I thought this would be a fun question to toss around...Jai

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Who told you that you are not God?


answered 14 Jun '10, 13:43

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...and not just for a day either :)

(14 Jun '10, 14:48) Stingray

The problem, of course, is that people confuse themselves with their ego, and separate themselves from the whole. The only way to reclaim your divinity (to be God again) is to give up your illusion of self, and most people are not willing to do that.

(15 Jun '10, 01:26) Vesuvius

Warm gratitude.

(22 Dec '10, 07:22) Hu Ra
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Nothing to change. The Universe is perfect. Amazingly perfect. Yet we, humans, don't know enough about the perfection of Universe.

The Universe don't need changes, but development, which includes also improvement on the sense and direction originarily programmed.

We, the humankind, need to change our mentality. The human is perfectly programed, but he need wisely (knoiwledge, faith and love, will and responsibility) developing himself.


answered 15 Jun '10, 22:16

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I completely agree with Gleam!

(15 Jun '10, 22:46) LeeAnn 1

The problem with being omnipotent for a day is eloquently illustrated in the film, "Bruce Almighty." Were you to acquire such power for a day, but use it within the context of the illusion of your limited self, chaos would ensue since, within our limited existence as a human being, we do not possess the wisdom to use such power properly.


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"WE DO NOT POSSESS THE WISDOM TO USE SUCH POWER PROPERLY" (like GOD - my notation) - a sentece worth to be inscripted on the frontispiece of human life kingdom, similarly to "LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA, VOI CH'ENTRATE!", on the frontispiece of dantesque Inferno. Gratitude to GOD for prohibiting the awareness of "Knowledge Tree". And thank you, Vesuvius, you helped me to understand why GOD take this and why is neccessary the MJillenium Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

(15 Jun '10, 06:13) Gleam

I think you hit the nail on the head Vesuvius - fortunately we don't have access to that power when we are operating from our limited or egoic self. However the more we wake up to our real self, the more power we do realize for the greater good of all and we really can change things and begin to make a difference.

(16 Jun '10, 01:36) Michaela

Everyone in the world would always put the toilet paper on the dispenser so the overhang lies on the outermost side (away from the wall).


answered 22 Dec '10, 07:21

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Hu Ra

I would make sure that the next time someone speaks the words "I am the son of God" that those who then pass on this historic knowledge understand which "I am" was being spoken of.


answered 26 Dec '10, 20:15

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The Traveller

I agree with Gleam. The universe is already perfectly designed to cater for the experiences that we want to have as humans.

If we do want to change something in this universe, we have that power as human beings.

There is no need to be God to change our reality. We just need to change our dominant thoughts and we will attract the reality we want. There is no extra powers required.


answered 22 Dec '10, 17:33

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Pink Diamond

That would not be fun If I were cut down to only one day. But how would this happen? How can I be cut from the source and separate?

Love Michael


answered 22 Dec '10, 15:26

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jim 10

Remove the ego from all human beings, and set them free!


answered 26 Dec '10, 08:54

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