My dear friends..

when ever i visualize anything..,it happens quickly. sometimes, within minutes ,sometimes within hours. does that mean ,i am always in alpha level of mind? bacause it is said that what so ever you visualize in alpha level of mind , most of the time it comes true.

well..,let me also tell you that i am happy-go-lucky kinda girl .. i am smiling and laughing most of the day..hehehe.;)))..and doing all crazy things all the day long like..playing with my mom, kissing and teasing her playfully n to cook for my parents..

so, can this be the reason?

well, asking just for more info..,otherwise i am very happy for my instant manifestations.

like ..i will love to give you all few examples..- like yesterday i was thinking of a couple. and just after 5-6 hours as i logged on facebook ,i saw them.

then, yesterday i was thinking about a friend who likes me with all his heart. he didn't called me since days. and just in 2 hours he called me.

now-a-days i don't have to say much to my parents. telepathy is working awesomely with them.

then, cos of rains,my internet was not working. so, i just visualized and you all won't believe, the internet modem showed no network and still internet got connected. well, that a different thing that just after 10 minutes it got disconnected..hehehe..;))

well, so the question is.., do i am in alpha level of mind all the time?

i will love to get your answers as soon as possible...

love,light and blessings your way..

supergirl :))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I believe things like this happen when we are more focused in the Now. All past, present and future realities are all happening simultaneously in this Now moment.

And of course giving your attention to these synchronistic type occurrences can create more of them. I used to see the same groups of numbers repeatedly, simply because I was giving more and more of my attention to seeing them repeatedly. I was giving the numbers a special meaning thinking something was happening outside of myself but this is an illusion. Everything thing that happens, happens through You:)


This happens because Presence functions from beyond what we think of as “time.” Intimately connected with the flow of life, it knows everything that has ever happened and everything that’s about to unfold. By listening to our insight, it appears as though we can perceive what’s going to happen in the future. In actuality, we are perceiving the consequences of what’s happening right now.

Everything that’s happening right now has consequences. We can’t appreciate this when living in time, but the more present we become, the more we intuitively tune into consequences. To us, it feels as though we know about events before they happen. In one respect, this is true. However, a consequence is something that has already happened, even when it isn’t yet manifest within our field of present moment awareness.

Each moment of causality necessitates an effect. When we live in the causal point of life, which is the present moment, the inevitable effects – even though they aren’t yet physically, mentally, and emotionally manifest – are already apparent to us. This is because a cause and its effect aren’t two separate occurrences, but rather happen simultaneously. In time, they appear to happen with delay. This is the trick of time.

Everything is happening simultaneously in the sense that cause and effect are one. The mental body can’t comprehend this simultaneity because it’s to be felt, not understood.

The Presence Process


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@satori..- loved it, seems just the perfect explanation, thank u..thank u so much :))

(29 Jun '13, 23:15) supergirl

Same for me. It is especially fast, when i don't give attention to it,while visualizing. Just give it a thought w/ neutral emotion.

Maybe it's because few years ago I actually desired faster manifestations. Maybe it's not me bending the law of attraction, probably its just practice :)


answered 29 Jun '13, 04:39

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glad to hear tht @petike1, n same here ,u knw..,it occurs fast when we don't give attention or probably wen we are neutral to it..:))

(29 Jun '13, 09:04) supergirl
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