How can I become a police officer in my country if our police force (I live in a small country in Europe) won't hire ANYBODY in the near future (they cut down the entire public sector jobs). I usually don't let the "recession" to impact me but this...I don't know. Anybody have any advice for me? Thanks.

asked 01 Nov '12, 11:17

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On something like this, that I might have a hard time believing, I have had amazing results with placing a cosmic order! Write out exactly what you want, and place your order to the Universe. Now sit back and wait for it to arrive. You don't know how it's coming and you don't know when it's coming. When I have faith that it will arrive, then I can relax and let it show up, but I have found that the more I look for it, the quicker it gets here!


answered 01 Nov '12, 16:20

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" How can " Its a fair question, one ive asked myself a number of times. If your after a quick answer then its this, a change in consciousness is required. Its just that simple, and when this is achieved your countrys economic problems will be irrelevant to you. In fact most of the circumstances around you will seem like an intangible mist or vapour, little more than an imagination or dream.

But how can this be acComplished? Well thats a subject often discussed on this forum. There are many ideas from many people. I think hanging around this site may help you, it wont cost you anything and you may just learn how to achieve that shift in consciousness.

It probably wont happen overnight, but it may happen quicker than you think.

I personally dont believe theres only one way to achieve this, so learn them all and apply what works for you .All of the ways ive used are represented in some way shape or form on this forum. So use it, i have.



answered 02 Nov '12, 06:14

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Monty Riviera

Use EFT, tap 20 times or more a day until you get results - even though I (have a job, or am unemployed) I now choose to have a job with (police or whatever) earning (however much is a reasonable wage) at (town). I have seen this work wonders for people. But you have to do it at least 20 times a day for results.


answered 02 Nov '12, 06:15

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