within our control - there is a feeling of powerlessness attached to the drugs.

Imagination (without the use of drugs) has no external requirement. It is completely internal. Since it is completely internal, it is only reliant on us - and therefore it is associated with a more empowered feeling.

The differences in the (perhaps slightly hidden) "vibrations" of powerlessness or empowerment can affect results. If one were not taking drugs from a feeling of powerlessness, then results from them may be quite different - but that is not generally the case.


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Carl Jung was able to tap in to an alternate reality through a process of active dreaming.

Terrence Mcenna downloaded coherent instruction (time wave theory) while using psyllacybin.

Hildegard of Bingen Saw and recorded visions (now considered fine art) stimulated by migraine headaches.

Dimitri Mendeleev organized the elements of the periodic table in the order he saw them in a dream.

Alex Grey paints the visions he sees in a DMT trance.

Go Figure.


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I think theres a lot of emphasis on feeling towards manifestation.Im not sure that its impossible to manifest without feeling. After all the sub conscious/higher mind may have been fed a certain thing and may very well believe it to be true. However the objective mind may still be feeling the way it always has. Is it possible for the subjective mind to be merrily going about its great work and the person onvolved still feels a little unsure and down in the dumps. I dont use my feelings as a barometer to whats happening behind the scenes. I agree thou that many people are looking for something to make them FEEL better.I tend to change my thoughts to somethong i would enjoy a great deal.This helps but if im honest it can be a real determined struggle at first to get into the habit of d,oing this. I will also concede that after a hard day at my desk i do look forward to a pint or two.So i do still enjoy the feeling of a chemical rush. I think the two things DO give us a similar result BUT with the difference that positive and building thinking hasnt got the after effects that the chemical rush has. Also the end result of the positive and trusting outlook( manifestation ) can give a lasting high so to speak when the thing dwelt upon changes its reality from spiritual to physical. .Ive had enough lousy sunday mornings to know the chemical rush doesnt last too long !



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Monty Riviera

maybe the divine plan allows for astral and spiritual unfoldment; at some point we view our own paradox and clearly see our opposite poles,
which is different than the alterstate of physical consciouness.
stay in place at best enjoying your altered states of reality,
while others move on; yes it is your choice


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